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RESOLUTION NO. 2020-28 <br />A RESOLUTION OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF <br />NEWPORT BEACH, CALIFORNIA, AUTHORIZING AND <br />APPROVING THE SUBMITTAL OF A GRANT PROPOSAL <br />FOR FUNDING UNDER THE ORANGE COUNTY <br />TRANSPORTATION AUTHORITY ENVIRONMENTAL <br />CLEANUP TIER 1 GRANT PROGRAM <br />WHEREAS, the Orange County Transportation Authority ("OCTA") has <br />announced funding available through the Environmental Cleanup Tier 1 Grant Program <br />("Program") under the Renewed Measure M Transportation Ordinance and Investment <br />Plan (Orange County Local Transportation Ordinance No. 3, dated July 24, 2006), to <br />help protect Orange County beaches and waterways from transportation generated <br />pollution and to improve overall water quality; <br />WHEREAS, the Program consists of funding to purchase and install "street -scale" <br />Best Management Practices, such as catch basin screens and filters, trash collection <br />devices and street median irrigation retrofits; <br />WHEREAS, the OCTA has established the procedures and criteria for reviewing <br />Program proposals; <br />WHEREAS, the City of Newport Beach ("City") desires to submit its proposal for <br />funding under the Program to finance and construct the Newport Beach Trash Wheel <br />Project ("Project"); <br />WHEREAS, the City Council for the City ("City Council") possesses the authority <br />to nominate water quality improvement projects that have a transportation pollution nexus <br />for funding through the Program; <br />WHEREAS, by this resolution, the City Council intends to authorize the nomination <br />of the Project, including all understandings and assurances contained therein, and <br />authorizes the City Manager of the City, or his or her designee, to act in connection with <br />the nomination and to provide such additional information as may be required; <br />WHEREAS, the City will maintain and operate the Project equipment acquired and <br />installed, or as otherwise defined within an agreement that assigns and obligates that <br />responsibility to another party(s); <br />WHEREAS, the City will give OCTA's representatives access to and the right to <br />examine all records, books, papers or documents if the Project is funded; <br />