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ARTICLE II: <br />vices, marks or white lines, cross- <br />- -- <br />ORDINANCE NO. 345. <br />walks approximately equal in <br />Authority of Police <br />width to the adjacent sidewalk at <br />AN ORDINANCE REGULATIN(, <br />Traffic Signs and Slgaals <br />all intersections where in his opin- <br />TRAFFIC UPON THE PUBLIC <br />SECTION 2. Obedience to Po• ion there is Particular danger to <br />STREETS AND REPEALING <br />lice. Officers of the Police Depart - 'pedestrians crossing the roadway. <br />ALL ORDINANCES IN CONSIS•, <br />meut are hereby authorized to di- I When crosswalks are established <br />TENT HEREWITH. irect <br />all traffic by means of visible and maintained outside (the Cen- <br />.. <br />or audible signal, and It shall. be tral Traffic District or) a business <br />The Coltpcil of the City of Nevp.- lunlawful <br />for any person to refuse district, the Chief of Police shall <br />- — <br />port Beach do ordain as follows: I <br />or fail to comply with any lawful by appropriate devices, marks or <br />ARTICLE L• <br />order, signal or direction of a traf-white lines, mark and maintain <br />Definitions <br />fie r police officer. I shall be nn- along the surface of the roadway <br />lawful for any minor to direct or an arrow not less than twelve (1E) <br />SECTION' 1. Whenever in this <br />attempt to direct traffic (unless inches wide in the shaft and not <br />Ordinance the following terms are <br />authori zed to do so by order of the less than thirty (30} feet long, <br />used, they §hall have the meanings <br />Chief of Police or City Council.) pointing In the direction of such <br />P g <br />respectively ascribed to them in <br />SECTION 3. Signs. The Cit}"crosswalk, together with the word ' <br />this section: <br />Street. Every way set apart for I <br />Council shall by resolution deter -! SLOW In block letters not less than <br />public travel except alleyways, <br />mine and designate the character ltweuty <br />-four (24) inches high and, <br />bridle Paths and foot paths. <br />of all official warning and direr - <br />not less than four (4 inches wide <br />) <br />Roadway. That portion of a <br />lion signs and signals. Subject to <br />one hundred (100) feet distant from <br />street between the regularly estab- <br />this selection, the Chief of Police <br />each crosswalk so established. <br />lished curb lines. <br />is hereby authorized, and as to <br />SECTION 7. Display of Unauth•' <br />Alley. A public highway which <br />those signs required hereunder it <br />orized Signs Proklblted. It shall <br />does not exceed twenty feet be- <br />• shall be his duty, to place and <br />be unlawful for any person to place <br />tween property lines. <br />maintain or cause to be placed <br />I <br />l <br />or maintain or to display any de- <br />Sldewalk. That Portion of a <br />and maintained all official warning <br />vice, other than an official warn - <br />jstreet between the curb lines and <br />and direction signs and signals. ling <br />or direction sign or signal' <br />the adjacent property Ilnes. <br />All signs authorized and required erected under competent authority,; <br />Intersection. The area embraced <br />hereunder for a particular purpose upon or in view of a street, which <br />within the prolongation of the prop- <br />shall be uniform. ;Purports to be, or Is an imitation <br />erty lines of two or more streets <br />No provision of this ordinance Hof, or resembles, all official warn - <br />which join at an angle, whether <br />for which signs are required shalliing or direction sign or signal, or <br />or not one such street crosses the <br />be enforceable against the alleged which attempts to direct the move - <br />other. <br />violator if at the time and place went of traffic or the actions of <br />Crosswalk. That portion of the <br />of the alleged violation the sign operators, and any such ,prohibited <br />(roadway included within the pro- <br />herein required is not in proper device shall be a public unisance, <br />longation of curb and property, <br />position and sufficiently legible to and the Chief of Police may re- <br />lines at street intersections. <br />be seen by an ordinarily observant move it, or cause It to be removed, <br />Safety Zone. That marked Por- <br />Person. . without notice. <br />tion of a roadway reserved for the <br />SECTION 4. Obedience to Traf•, It shall be unlawful for any per - <br />exclusive use of pedestrians. <br />fic Signs. It shall be unlawfulison to wilfully deface, injure, move <br />Loading 'Lone. That space ad- <br />for any operator or pedestrian to or interfere with any official warn - <br />jacent to a curb reserved for the <br />disobey the instructions of any me -ling or direction sign or signal. <br />exclusive use of vehicles during the <br />chanical or electrical traffic sig- SECTIONS. Pqllee and Fire Ve• <br />loading r unloading of passengers <br />g g <br />nal, traffic sign or marks upon the Theca Exempt from Certain Rules. <br />or materials. <br />street placed in accordance with or <br />the The provisions of this ordinance, , <br />Vehicle. Every device or ani- <br />provisions of this ordinance, regulating the movement, parking <br />mal by which any person or ,prop. <br />Provided every sign or mark made , and standing of vehicles shall not <br />erty is or may be transported or <br />by the use of paint upon the curb' to emergency vehicles of they <br />shall bear <br />drawn upon street, excepting de- <br />thereon the official em- olio <br />i� (police or sheriffs office or of the <br />blem of the Police Department. <br />vices moved by human power or <br />Ifire department or of a public util -I <br />I No Public utility or department: <br />used exclusively upon rails. For <br />ity while the driver of any such ve- i <br />to this city shall erect or <br />the purpose of this ordinance a bi- <br />place: hicle is engaged in the necessary <br />any barrier or sign unless of a type <br />cycle shall be deemed a vehicle. <br />Street Car. Every device travel- <br />first approved by the Chief of po -, performance of public emergency'. <br />ing exclusively upon rails when <br />.lice. It shall be unlawful for an y: <br />duties. <br />ARTICLE Ill- <br />ARTICLE Ill: <br />upon or crossing a street other <br />operator or pedestrian to disobey <br />than than devices propelled by steam. <br />the instructions of any barrier or! <br />Si approved, as above SECTION 9. Pedestrian's Right <br />Pedestrian. Any p¢rsou afoot. <br />provided,' <br />I lerected or placed by a public utility of Way at Intersections, <br />Operator. Any person who is In <br />or by any department of this city. (a) It shall be unlawful for the <br />actual Physical control of a vehicle <br />SECTION 5. Traffic Stop and operator of any vehicle or street <br />or street car. <br />.Go Signal Legend. Whenever traf -.. car to drive into any crosswalk <br />Traffic. Pedestrians, v e h i c l e s <br />'fic at any intersection is regillated Ji which is marked as ,provided in <br />and street cars, either singly or to- <br />by a stop and go mechanical or i Section 6 of this ordinance, while <br />gether, while using any street for <br />electrical signal, the following col -t there is in such cross f ilk upon the <br />I <br />purposes of travel. <br />ors may be used, and none other, ll half of the roadway upon which! <br />Central Truffle DIStrIct. That <br />and those colors herein authorized :such vehicle is traveling any pe -' <br />portion of this city hereafter des - <br />shall indicate as follows: (destrian engaged in crossing the <br />rribed or designated as such by <br />Red, except in flashing signals, roadway until such pedestrian <br />the City Council. - <br />requires that traffic shall stop and shall have passed beyond the path <br />Business District. The territory's <br />Yemam stapding. of said vehicle, <br />contiguous to a street when fifty <br />Green requires that traffic shall (b) It shall be unlawful for the <br />per cent (50 %) or more of the <br />move and continue in motion, ex- operator of any vehicle to drive <br />frontage thereon for a distance of <br />cept when stopped for the purpose into any unmarked crosswalk while! <br />three hundred (300) feet or more <br />of avoiding an accident or in the .there Is in such crosswalk upon' <br />is occupied by buildings in use for <br />I )Event of other emergency or when the half of the roadway upon which <br />retail or wholesale business; also <br />stopped at the command of a Po- such vehicle is traveling any pa. <br />any territory contiguous to a' <br />lice officer. destrian engaged to crossing tae <br />street which is Immediately ad-, <br />Amber shall indicate preparation roadway until such pedestrian <br />jacent to or a continuation of ii <br />for a change in the direction of shall have passed beyond the path <br />street within a business district <br />traffic movement. When amber is •` of said vehicle when the pedestrian <br />when such territory is so designat- <br />shown no traffic shall enter the in- I shall indicate his Intention to cross i <br />ed by the City Council. <br />tersection until a green or "GO" i by a timely and continuous warn -! <br />Rfght ie `lYte -privilege of <br />signal is shown. i ing by holding up his hand palm <br />the immediate use of the street. <br />Bells. The ringing of a bell in out toward approaching traffic. j <br />Park. To stand a vehicle for a <br />connection with any mechanical' (c) The operator of a vehicle <br />period of time greater than is tea -1. <br />or electrical traffic signal shall in- shall stop before entering any, <br />souably necessary for the actual <br />dicate preparation for a change in crosswalk when any other vehicle <br />loading or unloading f <br />g persons or. <br />l� the direction of traffic movement Proceeding in the same direction is <br />i materials. <br />When such bell is sounded no traf- � stopped at such crosswalk. <br />Official Warning nd Direction <br />g <br />fic shall enter the intersection un- <br />jI <br />(d) The foregoing proves----- <br />Signs and Signals. All warning <br />til a green or "GO" signal is shown. <br />of this section shall not apply at <br />and direction signs and signals not <br />SECTION 6. Required to Estill. intersections where traffic is be -' <br />SECTION 6. Required to E <br />Ing directed by an I <br />inconsistent with this -laced <br />Ilsh Crosswalks. The Po -' officer or a <br />lice is hereby authorized and re- traffic stop and go signal, at which ' <br />heretofore er hereafter placed or <br />or <br />erected under this ordinance or by <br />intersections the mutual rights <br />quired to establish and maintain of <br />authority of the City ouncil. <br />y <br />and to designate upon the surface Pedestrians and operators of ve -•. <br />hicles shall be exercised under the <br />of the roadxayt_by appropriate de- <br />direction- of the officer or traffic . <br />Signals. I <br />