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Newport Beach Zoning Ordinance <br />ORDINANDCE NO. 525 <br />OF THE CITY COUNCIL <br />OF THE <br />CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH, CALIFORNIA <br />• <br />The City of Newport Beach, by and through its City Council, <br />does ordain as follows: <br />Section 1. An official land -use districting plan for the City of <br />Newport Beach is hereby adopted and established to serve the public <br />health, safety and general welfare and to provide the economic and <br />social advantages resulting from an orderly, planned use of land <br />resources. <br />Section 2. DEFINITIONS. <br />For purpose of this ordinance certain words and terms are de- <br />fined, as follows: <br />Words used in the present tense include the future, words in the <br />singular number include the plural, and words in the plural number <br />include the singular; and the word - "shall" is mandatory. The term <br />"City Council" means the City Council of the City of Newport <br />Beach, and the term "Planning Commission' mean the Planning <br />Commission of the City of Newport Beach. The word "City" when <br />used means the City of Newport Beach, a municipal corporation. <br />"Alley ": Any public thoroughfare for the use of pedestrians or <br />vehicles, not less than nine (9) feet nor more than twenty -four (24) <br />feet in width, which has been deeded or dedicated to the City and " <br />shown as such on the official city maps of the City Engineer. <br />"Accessory": A building, a part of building or structure• or use <br />which is subordinate to, and the use of which is incidental. to that <br />of the main building, structure or use on the same lot. <br />"Automobile Court" or "Trailer Camp ": <br />(1) A group of two or more detached or semi - detached build- <br />ings containing guest rooms and /or apartments with automobile <br />storage space or parking place provided in, connection therewith; ' <br />(2) Land used or intended to be used for camping purposes by <br />automobile transients. <br />• <br />"Basement ": A story partly underground and having one -half <br />('Fi) or more of its height, measured from its floor to its finished <br />ceiling, below the average adjoining grade. A basement shall be <br />counted as a story if the vertical, distance from the average ad- <br />joining grade to its ceiling is over five (5) feet. <br />"Apartment ": A room or a suite of two or more rooms in a <br />tenement or apartment house, occupied or suitable for occupance <br />as a residence for one family. <br />"Apartment House ": Any building, or portion thereof, which is <br />designed, intended, built, rented, .leased, let or hired' out to be oc- <br />cupied, or which is occupied as the home or residence of three or <br />more families living independently of each other in such building. <br />"Building ": A permanently located structure having a .roof (all <br />forms of vehicles excluded). <br />"Building Height ": The vertical distance measured from the <br />average level of the highest and lowest point of that portion of the <br />site covered by the building to the ceiling of the uppermost story. <br />"Building- site ": The ground area of a building or group of <br />buildings together with all open spaces as required by this ordinance.' <br />"Bungalow Court ": A group of three or more detached one - story, <br />one or two - family dwellings located upon a single lot together <br />with all open spaces as required by this ordinance. <br />"Business or Commerce ": The purchase, sale or other trans- <br />action involving the handling or disposition of any article, substance <br />or commodity for profit or livelihood, or the ownership or manage- <br />ment of office buildings, offices, recreational or amusement enter- <br />prises or the maintenance and use of offices by professions and <br />trades rendering services. <br />"Club ": An association of persons for some common non - profit <br />purpose but not including groups organized primarily to render a <br />service which is customarily carried on as a business. <br />"Dwelling, (one - family) ": A building containing only one kitchen, <br />designed for or used to house not more than one family, including <br />all necessary employees of such family. <br />"Dwelling, (two-family) ": A building containing not more than <br />two kitchens, designed and /or used to house not more than two <br />families, living independently of each other, including all necessary <br />employees of each such family. <br />"Dwelling, (group) ": A combination or arrangement of dwell- <br />ings, whether detached or not, on one (1) building site. <br />"Dwelling, (multiple - family) ": A building or buildings other than <br />a hotel, designed for or used to house more than two families, <br />living independently of each other, including all necessary employees <br />of each such family. <br />