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RESOLUTION NO. 2020-2 <br />A RESOLUTION OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY <br />OF NEWPORT BEACH, CALIFORNIA, AMENDING THE <br />SALARY SCHEDULE FOR THE POSITIONS OF <br />ASSISTANT CITY CLERK AND BUDGET MANAGER <br />WHEREAS, City Charter Section 601 requires the City Council to provide the <br />number, titles, qualifications, powers, duties and compensation of all officers and <br />employees; <br />WHEREAS, Newport Beach Municipal Code Section 2.28.010 provides that, upon <br />recommendation of the City Manager, the City Council may establish by resolution the <br />salary range or rate for each position; <br />WHEREAS, due to the recent departure of the Assistant City Clerk and inability to <br />fill the position despite an extensive recruitment process, the Human Resources <br />Department studied the position to determine if adjustments to salary, education, <br />experience, certifications and/or job responsibilities were necessary; <br />WHEREAS, the study findings resulted in a recommendation to adjust the salary <br />range upward and to enhance the experience and certification requirements for the <br />Assistant City Clerk classification; <br />WHEREAS, additionally, these adjustments will update the Assistant City Clerk job <br />specification and place the City's position in a more competitive environment; <br />WHEREAS, the Budget Manager's recent retirement provided an opportunity for <br />the Finance Department to evaluate its overall operational needs; <br />WHEREAS, the Finance Department has determined it is in its best interest to <br />narrow the Budget Manager's scope of responsibility at this time; <br />WHEREAS, Human Resources is recommending adjusting the salary range <br />downward for the Budget Manager classification due to the reduced level of responsibility, <br />accountability, span of control and supervisory obligations while maintaining internal and <br />external parity; and <br />WHEREAS, the City Manager has reviewed the changes to the salary schedule <br />for the Assistant City Clerk and Budget Manager, as provided in this resolution and <br />recommends approval. <br />