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RESOLUTION NO. PC2019-028 <br /> A RESOLUTION OF THE PLANNING COMMISSION OF THE CITY <br /> OF NEWPORT BEACH, CALIFORNIA, APPROVING <br /> CONDITIONAL USE PERMIT NO. UP2018-005 AND COASTAL <br /> DEVELOPMENT PERMIT NO. CD2018-004 FOR THE <br /> CONSTRUCTION OF ONE MONO-EUCALYPTUS AND <br /> ASSOCIATED EQUIPMENT ENCLOSURE FOR A WIRELESS <br /> TELECOMMUNICATIONS FACILITY LOCATED AT 1600 <br /> NEWPORT CENTER DRIVE (PA2018-010) <br /> THE PLANNING COMMISSION OF THE CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH HEREBY FINDS AS <br /> FOLLOWS: <br /> SECTION 1. STATEMENT OF FACTS. <br /> 1. An application was filed by Peter J. Blied of Plancom, Inc., on behalf of Verizon Wireless <br /> ("Applicant"), with respect to property located at 1600 Newport Center Drive, legally <br /> described as Parcel 3 of Parcel Map No. 94-102, filed in Book 316 ("Property"), <br /> requesting approval of a conditional use permit ("CUP") and a coastal development permit <br /> ("CDP") related to the construction of a new wireless telecommunications facility. <br /> 2. The Applicant proposes to install 12 panel antennas, 12 radio units and three (3) raycaps <br /> on a new 43.5-foot-high telecommunications facility designed to resemble a eucalyptus <br /> tree (mono-eucalyptus) for Verizon Wireless, and the associated telecom facility support <br /> equipment will be ground-mounted and screened within a new 225 square foot enclosure <br /> ("Project"). <br /> 3. The Property is located within the General Commercial Office (CO-G) land use category <br /> of the General Plan and the Corporate Plaza West Planned Community (PC-40) Zoning <br /> District and designated for business, professional, and commercial land uses within PC- <br /> 40. <br /> 4. The Property is located within the coastal zone. The Coastal Land Use Plan category is <br /> CO-G and the Property is located within the PC-40 Coastal Zoning District. <br /> 5. PC-40 limits the maximum height of structures to 32 feet provided the structure extends <br /> no higher than the extension of the sight plane limit of 44 feet established by the <br /> Corporate Plaza West Planned Community District Regulations, commonly referred to <br /> as the "Civic Center Sight Plane Ordinance" ("Sight Plane"). <br /> 6. The Planning Commission may approve telecom antennas up to 15 feet above the base <br /> height limit, provided the required findings can be met. The 43.5-foot-tall mono- <br /> eucalyptus would exceed the permitted height limit by 11.5 feet but is compliant with the <br /> Sight Plane height standard of 44 feet. <br />