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• <br />• <br />E <br />be declared ended either by the <br />Commander or by the City Coun- <br />cil. the Commander shall have <br />complete authority over the city <br />government, and he shall have <br />the right to exercise all police <br />power vested in the city by the <br />constitution and the laws of the <br />State of California, including <br />power during such time to issue <br />and enforce rules, regulations and <br />orders which he considers neces- <br />sary for the protection of life and <br />property. Whenever the Com- <br />mander or the City Council shall <br />declare the emergency to be end- <br />ed, the rules, regulations or orders <br />issued by the Commander during <br />the period of the emergency shall <br />be of no further force and effect <br />unless the City Council shall it- <br />self legislate thereon. <br />(7c). The Commander shall hold <br />Periodic drills and such other tests <br />of the effectiveness of the Defense <br />Corps as may be necessary to <br />assure its effective performance <br />under emergency conditions. <br />(7d). The Commander shall di- <br />rcet inaintmance and operation <br />of the city's Air Raid Warning <br />System. <br />(7e). The Commander shall es- <br />tabliei: at some safe and enclosed <br />place in this city a control cen- <br />ter, an alternate control center, <br />end, ii' necessary, a district con- <br />trol center or centers, which shall <br />be used in times of emergency as <br />the centers from which the De- <br />fense Corps shall be directed and <br />coordinated. The Commander <br />shall designate the persons who <br />shall be present in the control <br />center, or centers, during times <br />of emergency and, drills, includ- <br />ing tte Chiefs of the Emergency <br />Services. No person, other than <br />designated staff members, shall <br />be permitted to enter the control <br />room during times of emergency <br />unless he shall have a pass issued <br />to him by the Commander. The <br />Commander and the Chiefs of <br />Emergency Services, with the ap- <br />proval of the War Council, shall <br />designate deputies to take their <br />places, exercise their Powers and <br />perfomi their duties in the con- <br />trol center Intte event they are <br />abs=_nt, become incapacitated, or <br />are otherwise unable to act 'The <br />Commander shall staff, equip and <br />operate the control center and <br />the Civilian DeSenne Corps as <br />nearly in accordance with the <br />recommendations of the Federal <br />Director of Civilian Defense as <br />local conditions warrant. <br />In the event this city is in- <br />cluded in any plan for the op- <br />eration of a control center over <br />a larger area within which this <br />city is included, which pan calls <br />for the presence therein of a <br />representative of any of the <br />?rnergency Services of this city, <br />the Commander, with the approv- <br />al of the War Council, may au- <br />thorize the chief of any such <br />service or a representative desig- <br />nated by him to participate in <br />such a plan and report to such a <br />control center. <br />SECTION 8. MUTUAL AID. <br />Whereas an Act of the Califor- <br />nia Legislature known as the <br />War Council Bill, approved by <br />the Governor January 30, 1943, <br />renders it mandatory for cities <br />to render mutual aid to other <br />governmental units in accordance <br />with a mntual aid program set <br />forth in said Act, and requires <br />that Commanders of Civilian De- <br />fense Corps obey the orders of <br />State Regional Civilian Protection <br />Officers issued in furtherance of <br />the mutual air program, the Com- <br />mander of the Civilian Defense <br />Corps and the Chiefs of the vari- <br />ous Services affected are hereby <br />authorized to comply with such <br />orders. <br />SECTION 9. LOCAL PROP- <br />ERTY OFFICER. <br />The local property officer, here - <br />tefore appointed by the Mayor <br />with the approval of the City <br />Council in conformity with regu- <br />lations of the Federal Director of <br />Civilan Defense, shall be under <br />the direction and supervision of <br />tte Commander. He is authorized <br />and directed to receive, account <br />for, and distribute, in accordance <br />with the orders of the Commander <br />not inconsistent with the ,terms <br />of any agreement under which <br />property was given or loaned, to <br />the city for the protection of per= <br />sons or property against air raids <br />and other war hazards. . The lo- <br />cal property officer shall perform <br />such other duties as may be dele- <br />gated to him by the War Council <br />or the Commander. <br />SECTION 10. CITIZENS <br />SERVICE CORPS. <br />The Citizens Service Corps shall <br />consist of the Director and the <br />fallowing divisions: (a) Division <br />of Health, Welfaro and Recrea- <br />tion; (b) Division of Transporta- <br />tion and Housing; (c) Salvage Di- <br />vision; (d) Consumer Interest Di- <br />visions; (e) Division of Agricul- <br />tural and Industrial Production; <br />(f) Division of Schools and ,Ed- <br />ucation; and (g) Division of War <br />Bonds and Stamps. A special <br />unit of neighborhood and block <br />leaders shall be attached to the <br />staff of the Director. <br />(1.0a) The Director shall organ- <br />ize, enpervise. and direct the Cit- <br />izens Service Corps, in conform - <br />it .pith policies to' be established <br />by the War Council. In the es- <br />tablishment of Stich policies, con- <br />sideration shall be given to the <br />recommendations of the Federal <br />Director of Civilian Defense, and <br />other appropriate federal and state <br />officers, and agencies. <br />(10b) In addition to the regular <br />members of the divisions and <br />emits Of the Service Corps, the <br />Director, with the approval of <br />the War Council; may., establish <br />volunteer auxiliary forces to be <br />attached to appropriate divisions <br />and units of the Service Corps to <br />as ;st the members of Such divi- <br />sions and units in the performance <br />of their duties. Such auxiliaries, <br />recruited for special, temporary <br />cr occasional duties, need not be <br />.required to take the oath of office <br />and otherwise meet the require- <br />ments established for regular <br />members and trainees of the de- <br />partment. Ouch auxiliaries may <br />aut!ify for regular or special <br />membership in the Service Corps, <br />in accordance with rules and re- <br />quirements established by the War <br />Council. <br />(100 Owing to an, insufficiency <br />of volunteer personnel within the <br />City, the provisions of Section 10 <br />shall be permissive rather than <br />mandatory. <br />SECTION 11. POWERS OF <br />APPOIN'CMF.NT AND REMOV- <br />AL. <br />Except as otherwise provided <br />in this ordinance, officers and <br />members of the 'Citizens Defense <br />Corps and Citizens Service Corps <br />shall be subject to appointment <br />and removal as follows: <br />Chiefs of the Emergency Serv- <br />ices and units and other officers <br />and volunteer members of the De- <br />fense Corps shall be appointed by <br />the Commander, with the ap- <br />proval of the War Council, ex- <br />cept that the Chief of the Police <br />Departn -.cnt shall be Chief of the <br />Emergency Police Service and the <br />Chief of the Fire Department shall <br />be Chief of the Emergency Fire <br />Service. <br />Chiefs of the divisions and <br />units and other officers and vol- <br />unteer members of the Service <br />Corps shall be appointed by the <br />Director with the approval of Via <br />War Council. <br />The Chiefs of the Emergeacy <br />Services of the Defense Corps and <br />Chiefs of the divisions of the <br />Service Corks may reject 'Say <br />person recnrited'by the volunteer <br />office who, in the opinion of the <br />Chief; is not qualified to work <br />in that,Emergency Service or di- <br />vision: <br />In accordance with the provi- <br />sions of this ordinance and rules <br />establis ^ed by the War Council, <br />,the Commander slia :l have power <br />to remove any member of the <br />Defense Corps and the ' Director <br />shall have power to remove any <br />member of the Service Corps, pro - . <br />vidcd, however; that this ordin- <br />mice shall not vest in the Com- <br />mander or the Director authority <br />to remove from his regular em- <br />ployment any officer or employee <br />of any other department of the <br />city government assigned to,- or <br />'who, in the normal course of his <br />other duties, is made a'. member <br />e^ any Emergency Service or di- <br />vision of the Defense Corps or <br />Service Corps. The power or re- <br />inoval may be delegated by the <br />Commander or the Director to the <br />Chiefs of Emergency Services or <br />divisions. <br />- SECTION 12. SERVICES, DI- <br />VISION AND UNITS. <br />The War Council shall have the <br />power to revise the emergency <br />5el'Vices of the Defense Corps and <br />the divisions of the Service Corps <br />as set forth above, to create <br />units within each of such serv- <br />ices and divisions. to create addi- <br />tional services, divisions, or units. <br />and to abolish any service, di- <br />vision.- or unit if, in the -opinion <br />of the War Council, the more ef- <br />ficient execution o: the. activities <br />of the department requires such <br />action. <br />Emergency Services and units <br />of the Defense Corps shall per - <br />fcrm such duties as the Core- <br />r. andcr, with the approval of the <br />War-Council, may specify. Di- <br />visions slid units of the, Service <br />Corps shall perform such ditties <br />as the Director, with t`s approval <br />of the War Council, may specify. <br />The War Council shall deter- <br />mine the number of members to <br />be appointed to each of the <br />Emergency Services of the De- <br />fense Corps and units thereof, <br />and to each of the divisions of the <br />Service Corps and units thereof. <br />SECTION 13. OATH OF OF- <br />FICE. <br />All persons appointed pursuant <br />to Section 2 hereof shall, before <br />entering upon their duties, take <br />the following Oath of Office (ex- <br />cept that aliens may omit the <br />first two clauses): <br />I. .......... ..............................I Sol - <br />enmly swear (or affirm) that <br />