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yTy <br />polling places, as quickly as I' Piled Proceed to open and canvass • ,SECTION 6. -' <br />practicable in the manner proved -i said returns. and immediately upon This Ordinance shall be publish- <br />ed by the law of this state. and de -, the completion of such canvass lied once in NEWPORT NEWS, a, <br />posit all of said returns with the,( cause:$'3eport thereof 4o be made- weekly newspaper of general cir - -. <br />Clerk of the city of Newport I and -eiti:ered upon its minutes. Gelation printed. published and <br />Beach. showing the whole number of circulated in the city of Newport, <br />The polls at the polling places; votes cast, the number of votes Beach. - <br />hereinbefore designated in each of ,I cast "For Annexation" and the 1II,�� The above and foregoing Ordin -1 <br />the 'precincts shall be opened at number of votes cast "Against anme -No. 309 was passed at a regu- <br />the hour of six o'clock a. m. and (Annexation." lair meeting of the Board of Trus- <br />kept open to the hour of seven If it shall appear from suchtees of the city of Newport Beach <br />o'clock p. m. of the day of elec- ; canvass that a majority of all the held the 6th day of December. <br />tion. at which time the polls shall :votes cast is in favor of annexa 1926. by the vote of the Yellowing <br />be closed, except as provided for„tnou the Clerk of the city of New- named members thereof. to -wit <br />by Sec, 1164 of the Political Code. Port Beach shall make up and cer- Ayes. Trustees —L. S. WILKIN <br />SECTION 3. .itify under the seal of the City of SON. F. B. MODJESKA. F. W. <br />The Clerk of the City of Newport it Newport Beach, transmit to the' YOUNG. CONRAD RICHTER. <br />Beach shall cause to be ,published i, Secretary of State and to the Noes, Trustees —NONE. <br />for a period of two weeks next: i Board of Supervisors of the county I Absent. Trustees — H. H. WIL- <br />preceding the special election 11 of Orange a copy of said report so I,IA111SON. <br />herein called in NEWPORT NEWS. ;I entered upon the minutes of the The above and foregoing ordin -' <br />i a weekly newspaper printed. Pub- Board of Trustees. together with ante No. 309 is approved and sign <br />lished and circulated In the cityila statement showing the date off ed by me this 6th day of December. <br />of Newport Beach at least once a the election. the time and result of 1926. <br />week a notice of the special elec -! the canvass, and which document CONRAD RICHTER, <br />tion herein called. which notice. shall be filed by the Secretary of President. Board of Trustees. <br />shall state that it is proposed tot State and the Clerk of said Board l Attest: ALFRED SMITH, <br />annex to the city of Newport .,�of Supervisors. Clerk, City of Newport Beach. <br />Beach. incorporate and include I From and after the date of the <br />therein and make a part thereof) filing of said document in the of -' <br />the new uninhabited territory here- fice of the Secretary of State the <br />inbefore described. and shall set annexation of the described new <br />forth and describe said new unin - -, uninhabited territory shall be <br />habited territory in such manner,••deemed to be and shall be com- <br />as to apprise the voters of the par- plete. and thenceforth such annex - <br />ticular land sought to be annexed. ed territory shall be a part of the <br />the date of the election. and invite l. city of Newport Beach for all in- <br />the electors of the city of Newport i tents and purposes. provided. that <br />Beach to vote upon such proposi -; no part of such annexed territory, <br />tion by marking their ballot: "For shall ever be taxed to pay any por- <br />Annexation" or "Against Annexa-' tion of any indebtedness or liabli -I <br />lion' also designate the votingi fly of the city of Newport Beach <br />precincts and the place at which ,contracted prior to or existing all <br />the polls Will be opened. gad the ,the time of its annexation. ; <br />name and office of the persons ap -1, SECTION 5. (III <br />pointed officers of the election. This ordinance. being an ordin- <br />SECTION 4. i ante calling and otherwise relat -' <br />The Board of Trustees of the ing to an election, shall take of <br />city of Newport Beach shall at Il feet and be In force from and after <br />its regular meeting next after fine ('its passage <br />returns of the special election are.• <br />I, Alfred Smith, Clerk of the City of Newport Beach do hereby <br />certify that the foregoing Ordinance No. 309 is a true and correct copy <br />of an ordinance passed by the Board of Trustees at a regular meeting held <br />on the 6th day of December, 1926, and that same was printed and published <br />according to law. <br />City fflerk of Newport Beach. <br />ORDINANCE NO. 510. <br />thence '.,., Ierly along the center, <br />'West to its point of intersection <br />_ <br />line of Surf Avenue to'its point of <br />; with the center line of East Surf <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITI" <br />.union with the center line of Ocean <br />.�' ° "•- ' -'" noint of b� Kin• <br />o <br />i <br />OF NEWPORT BEACH ESTAB- <br />Avenue: thence wester) along th. <br />Y g <br />i:ilc;7 I >1goint <br />' au. Z.—Shall <br />LISAING FIRE DISTRICTS IS <br />center line of Ocean Avenue to the <br />,'embrace all that portion of the city <br />3 A' <br />SAID CITY, PROVIDING THE: <br />Point of its Intersection by tb.•I <br />of Newport Beach included within <br />CHARACTER OF BUILDENG6 <br />easterly line of 14th Street pn: <br />the following exterior boundaries: <br />PERIIIITTED TO BE ERECTED <br />duced southerly: thence southerly- <br />j Commencing at the point of later - <br />THEREIN, AND ESTABLISH -. <br />along the said produced easterly <br />section of the center line of Adams <br />- <br />1 ( <br />ING CERTAIN REGULATIONS <br />line of 14th Street to the line c; <br />Street produced southerly, with the <br />CONCERNING FIRES IN SAID <br />°rdinary high tide of the Pacific <br />center line of Surf Avenue: thence <br />CITY, AND PRESCRIBING A <br />Ocean: thence westerly along the <br />northerly along the center line of <br />PENALTY FOR ALL VIOLA. <br />`Ina of onlinary high tide to its <br />Adams Street to the point of its <br />TIONS THEREOF. <br />- intersection by the produced west -; <br />intersection produced northerly <br />. .rly line.: 16th Street produced;- <br />with the S. S. Bulkhead line as <br />southerly) -hence northerly along' <br />delineated upon a map showing <br />The Board of Trustees of the <br />� <br />I the said p n -luced westerly line o: <br />harbor lines in Newport Bay, ap- <br />City ol Newport Beach do ordain <br />16th Stre -> the Place of its in- <br />proved January 13. 1917. by the: <br />as follows: <br />I tersectiom oy the center line w <br />War Department; thence westerly. <br />SECTION 1., <br />Ocean A�ollde; thence westerl. <br />easterly. and northerly along and <br />The City of Newport Beach in; <br />along Ill., center line of Ocea.� <br />Pursuing said bulkhead line <br />hereby subdivided into and shat: <br />Avenue tr the westerly boundary <br />through various bulkhead stations <br />'embrace seven fire districts de- <br />line of the City of Newport Beach:.. <br />delineated upon said map to bulk - <br />fined and to be numbered Fire Dis <br />' thence southerly along the west -I' <br />head Station No. 124: thence .east - <br />tricts Nos. 1- 2- 3 -4 -5 -6 and 7. ae foi - <br />laws: <br />erly boundary line of the city n; <br />Newport Beach to its point of I: <br />II erly in a straight line to bulkhead <br />No. 17`3: <br />,Station thence easterly <br />FIRE DISTRICT NO. 1. —Shall <br />tersection with the line of ordin -J! <br />and northerly along and pursuing <br />embrace all that ,portion of the City <br />ary high tide of the Pacific Ocean: l; <br />said bulkhead line to bulkhead Sla- <br />of Newport Beach included within <br />thence easterly along the line of <br />tion No. 170: thence north to <br />'he following exterior boundaries: <br />ordinary high tide of the Pacific <br />an intersection with the northerly <br />Commencing at the point of inter- <br />Ocean to the ,point of its inter- <br />. boundary line of the city of New - <br />.ection of the South line of Sec- <br />section with the south line of Sec I' <br />port Beach: thence westerly. north- <br />(on 35. Township 6 South Range3 <br />tion 35. Township 6 South. Rang <br />erly. <br />: westerly, southerly. westerly. <br />'0 West. S. B. B. & M. with the <br />10 West. S. B B. & M.. thence east - <br />land southerly along and pursuing <br />:enter line of East. SQl' vea P"-35, <br />eWy along the south line of Sectiot <br />the boundary line of the city of <br />" <br />township 6 S9utb, :1, Ranpee; IC <br />(Newport Beach to the po�l by 1n.� <br />