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AUG 1 1 1580 <br />City Council Meeting August 11, 1980 <br />Agenda Item No. G - I <br />ly the CITY COUNCIL CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH <br />CITY OF NE1 P"T "N <br />August 6, 1980 <br />TO: Ci ty Co un ci 1 <br />FROM: Planning Department <br />SUBJECT: 208/SCAG Cooperative Agreement, Upper Newport Bay <br />Sedimentation Control Planning <br />Suggested Action <br />If desired, take the following actions: <br />(a) Adopt Resolution No.�� authorizing the Mayor and <br />City Clerk to execute a Cooperative Agreement <br />between the City of Newport Beach and SCAG. <br />(b) Adopt Resolution No. qs5L authorizing the Mayor and <br />City Clerk to execute an agreement between the City <br />of Newport Beach and Boyle Engineering for consultant <br />services in connection with the 208 Studies. <br />(c) Authorize the Staff to negotiate a Memorandum of <br />Understanding with the City of Irvine for the <br />administration of the 208 Program. <br />Background <br />Substantial sediment deposition has occurred in Upper Newport Bay in <br />recent decades. The extensive sedimentation that has occurred has <br />adversely affected the Upper Newport Bay State Ecological Reserve <br />due to loss of tidal prism. In addition, large amounts of suspended <br />material present in Bay waters can adversely affect wildlife and <br />recreational users in the Bay. <br />Under the Federal Water Pollution Control Act of 1972 (Section 208), <br />funds have been allocated for water quality management planning. <br />With the approval of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the <br />State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) has designated the South- <br />ern California Association of Governments (SCAG) as the 208 fund <br />disbursement agency for the region. <br />