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April 9, 1984 <br />Subject: Implementation Agreement --Upper Newport Bay Sediment Control <br />Facilities <br />Page 2 <br />(1) In -Bay Agreement --draft complete and ready for approval. <br />(2) In -Channel Agreement --draft 90% complete. <br />(3) Sediment Monitoring Agreement --The Sediment Monitoring Program <br />in San Diego Creek is currently in its second year of opera- <br />tion under a cooperative agreement between the U.S. Geological <br />Survey, the City of Irvine, The Irvine Company, and the City <br />of Newport Beach. <br />The State Department of Fish and Game has agreed to be re- <br />sponsible for sediment monitoring in the bay. The County of <br />Orange has agreed to participate in the San Diego Creek <br />Sediment Monitoring Program and is presently reviewing a <br />draft agreement. <br />The agreement presented for approval at this time is the implemen- <br />tation agreement for the in -bay facilities. <br />The parties to the agreement are: <br />(1) The County of Orange. <br />(2) The Orange County Harbor, Beaches and Parks District. <br />(3) The State of California Department of Fish and Game. <br />(4) The City of Irvine. <br />(5) The City of Newport Beach. <br />(6) The Irvine Company. <br />B. PRINCIPAL TERMS OF THE AGREEMENT: <br />(1) Description of in -bay facilities to be constructed (see <br />attached exhibit "A") <br />(2) Recommended phasing of construction <br />(a) Unit I --Fiscal Year 1984/85. <br />(b) Unit II --Fiscal Year 1985/86 or as funding is available. <br />(c) Maintenance --as required and as funds are available. <br />Project design is for maintenance dredging at five- <br />year intervals. <br />