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-port Be._eh thelioe Soatheaeterly. <br />and easterly along the southerly <br />boundary line of the city of New- <br />port Beach to its intersection with <br />the southwesterly prolongation of <br />the center line of Tenth Street: <br />thence northeasterly along the <br />southwesterly prolongation of the; <br />center line of Tenth Street. and <br />along the center title of Tenth, <br />Street to the point of beginning. <br />(The use hereinafter in this Or-' <br />dinance of the words "the district" <br />meatjs and shall at all times and <br />Places be held and construed to <br />imean Municipal Improvement Dis- <br />trict No. 5 of the city of Newport <br />Beach as above described.) <br />SECTION 3. <br />The nature of the improvement . <br />to be constructed is described as 1. <br />follows: ` <br />The acquisition of the necessary I <br />: land upon which to erect and <br />i maintain and the construction <br />thereon of a building for muhict- <br />pal use, to -wit: a public bath - <br />house. i <br />SECTION 4. <br />The estimated cost of the con- <br />struction of the improvement is <br />$167.000.00. and of the incidental <br />expenses in connection therewith <br />Is $3000.00 making a total estimat- <br />ed cost of $175.000.00 and the <br />amount of the principal of the in- <br />debtedness to be incurred therefor <br />is the sent of $175.000.00. <br />SECTION 5. <br />The objects and purposes for <br />which the proposed indebtedness <br />is to be incurred in the stun of <br />$175.000.00. is to pay the cost of <br />the acquisition of the necessary <br />land upon which to erect and <br />maintain a ,public bathhouse and <br />the construction thereof upon such <br />land for the purpose of furnishing <br />and providing. a fit and suitable <br />place for the general public to <br />rent and obtain bathing suits. to <br />,dress and to undress. for the pur- <br />poses of bathing. and to bathe for <br />Public health. pleasure and recrea- <br />tion. <br />SECTION 6. <br />An election is hereby called and <br />ordered to be held in Municipal <br />Improvement District No. 5 of the <br />city of Newport Beach on Thurs- <br />day. the 28th day of October. 1926. <br />for the purpose of submitting and <br />11 at said election there shall be and <br />is hereby submitted to the quali- <br />fied voters of the district the prop - <br />ogition of incurring a debt by the <br />issuance of the bonds of Municipal <br />Improvement District No. 5 of the <br />city of Newport Beach for the pur- <br />poses set forth in Ordinance of In- <br />tention No. 305 of said city and as <br />herein stated. <br />For the purpose of holding the <br />election Municipal Improvement <br />District No. 5 of the city of New- <br />port Beach shall be and constitute <br />one voting precinct and the City <br />Hall at Newport Beach within the <br />district is hereby designated and <br />established as the polling place. at <br />which polling place the polls <br />shall be opened at the hour of six <br />o'clock a. m. and shall be kept <br />open to the hour of seven o'clock <br />p. m. of the day of election. except <br />as provided for in Section 1164 of <br />the Political Code. <br />A Board of Election consisting <br />of one inspector. one judge an <br />one clerk. each of whom is an ac- <br />tual <br />resident and a qualified elec- <br />tor <br />of the district is hereby ap <br />pointed to hold. conduct and make <br />returns of said election as follows: <br />Inspector. Mrs. Arline E. Jasper <br />Judge. Byron Hall. <br />Clerk. Mrs. Bertha A. Foltz. <br />The election shall be a specia <br />election and the manner of holdin <br />the, same, and, the manner. of von <br />Ling for or agaihst'said.piroposition' sbatl be Issa6T'an'd "_soi'T by-the <br />shall be as follows. and in all par- . Bnarit of Trustees of the city' ofe <br />ticulars not recited in this Ordin- a Newport Beach to the highest bid - <br />aace the election shall be held ati Ider therefor in cash. lawful <br />provided by law for holding- gener- f money of the United States, but <br />al municipal elections in the city I for not less than their par value' <br />Hof Newport Beach. ;knit accrued interest thereon: the- <br />The proposition of incurring a proceeds from the sale of any{ <br />bonded debt and the issuance of such bonds shall be placed in thel <br />ithe bonds of the district in the I treasury of the city of Newport <br />principal sum of the indebtedness Beach to the credit of the munici- <br />and for the objects and purposes pal improvement district fund. <br />liereinbefore recited shall be by and shall be applied exclusively to <br />means of a printed ballot. I the purposes for which the same <br />Each ballot shall have printed was voted. <br />on the face thereof the following: All, of the said bonds shall be <br />BOND ELECTION dated the tat day of December.. <br />M UN I C I PA L IMPROVEMENT 1426, and each and every bond is- I <br />DISTRICT NO. 5 OF THE CITY sued and sold and t e money: <br />OF NEWPORT BEACH. thereby represented shall bear in- <br />INSTRUCTIONS TO VOTERS: terest at the rate of six per cent. i <br />To vote in favor of the proposi- per annum. and which interest <br />'tion stamp a cross (X) in the vot -. shall be paid semi - annually an the <br />ing square at the right of 'the. Ist day of June and December <br />word "YES" following the propo- after their date, until said bonds <br />sition to be voted upon. To vote shall have been paid. principal <br />against the proposition stamp a and interest. <br />cross (X) in the voting square at - On the 1st day of December. <br />the right of the word "NO" follow- 1927. Bonds Nos. 1. 2. 3. 4 and. 5 <br />ing the proposition to be voted shall be paid. making a payment of <br />.Upon. $5000.00 and annually thereafter <br />All marks except the cross (X) on the 1st day of December five <br />-,are forbidden. All distinguishing (5) additional of said bonds in <br />successive numerical order shall <br />marks or erasures are forbidden <br />and make the ballot void. If you be paid. making an annual pay - <br />wrongly stamp. tear. or deface this merit of $5000.00. until all of said <br />ballot. return it to the inspector of . 175 bonds and the $175.000.00' <br />election and obtain another. thereby represented are well and <br />PROPOSITION. truly paid. <br />Shall the bonds of Memel- All bonds issued shall be signed <br />pal Improvement District by the President of the Board of <br />No. 5 of the city of Newport YES,', Trustees of the city of Newport <br />Reach be issued and sold in 'Beach. also signed by the Treas- <br />the sum of $175.000.00 for urer thereof. and countersigned: <br />the acquisition of the neces- by the Clerk. The interest on said <br />sary land upon which to (I bonds shall be represented by <br />eect and maintain and the NO coupons which shall be numbered <br />j construction thereon of a consecutively and signed by the <br />building for municipal uses Treasurer of the city of Newport <br />to -wit: a public bathhouse? Beach by his engraved or litho - <br />!At the election any qualified vot- graphed signature. . <br />er of the district may vote YES All of said bonds and the inter - <br />land in favor of the issuance and est thereon to be paid at the <br />sale of the bonds of the district for � treasury of the city of Newport <br />the described proposition by Beach. in said city. County of Or- <br />stamping a cross (X) on his or ange. State of California. <br />her ballot opposite the word YES SECTION 7. <br />following the proposition and any, The Board of Trustees of the <br />qualified voter of the district may city of Newport Beach sliall. at <br />vote against the proposition by the time of fixing the general tax <br />stamping a cross (X) on his or levy and in the manner for such; <br />her ballot after the word NO fol- general tax levy provided, levy and; <br />lowing the proposition. collect a tax each year upon the <br />If at such election two - thirds or i taxable property in Municipal In- i <br />more of all the voters voting provement District No. 5 of the <br />thereat shall vote in favor of in- city of Newport Beach sufficient <br />curring the indebtedness set forth to pay the interest on all bonds; <br />for the described purpose. then issued for that year and such a�. <br />the Board of Trustees of the city portion of the principal thereof as <br />of Newport Beach shall thereupon is to become due before the time l <br />be authorized and empowered to for malting the next general tax <br />issue the bonds of Municipal Im- levy. - <br />provement District No. 5 of the Such tax shall be in addition to' <br />city of Newport Beach in the prin- all other taxes levied for munici- <br />cipal sum and for the objects and pat purposes. and when collected <br />ipurposes for which the same was shall be paid into the treasury of <br />voted. j the city of Newport Beach and <br />If the issue and sale of the be used for the payment of the <br />' bonds of the district are principal and Interest on such <br />1 it bonds and for no other purpose. <br />author- <br />ized at said election. the bonds of <br />Municipal Improvement District ! The principal and interest he <br />No. 5 of the city of Newport Beach such bonds shall be paid a the <br />will be issued and sold by the Treasure he the city r Newport <br />Beach in the manner provided by <br />Board of Trustees it the city of law for the payment of principal <br />Newport Beach as it may deter- <br />and interest on bonds of said city. <br />mine, but no bonds shall be sold and at the times and in the <br />for less than par value and inter- amounts In this ordinance describ- <br />:est accrued thereon at the date of ed <br />d delivery. <br />No bond shall be issued in a There being no daily newspaper <br />greater denomination than $1000.00 published in the city of Newport <br />Beach. this ordinance shall be <br />- . or a less denomination than published twice in NEWPORT <br />. $100.00. <br />NEWS. a weekly newspaper of <br />j The indebtedness shall be repre. general circulation printed and <br />' seated by one hundred seventy- published in said city. and hereby <br />five (175) bonds of the district., designated for that purpose, and <br />1 each in the denomination of, this ordinance and the publication <br />$1.000.00. and numbered from 1 tot thereof. as herein provided, shall <br />g 175. both inclusive, all d.safit bonds: constitute the notice of election. <br />and no other notice need be given. <br />