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l <br />C ouni� Igree m ent No. <br />IMPLY. MENTATION AGREEMENT <br />IN -CHANNEL FACILITIES <br />AGREEMENT BETWEEN THE COUNTY OF ORANGE, THE ORANGE COUNTY FLOOD \ <br />CONTROL DISTRICT, THE CITY OF IRVINE, THE CITY OF TUSTIN, THE CITY <br />OF NEWPORT BEACH, AND THE IRVINE COMPANY FOR CONSTRUCTION OF <br />ADDITIONAL IN -CHANNEL FACILITIES IN SAN DIEGO CREEK IN FURTHERANCE <br />OF THE NEWPORT BAY WATERSHED -SAN DIEGO CREEK COMPREHENSIVE <br />STORMWATER SEDIMENTATION CONTROL PLAN <br />This A G REE M EN T m ade and entered into this , day of 9 <br />by and between the County of Orange, hereinafter referred to as "County"; the Orange County <br />Flood Control District hereinafter referred to as "District!'; City of Newport Beach, hereinafter <br />referred to as "Newport Beach"; the City of Tustin, hereinafter referred to as "Tustin"; the City <br />of Irvine, hereinafter referred to as 'Irvine", and The Irvine Company. The six entities are <br />hereinafter sometimes jointly referred to as the "Parties." <br />WITNESSETH <br />WHEREAS, the sedimentation in Newport Bay has adversely affected the Upper Newport Bay <br />State Ecological Reserve, navigation, recreation, and the environmental and scenic values of <br />Newport Bay, a significant natural regional asset:; and <br />WHEREAS, the Parties share a concern for the maintenance of the Bay as a high-quality natural <br />regional resource; .and <br />WHEREAS, information is now available so that implementation of a sedimentation control <br />program can be initiated; and <br />WHEREAS, the Comprehensive Sedimentation Control Plan, which consists of several elements in- <br />cluding <br />n- <br />cluding additional sediment control facilities in the Bay and San Diego Creek, constitutes a plan <br />-1- <br />