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AFFIDAVIT OF PUBLICATION <br />(NEWPORT- BALBOA PRESS) - <br />State of California, 1 <br />)j as. <br />County of Orange, <br />CITY PRINTING <br />ORDINANCE NO. 501 <br />The City Council of the City of <br />Newport Beach does ordain as fol- <br />lows: <br />SECTION 1. Ordinance No. 440 <br />of the City of Newport Beach is <br />hereby amended by the reclassifi- <br />cation of certain districts, as shown <br />upon the District Map adopted by <br />said Ordinance 440 and made a <br />part thereof by such adoption and <br />publication, as follows, to -wit: <br />Blocks AA, BB, U, V, W, and <br />Z; Lots 3 and 4 in Block Y; Lots <br />32 4 and 5 in Block T; all In Tract <br />' No. 323; Lots 59 to 65 inclusive in <br />Block A; Lots 52 to 58 inclusive in <br />Block B; all in Tract No. 673; is <br />hereby changed on said District <br />Map from an R -3 District to C -2 <br />District. <br />Lots 1 and 2, Block A; Lots 50 <br />and 51, Block B; all in Tract No. <br />673 is hereby changed on said Di' _ <br />trict Map from a C-I'Dlstrict to a <br />C -2 District. <br />SECTION 2. Any person, firm <br />or corporation violating any.of the <br />provisions of this Ordinance shall <br />be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor <br />land upon conviction of any court <br />having jurisdiction thereof, shall <br />be fined in a sum not to exceed <br />$300.00, or by imprisonment in the <br />city jail in the City of Newport <br />Beaeh-not exceeding three (3)' <br />months, or by both such fine and <br />imprisonment. <br />SECTION 3. This Ordinance' <br />shall be published once in the <br />NEWPORT - BALBOA PRESS, a <br />newspaper of general circulation, <br />printed, and published and circu- <br />lated in the City of Newport Beach, <br />and this Ordinance shall take effect <br />and be in full force thirty (30) <br />days from and after its final <br />adoption. <br />The above and foregoing Ordi- <br />nance No. 501 was passed at a <br />regular meeting of the City Coun- <br />cil of the City of Newport Beach, <br />held on the 19th day of May, 1941, <br />by the following vote, to -wit: <br />AYES, Councilmen; Reed, Claire, <br />Allen, Brown, Gordon. <br />NOES, Councilmen: None. <br />ABSENT, Councilmen: None. <br />The above and foregoing Ordi- <br />nance No. 501 is approved and <br />signed by me this 7th day of July, <br />1941 <br />IRVIN GEO. GORDON, <br />Mayor of the City of Newport <br />City Clerk of the City of Newport <br />Beach. (SEAL) <br />............ Wm. A. Maxw _211 ------------------------ , of said County, being first <br />duly sworn,_on_oath-deposes and says: <br />That he is and at all times herein mentioned was a citizen of the <br />United States and over the age of twenty -one years; that he is not a <br />party to nor interested in the above entitled matter; that he is the <br />__..__ m..... .____ of the NEWPORT - BALBOA PRESS, <br />a newspaper of general circulation composed, printed and published in the <br />City of Newport Beach, in Newport Beach Township, County of Orange, <br />State of California regularly once a week, which said newspaper at all <br />times herein mentioned had and still has a bona fide list of paying sub- <br />scribers, and which said newspaper has been established, composed, <br />printed and published in said city and county for a period exceeding one <br />year; and <br />That the notice or legal advertisement of which the annexed is a true <br />printed copy, was published in the entire issue ----- . of said newspaper for <br />x292MMtWAAS M dated as follows: <br />J " 1 Y 1n , 194E <br />194— <br />194— <br />194— <br />194— ////� `)/J/� l�� <br />Signed, Ate` - z'!_'�-- �_(C/a0 _ "-"__ i <br />Subscribed and sworn to before me, a Notary Public in and for said <br />County and State on this ___11th______ day of --------- I --- 11..1__y -------- ., 194.1-.- <br />'(Seal)'. <br />---- - - -- -- -°-.�_® ----- I --- - --- --- - - - --- <br />Notary Public. <br />My commission expires ._.. ------ - _3 ----- 194__q.. <br />_Publication Fee, $ ... w_.$ -------------------- __ <br />