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bROINANCE NO. 634 <br />'fHF. CITY COUNCIL OF T'JR <br />CITY OF NEWPORTIip;AC" <br />DOES ORDAIRT AS FOLLOWS! <br />Section 1. WATER SYSTEM. <br />The municipal water system o' <br />the City of Newrort Peach is here <br />by declared to embrs.ce and includ- <br />ail- property of ever! character <br />real, personal. and mixed. now nsc- <br />in or incident to the production <br />storage, conveyance and deVverr <br />of water to the consumers there —' <br />in the City o° Newport Peach. to <br />gether with all other property of <br />every character that may here <br />After from time to time be added <br />to it for such purposes. <br />Section 2. SUPERINTENDENT. <br />The City Council shall anoint r <br />suitable person to the office of <br />Superintendent of the municipal <br />water system of the City of New- <br />port Beach. who shall serve. only <br />during the pleasure of the C'ty <br />Council: the Superintendent of thr <br />municipal water system shall have <br />All the power and authority given <br />him by this ordinance and sha'1 <br />perform the duties now hereafter <br />Imposed upon him by ordinance <br />and the orders of the City Council. <br />The Superintendent of the mu- <br />nicipal water system shall receive <br />for his services the compensation <br />from time to time fixed by the City <br />Council and shall be paid monthly. <br />The Superintendent of the mu- <br />nicipal water system shall have <br />full authority to employ and dis- <br />charge all persons necessary to be <br />employed by him in the mainten- <br />ance and operation of the munici- <br />pal water system, but shall be <br />authorized to pay only such wages <br />or per diem pay as the City Coun- <br />cil may have previously fixed and <br />established. <br />He shall also have authority to <br />purchase all needed fuel, supplies <br />and equipment for the maintenance <br />and operation of the municipal <br />water system when the expendi- <br />ture does not exceed the sum of <br />$500.00. in all other cases the same <br />shall be purchased only upon auth- <br />orization of the City Council, and <br />as provided for by law. <br />The w Ord "Superintendent." <br />wherever used in this ordinance. <br />shall be held and construed to <br />mean the Superintendent of Water <br />Department of the City of Newport <br />Beach. and any act in this ordin- <br />ance required or authorized to be <br />done by the Superintendent, may <br />be done on behalf of the Superin- <br />tendent by an authorized officer or <br />employee of the Water Depart- <br />ment. The word "person" wherever <br />used in this ordinance shall be <br />held to mean and include natural <br />persons of either sex. associations, <br />co- partnerships and corporations. <br />whether acting by themselves or <br />by a servant, agent or employee: <br />the singular number shall be held <br />and construed to include the plural <br />and the masculine pronoun to in-' <br />elude the feminine. <br />Section 3. UNLAWFUL TO OB- <br />STRUCT DUTIES OF <br />EMPLOYEES. <br />It is hereby declared unlawful <br />and a misdemeanor for any person <br />to interfere with or obstruct the <br />Superintendent of the municipa; <br />water system, or any of his duly <br />appointed agents servants or em- <br />ployees, in the execution of any <br />lawful order of the City Council. <br />or the provisions of this ordinance <br />in the maintenance and operation <br />of the municipal wafer system. <br />Section 4. UNLAWFUL TO IN- <br />TERFERE WITH <br />PIPES. <br />Every person, other than the <br />Superintendent of the municipal <br />water system, his duly appointed <br />agents, servants and employees. <br />who removes, changes, disturbs, <br />or in any way tampers or interferes <br />wifh any of "the facilities. apha- t nary to enforce "such previsions ae <br />rats +s.'anp!ian ^es. or property used • to collrections pl, -eadv r-ade. <br />or r•nictained for the production. Section 6. SERVICE FEES. <br />otnfpe'p. o- snrinly o` v✓ater by the No service connection less than <br />City of Newport Reach b, con:vm- `hree- 'onrtbs (%) inch in size shall <br />ers tberecf. or who. without law- be installed. <br />ful authority. and nrior permission The fees for the installction of <br />of the Superintendent of the water "star services or f -r enlarging <br />s,'stem. tarns t`•e lvater on or turns chose already in shall be as fol- <br />the water off from. the premises <br />,r plr -e shall he deemed guilty of <br />m'ede^-eanor. <br />Section 5. NPVV WATER CON - <br />NECTIONS. <br />No person is or shall be author <br />ized to install any pipe, apparatus <br />nppl'ance or connection with the <br />,r:uniciral water system except the <br />Super'ntendent thereof, or his duly <br />appointed agents, servants and em- <br />olovees, and every other person <br />.vho shall make env each installa- <br />tion or connection shall be deemed <br />guilty of a misdemeanor. <br />Every owner or tenant of the <br />Premises who shall desire to con- <br />nect his or her property with the <br />municipal water system for the <br />purposes of having water furnish- <br />ed to such premises shall make a <br />written application to the Superin- <br />tendent of the municipal water <br />system, describing the premises to <br />be connected therewith, the size <br />of the pipe by which the connection <br />is desired to be made. setting forth <br />the address of the owner and the <br />person to whom all notices are to <br />be mailed: the said application <br />shall contain an express agreement <br />on behalf of applicant that the <br />water to be used on the premises <br />shall in all respects be used sub- <br />ject and subordinate to the ordin- <br />ances and the orders of the City <br />Council, and lawful regulations of <br />the Superintendent of the water <br />system. <br />Upon the presentation at the of- <br />fice of the Water Department of <br />the receipt for the insta11adon, of <br />fees and execution of the agree- <br />ment hereinbefore provided for. <br />ill Superintendent shall cause the <br />premises described in the appli- <br />cation, if the same abut upon the <br />street or alley upon which there <br />is a city water main, to be con- <br />nected with the city's water main <br />by a service pipe extending from <br />the main to the curb line on the <br />front of the property or to the <br />side thereof or rear thereof, and <br />including a stop -cock placed, which <br />service pipe and stop -cock shall <br />thereafter be maintained by and <br />kept within the exclusive control <br />of the city. In cases of application <br />for water service on premises not <br />abutting upon a street or alley <br />Upon which there is a city water <br />main. the city will lay its service <br />pipe from the main toward the <br />premises for a distance equal to <br />the distance from the main to the <br />curb line on property line, said <br />distance in no case to exceed 100 <br />feet, and permit connection there- <br />with by means of a union and pipes <br />laid at the expense of and main- <br />tained by the owner of the service, <br />or may in the discretion of the Su- <br />perintendent, upon the payment of <br />the actual cost thereof extend the <br />service to the premises of the ap- <br />p'.icant along and beneath any <br />Public street, right of ways, alleys <br />or avenue of the City of Newport <br />Beach, but not otherwise. <br />Where there is a water main in <br />front of any premise, every prem- <br />ise supplied by city water shall <br />have its own separate service con- <br />nection with the city main, and <br />the premises so supplied will not be <br />allowed to supply cater to any <br />other premises, except temporarily <br />where there are no mains in the <br />street: provided that -such restric- <br />tions shall not apply to services <br />already to <br />unless in the <br />judgment of the Superintendent. <br />for the good of the service or to <br />settle disputes, it Is found nee,-! <br />Ows: <br />. For a three - fourths inch <br />service ----------- ___ ....... $20.00 <br />°'or a one inch (1 ") service.... 30.Ob <br />For a one and one -half inch <br />(?� ") service 40.06 <br />For a two inch (2 ") service_ 65.00 <br />For size-, larger than two inch <br />(2 "). or where it becomes neces- <br />^cry to open paved scree`•., the ac- <br />tual Cost or labor and material in <br />iavinrT Stich a service and replac- <br />'ng the rinvement shall be charged <br />. nlus .11 ner cent for overhead. In <br />such cases tl:e cost of material and <br />labor ainil he estimated by the <br />Superintendent and the estimated <br />cost ehall be paid to the City <br />ln'ater Department by the person <br />applying for such installation be- <br />fore the !Mori: of connecting the <br />train with the property is bbgun; <br />provided. that whenever the esti- <br />mated cost is not sufficient to <br />cover the tctnl expense for labor <br />and material the deficit shall be <br />charged to the property for which <br />Stich installation was made and <br />to the owner thereof: provided fur- <br />ther, that any excess paymentshall <br />be returned to the parson applying <br />for the installation. <br />Section 7 ..... SERVICE TO SEP- <br />ARATE BUILDING&- <br />Each building fronting upon a <br />street and supplied with water by <br />the Water Department: wli ich has <br />a meter must have a direct service <br />connection. with the main except <br />that in cases where two or more <br />such buildings.�.owned'by the same <br />person, are built upon a lot having <br />a frontage of 50 feet, or less, said <br />buildings may be served by one <br />service pipe and one meter. <br />Section a. WATER RATES. <br />The water rates to be charged <br />and collected montbiv from con - <br />-umers of dater supplied by the <br />City of Newport Beach to inhabi- <br />tants of the City of Newport Beach <br />or to any firm, company, associ <br />ation or corporation, are hereby <br />establisied and the Water Depart• <br />ment is hereby authorized and di- <br />rected to charge and collect the <br />same in accordance with the pro- <br />visions of this Ordinance. <br />(a) titter Rates: <br />Where water is furnished <br />through a meter for domestic use <br />and all business purposes other <br />than agricultural. the monthly rate <br />for water consumed shall be as <br />I ollows: <br />For % inch meters, first <br />700 feet or less ........................$1.00 <br />For % inch meters, first <br />700 feet or less ........................ 1.00 <br />For 1 inch meters, first <br />1,000 feet or less. ....... 1.30 <br />For 1,A inch meters. first <br />1,300 feet or less ......:............. 1.60 <br />For 2 inch meters, first <br />1.600 feet or less .....................1.90 <br />For 3 inch meters, first <br />1,800 feet or less .................... 2.10 <br />For each additional 100 cu. ft. <br />and up to and including <br />4.000 cu. ft., per 100 ell. ft. .10 <br />For all over 4.000 cu. ft. and <br />up to and including 20.000 <br />Cu. ft.. per 1o0 cu. ft. . __. ___ .08 <br />For all above 20.000 ca. ft.. <br />per 100 cu. ft......_ ................... .05 <br />(b) Flat Rates. <br />IVIl n v✓atcr is furnished not <br />through a meter, a charge for each <br />connection shall be made of $1.50 <br />Per month; provided that when the <br />water is paid for annually in ad- <br />vance the charge shall be $15.00 <br />per annum. <br />Provided. further, the City of <br />Newport Beach shall have the <br />r <br />• <br />LJ <br />