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ition No. 284 and <br />Therein stated. <br />For the purpose of holding the <br />election Municipal Improvement Dis- <br />trict No. 5 of the city of Newport <br />Beach shall be and constitute one vot- <br />ing precinct and The Fire Hall at <br />Balboa within tho Alstrict is hereby <br />dee*%Nk ',*)d established as the <br />'IFiBCe, at which polling place <br />e polls shall be opened at the hour <br />of six o'clock a. m. and shall be kept <br />open to the hour of seven o'clock p. <br />,m. of the day of election, except as <br />provided for in Section 1164 of the <br />:Political Code. <br />A .Board of Election, consisting of <br />fo8e inspector, one Judge, and one <br />clerk, eBek it : an actual <br />resident and a_ qualified _elector of <br />the district, 1s hcreb yappointed to <br />hold. conduct, and make returns of <br />said election as follolrs: <br />lus.pector -1- :cairn I'M, <br />Judge— Miliuie Jay. <br />Clerk —Nell Williamson. <br />The election shall he a special vbv- <br />tion and the manner of holding III, <br />same, and the manner of voting for <br />or against said proposition shall br <br />as follows, and in all Particulars not <br />recited in this Ordinance, the elec- <br />tion shall be held as provided by lam - <br />for holding gc-ueral municipal elec- <br />tions in the City of Newport Beaclt. <br />The proposition of incurring a <br />bonded debt and the issuance of the <br />bonds of the district in the principal <br />isum of the indebtedness and for the <br />'objects and Purposes herefnbefore. <br />!recited shall he by means of print - <br />ed ballot. <br />IEach ballot shall havo prints. rl on <br />the face thereof the following: <br />BOND VLF.CTION <br />JMUNICIPAL 1YIPROYEMENT DIS -� <br />TRICT NO. 5 OF THE <br />CITY OF NFWPnRT BEACH. <br />INSTRUCTIONS TO COTFRS: <br />To vote in favor of the proposition <br />,stamp a cross (X) in •file voting <br />square at the right of the word YES <br />fo!lon'ing the proposition to be voted <br />,upon. To voh^ against the proposi- <br />jtfml stamp :t cross IX) in the voting <br />square at the right of the word NO' <br />following the proposition to be voted <br />upon. <br />All marks except the cross (X) are <br />forl,fddeu. ,tll distinguishing marks <br />`or erasures are forbidden and make <br />the ballot void. If you wrongly stamp, <br />'tear, or deface this ballot, return it <br />to the inspector of election and ob- <br />tain another. <br />PROPOSITION. <br />Shall the bonds of Municipal <br />improvement District No. 5 of <br />the city of Newport Beach be YES <br />issued and sold in the sum of <br />$25,000.00 for the extension of <br />of the wharf at the southerly NO <br />lend of Main Street at Balboa? <br />At the election any qualified voter <br />Iof the district may vote YES and in <br />!favor of the issuance and sale of the <br />lbonds of the district for the described <br />proposition by stamping a cross (X) <br />ion his or her ballot Opposite the <br />word YES following the proposition <br />and any qualified voter of the district <br />;may vote against the proposition by <br />islamping a cross (X) on his or her <br />'ballot after the word NO following <br />the proposition. <br />i It at such election two - thirds or <br />'more of all the voters voting lbereal <br />Ishall -vole in favor of incurring We <br />I iadeb7yees. set forth for the des - <br />icribed :PUrTOS% then- the Board of <br />' Trustees of the i ..*X . Newport <br />Beach _sl, Ia be Won be authorized <br />a.nd _empoWere'd to issue th ie nds of <br />Municipal°illiproWment District No. <br />5 of the cilJ of Newport Beach, In <br />•"e principal sum and for the objects <br />au:,l purposes for which th,, some was <br />`voted. <br />l If tile issue and sate of the bonds <br />of the an >LUt are as iorliel at said <br />electron, His bonds of lruuteupal Im- <br />prevcment District No. 5 of the City <br />of Newport Beach will be Issued and <br />sold by tLe Board of Trustee-, of the <br />`City of Newport leach as it may de- <br />ermine, but no bonds shall lie sold <br />for less than par value and interest <br />accrued thereon at the date of delty- <br />�cry. <br />No bond shall be issued in a great- <br />er denomination of $1000.00 or P. les-, <br />denomination than $100.00. <br />The indebtedness shall be repre- <br />sented by twenty -five (25) bonds of <br />the district, each in the denomination <br />of $1000.00 and numbered from 1 to <br />25, both inclusive, suit said bonds <br />shall be issued and sold by the Board <br />of Trustees of the City of Newport <br />Beach to the highest bidder therefor <br />in cash, lawful money of the Iinited <br />States, but for not less than their par <br />value and aeon ^d fntere =t thereon; <br />the proceeds from the sale of any <br />such bonds shall be Placed in the <br />treasury of the city of Newport <br />Beach to the credit of the municipal <br />)improvement district fund, and shall <br />be applied exclusively to the purposes <br />for which the same was voted. <br />All of said bonds shall be dated the <br />1st day of March, 1926. and each and <br />every bond issued and sold and the <br />money thereby represented shall { {{ <br />bear interest at the rate of six per <br />cent. per Serum, and which interest if <br />shall be paid semi - annually on the <br />1st day of September and March af- <br />ter their date, until said bonds shall <br />h;,vc been paid, principal and inter- <br />est. <br />On the 1st day of March, 1927, <br />Bonds Nos. 1, 2, and 3 shall be ,paid, <br />making a payment of $3000.00, and <br />I <br />annually thereafter on the 1st day of I <br />March two (2) additional of said 1 <br />bonds in successive numerical order i <br />shali be paid, making an annual pay - <br />ment of $2000.00, until all of said <br />twenty five bonds and the $25,000.00 <br />thereby represented are well and <br />truly paid. <br />All bonds issued shall be signed <br />by the President of the Board of <br />Trustees of the City of Newport <br />Beach, also signed by the Treasurer <br />thereof, and countersigned by the <br />Clerk. The interest on said bonds <br />shall be represented by coupons which <br />shall be numbered consecutively, and <br />signed by the Treasurer of the City <br />or Newport Death by his eng:avr!t or <br />Iit7:oKraphed signature. <br />All of said bends and the interest 1 <br />�the.eon to be paid at the treasury of <br />the City of Newport Beach. fn said <br />city, County of Orange, S!nty of Cali - <br />fornia. <br />SECTION 7. <br />The Board of Trustees of rho city <br />of .\'cwl'urt peach shll, nt lilc time <br />of i;xi; ;g ihr g11,ml tax levl and in <br />the manner for such general tax levy <br />iprovoled, levy and collect a tax rash <br />�r0a.r upon the taxable property In <br />liumcipal Improvement Disirlct No. <br />5 of the city of Newport Beach suffl- <br />cient to puy the hilerest on all bo» da <br />..ssued for ti^.at year, and such a per - <br />�tiou of the principal thereof as is to <br />tccome due before the time for mak- <br />filg the next .general tax levy. <br />.i Such tax shall be in addltion to ail <br />ether taxes levied for municipal pur- <br />Poses and when collected shall be <br />paid into the treasury of the city of <br />INuwport Beach and be used for the <br />lpayment of the principal and inter - <br />est oil such bonds and For no other <br />purpose. <br />I 'The principal and interest oil such <br />bonds shall he paid by the Treasurer <br />(of the City of Newport Beach in the <br />manner provided by law for the pay - <br />;meal of principal and interest on <br />bonds of said city, and at the times <br />land in the amounts in this ordinance <br />described. <br />There being no daily newspaper <br />published in the City of Newport <br />Beach, this ordinance shall be pub- <br />lished twice in NEWPORT NEWS, a <br />semi - weekly newspaper of general <br />circulation printed and published ink <br />said city, and hereby designated for <br />that purpose, and this ordinance and <br />the publication thereof, as herein pro- <br />vided, shall constitute the notice of <br />election, and no other notice need be <br />given. <br />SECTION 8. <br />This Ordinance calling and other- <br />,Wise relating to an election, ska11 <br />'take effect and be fa force from and <br />. after its passage. <br />The above and foregoing Ordin- <br />ance was passed at a regular meet- <br />ing of the Board of Trustees of the <br />'City of Newport Beach held on the <br />18th day of January, 1926, by vote <br />of the following named members <br />thereof, to -wit: <br />Ayes, Trustees — WILSON, SLOAN, <br />YOUNG, RICHTER, WILKINSON- <br />Noes, Trustees —NONE. <br />Absent, Trustees —NONE. <br />The above and foregoing Ordin- <br />ance No. 286 having been passed, is <br />this 181h day of January, 1926, signed <br />and approved by me. <br />GEO. P. WILSON, <br />President of the Board of Trustees <br />City of Newport Beach. <br />Attest: V. A. SEBRING, <br />Clerk, City of Newport Beach. <br />Pub. Jan. 19; Feb 5, 1926. <br />