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ORDINAKCE- NO, 527 <br />The City of Newport Beach, by- <br />and through its City Council, does' <br />ordain as follows: <br />-Section 1: No person shall: <br />either individually, or in associa'� <br />tion with one or more persons, <br />wilfully injure or tamper with <br />any boat. vessel, yacht or other <br />water craft, in the city of New- <br />port Beach, or break or remove: - <br />any part or parts of or from suelr, <br />boats, vessels, yachts or other - <br />water craft, without the consent <br />of the owner. <br />Section 2. No person shall, wit14: <br />intent to commit malicious mis, <br />c"hict, injury or other crime, climb: <br />into or upon any boat, vessel„ <br />yacht or other water craft moored; <br />tied or anchored in Newport Har- <br />bor, within the city limits of the <br />City of Newport Beach. <br />Section 3: No person shall <br />climb into or upon any boat, ves-' <br />sel, yacht or other water craft <br />'moored, tied or anchored in New= <br />port Harbor, within the city limitw <br />of the city of Newport Beach, <br />without the consent of the owner <br />or operator of said boat. I - <br />Section 4: NTo person shall tam- <br />per with, or in any way .molest or <br />interfere with the moorings or <br />anchorages of any boats, vessels, <br />yachts or other water craft in <br />Newport Harbor, within the city <br />limits of the city of Newport <br />Beach. <br />Section 5: Any person who vio- <br />lates this ordinance, or any sec- <br />' tion or paragraph thereof, is <br />guilty of a misdemeanor, and up- <br />on conviction thereof, shall be <br />punished by imprisonment in the <br />City Jail of the city or Newport <br />Beach or the County Jail of the <br />County of Orange, for a period <br />not exceeding three , (3) months, <br />or by a fine of not more than <br />$300.00. or by both such fine and <br />imprisonment. <br />Section 6: This ordinance shall <br />be published once in the NEW- <br />PORT BALBOA NEWS - TIMES,. <br />a semi - weekly newspaper printed, <br />published and circulated in the <br />City of Newport Beach, and shall <br />take effect and be In force thirty <br />(30) days after its passage. <br />I hereby certify that the fore -, <br />going ordinance was introduced <br />at an adjourned regular meeting <br />of the City Council of the city of <br />Newport Beach held on the 20th <br />day of September, 1943, and was <br />finally passed and adopted on the <br />27th day of September, 1943, by <br />the City Council of the city of: <br />Newport Beach, at an adjourned <br />regular meeting thereof, by the <br />following vite, to -wit: <br />AYES, COUNCILMEN: Allen, <br />Isbell, Reed. <br />NOES. COUNCILMEN: None.'- <br />ABSENT, COUNCILMEN: Kirk, <br />Hall. <br />ATTEST: <br />Frank L. Rinehart, ` <br />City Clerk <br />The above and foregoing ordin- <br />ance is signed and approved by <br />me. this 27th day of September, <br />1943. <br />O" B. REED <br />Mayor pro tern of the city <br />- of Newport Beach. <br />Pub,: Sept. 30, 1941 <br />• <br />