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ORDINANCE NO'. 528 <br />AN'ORDINANCE OF THE CITY <br />OF NEWPOR'i' BEACH AP- <br />PROVING THE ANNEXATION <br />OF HARBOR. ISLAND TO THE <br />CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH. <br />WHEREAS, pursuant to Resolu- <br />tion No. 2798 -A of the city oi' <br />Newport Beach, and other pro- <br />ceedings had and taken in ac- <br />cordance with the law in such <br />cases made and provided, an <br />election was duly and regularly <br />held in that certain territory <br />known as "Harbor Island" and' <br />more particularly described as <br />follows, to -wit: <br />All that certain real property <br />situated) in the County of Orange, <br />State of California. and more par- <br />ticularly described as follows: <br />Beginning at a point in the <br />boundary line of the City of <br />Newport Beach, California, <br />which point is South 29' 00' <br />West, 350.00 feet from U. S. <br />Bulkhead .Station No. 130, as <br />said Station is laid cut and <br />shown upon a Map of Newport <br />Bay, California, Showing Har- <br />bor Lines, approved by the <br />War Department J a n u a r y <br />18th, 1917; running thence <br />south 61' 00' East along the <br />existing city boundary line <br />1559.02 feet to an angle point <br />in the said boundary line; <br />thence southeasterly along <br />said boundary line in a direct <br />line to a point in the westerly <br />line of Section 35, Townsl iD <br />6 South, Range .10 West, San <br />Bernardino Base and Men - <br />Wan, which point is 1850.00 <br />feet southerly of tine north- <br />westerly corner of said See-, <br />tion 35; thence South 51' 00`- <br />East along said bouuGary line, <br />a distance of 400 feet to a <br />point: thence North 46' 37" <br />Fast along said boundary line <br />to U. S. Bulkhead Station No. <br />550, as shcw-n and laid out <br />upon the aforesaid map of <br />Newport Bay, California, <br />showing Harbor Lines; thence <br />North 46' 37' East along said <br />boundary line, a distance of <br />172.81 feet to its intersection <br />with a 'line, which line is <br />200.00 feet Northerly of and <br />parallel with the bulkhead Iine <br />extending from U. S. Bulk- <br />head Station No. 151 to U. S. <br />Bulkhead Station No. 152, as <br />said bulkhead Iine and bulk- <br />head stations are laid out and <br />shown upon the aforesaid <br />Map of Newport Bay, Cali- <br />fornia, Showing Harbor Lines; <br />thence North 38' 23' 20" East <br />along said boundary line, a <br />distance of 255.16 feet to a <br />point !a the U. S. Government <br />Bulkhead Line between Sta- <br />tion 100 and Station 101, as <br />lold out and s:now'ni upon said <br />Map of Newport Bay, Cali- <br />fornia, Showing Harbor Lines, <br />Which point is the southwest- <br />erly corner of the parcel of <br />land as deeded to the City of <br />Newport Beach by deed re- <br />corded in Book 249, page 424, <br />Official Records of Orange <br />County, California; thence <br />North 39' 48' West along the <br />said boundary line, a distance <br />of 351.54 feet to the most <br />westerly corner of said parcel <br />of land deeded to the City of <br />Newport Beach; thence North <br />39" 48' West along the ordin- <br />ary high tide line of the Pa- <br />cific Ocean in Newport Bay, <br />as established by decree in <br />Court Case No. 24026 of the <br />Superior Court ;it' and for <br />Orange County, Californiu-, a, <br />certified copy of which deo-re <br />Was recorded September 19t:b, <br />1925. in Book 199, page 275; <br />Official Records of Orange, <br />County. California, a. distance, <br />of 334.27 feet to an mngle point <br />In said ordinary high tide line: <br />thence North 71' a4' West a <br />distance cf 1010.00 feet to a <br />point which bears South 35' <br />28' IS " 'West. 144,43 feet frnrn <br />U. S. Eulkheead Station No. <br />135, as said Bilkhead Stal' cu <br />is shown upon a map Grit; lied <br />"Harbor Lines, Novgort Puy <br />Harbor, California:" np7roved <br />by th- War D^pvrtrnent i:day <br />2nd, 1935; thence South 75 ' <br />11' 14" 6 ?pest, a distance of <br />1401.60 feet to the roint of be- <br />ginning. <br />at which election there ivas mw. <br />mitted to the cmalifled voters cf <br />said. `Harbor Island" the follow- <br />ing propositicnn, to -wit: <br />"Shall 'Harbor Island' he <br />annexed to the City of <br />port Beach" <br />And wiu=.kS, it appears <br />from ;he canvass of the returns <br />of said cicction so hc1a in said'. <br />"Harbor Island," that a majority <br />of np . of ti:e votes cast, in such <br />"Harbor Is:and." being the to'ri__ <br />tort' above described. on the dp:c "s• <br />Lion of such annexation, are ill <br />favor of annexation. <br />NOW. THEREFORE, THE <br />CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY <br />OF NEWPORT BEACH DOES_ <br />ORDAIN AS FOLLOWS: <br />Section 1 That the annexation <br />of "Harbor Island" to the City of <br />I;c %vport Beach, is approved by <br />the City Council o_° the city of <br />Newport Reach, and said City <br />Council of said City does hereby <br />declare that "Harbor Island" has <br />benn duly and regularly annexed <br />I <br />o tile City of Newport Beach. <br />Section 2 A certified copy of <br />,this ordinance giving the date of <br />its passage shall be filed with the <br />Secretary of State as provided for <br />by law. <br />Section 3 All the property in <br />the new territory heretofore de- <br />scribed, after twelve c'clock Meri- <br />dian on the first Monday of March. <br />1944, and before the completion of <br />the assessment roll of said City <br />of Newport Beach, shall he sub- <br />ject to taxation for municipal pur- <br />Doscs for the fiscal year following <br />said first Monday in March, 1944. <br />Section 4 This ordinance shall <br />be printed and published once in <br />NEWPORT BALBOA NEWS - <br />TIMES, a newspaper printed. pub- <br />lished and circulated in the city <br />of Newport Beach, and shall take <br />effect and be in force thirty days, <br />after its passage. <br />The above and foregoing ordin- <br />ance was introduced at a reguiar <br />meeting of the City Council of <br />the city of Newport Beach held' <br />on the 4th day of October, 1943. <br />and was finally passed and adopt- <br />ed on the 1st day of November. <br />1943. by said City Council at n <br />regular meeting thereof, by the <br />following vote, to-wit: <br />AYES, COUNCILMEN: Allen, <br />Birk, Isbell, Rood, Hall. ' <br />NOES, COUNCILMEN: None. <br />ABSENT. COUNCILMEN: <br />None. <br />The foregoing ordinance is <br />signed and approved by me this. <br />1st day of November. 1943. <br />CLYAN H. HALL <br />Mayor of the city Cg- <br />Newport Beach' <br />ATTEST: <br />FRANK L. LINEHART <br />City Clerk of the City of <br />Newport Beach <br />Pub.: Nov. 4; 1943. <br />Ix - <br />E <br />r7 <br />L J <br />