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Sight to insta'1 water meters on <br />any and all water serv'ces, and <br />when meters are installed on water <br />;Services, the charges for 'watd'Y' <br />used through said meters shall be <br />in accordance with the meter rates <br />bereinbefore set forth. <br />(c) Construction Purpos_s. <br />Water supplied for construction <br />purposes where meters are not In- <br />stalled or used. the following flat <br />rates are hereby established, <br />Per each 100 lineal feet , t <br />of curb .............................. <br />For each 100 square feet <br />of sidewalk ............................ 0.10 <br />For each 100 square feet <br />of concrete pavement .......... 0.20 <br />Por each barrell of cement <br />used for other construction.. 0.16 <br />For setting eaoh 100 1.neal <br />`eet of backfill in trenches <br />not over 3 ft. in depth.......... 0.80 <br />For each addit:cnal foot <br />in depth ............... ...... ........... 0.261 <br />For settling each 100 sq. ft. <br />of graded earth street.......... 0.04 <br />For settlingg each 100 sq. ft. <br />of graded sand subgrade...... 0.06 <br />(d) Other Uses: <br />Water used fir all other pur- <br />prses not hereinbeforc enumerated, <br />shall be furnished and charged for <br />either at meter rates or at a 9pec- <br />ial rate to be fixed by the City <br />Council under separate agreement <br />with the consumer. <br />Soction 9. PRIVATE FIRE LINES <br />Rates for private fire line serv- <br />ice, except where automatic <br />Sprinklers are installed, when <br />meter is not required, within the <br />City. <br />2 inch service $10.00 per annum, <br />payable semi- annualiv. <br />4 inch service $15.00 per annum, <br />payable semi - annually. <br />6 inch service $20.00 per annum <br />payable semi - annually. <br />8 inch service $7.5.09 per annum, <br />payable semi - annually. <br />-If Stich line is found tapped for <br />domestic use, a meter shall be in- <br />stalled on such service at the ex- <br />pensa of such r.cnsumer and the <br />regular meter rites shall be charg- <br />ed thereafter.. ine right shall be <br />reserved to disconnect such fire <br />Service from the city's main by di- <br />rection of the City Council on <br />recommendation of the Superin- <br />tendent of the Water Department. <br />Section 10. TURN -ON CHARGES <br />When water service to any prem- <br />ises has been turned off because <br />of non - payment of bill or violation <br />of this ordinance, or ordered by <br />the owner or tenant, a charge of <br />$LN, shall be made and collected <br />for ea ^.h service on the premises <br />before water Ben-ice w1;l be re- <br />stored. <br />Section 11. PAYMENT OF <br />WATER CHARGES. <br />Whenever the distribution line or <br />lines o" the municipal water sys- <br />tem shall be duly connected with <br />the premises of any person, and <br />the water turned on to such prem- <br />ises, the charges for water shall <br />be a charge against the person in <br />rosscssirn of the premises who <br />used the water, and the charges <br />shall cc, tinue so long as the water <br />Is turned on to said premises, <br />w-hetber the same is actually used <br />or not. <br />All charges for water sha'l be <br />Payable on the first day of each <br />month succeeding tie month in <br />v,hich the vrater was furnished: <br />every charge for "Ater that is not <br />Paid by the hour of five o'ciock <br />P. M. of the tenth day of the <br />month in which it be ^ due <br />shell be deen-ed cclinonent, and <br />trcrcafter said water may be turn. <br />ed off from the prer:iscs. <br />The Superintendent of the mu- <br />ric +pal water system shall, on or <br />be'rre the first day of each month, <br />mail to each consumer whose <br />premises are connected with the <br />municipal water system a true and <br />'ectvrnte statemeni.of the impaidl <br />rltarges due the City of Newport <br />Beach for water furnished to such <br />premises, aett'ng forth that unless <br />said ebarges are paid on or before <br />the 10th day of the month, the <br />Same Shall thereupon become de- <br />linquent, and that unless the de- <br />linquent charges are paid prior to <br />the twenty -fifth day of the month <br />the water will be turned off from <br />said premises, without further <br />notice, and will not be turned on <br />again until said charges, together <br />with a turn -en charge as specified <br />In Section 10, has been paid. <br />At the close of business on the <br />twenty -fifth day of each month <br />the person in charge of the books <br />of the municipal wafer system <br />shall furnish to the Superintendent <br />of the water system a list setting <br />forth the premises, the name of the <br />owner and tenant upon which the <br />water charges remain unpaid, to- <br />gether with the amount thereof <br />and it is hereby made the imp2r- <br />ative duty of the Superintendent of <br />the water System, on the next busi- <br />ness day, to turn the water off <br />from said premises, and not to <br />turn the same on again until all <br />charges, and the turn -on charge as <br />specified in Section 10 shall have <br />been well and truly paid. <br />§sciion 1' . TENANT DEPOSIT. <br />In the event that the applicant <br />foI' water Service shall not be the <br />owner in fee of the property to be <br />supplied with water and such own- <br />er of the premises shall refuse to <br />be j Willy liable for the payment <br />of the water bills, the Water De- <br />partment shall require a deposit of <br />three dollars ($3.00) on average <br />dwellings. <br />On larger residences, commercial <br />service, or where conditions neces- <br />sitate a larger consumption, the <br />deposit shall. represent an esti- <br />mated amount equal to not less <br />than two months estimated maxi- <br />mum consumption. Such estimate <br />shall be made by the Superintend- <br />ent of the municipal water system. <br />When the foregoing conditions <br />are fulfilled, the Water Depart- <br />ment is then obligated to turn on <br />the water for the qualified con- <br />sumer. <br />Section 13. VACATING PREM- <br />ISES. <br />Whenever a consumer shall va- <br />cate any premises, he shall immed- <br />iately give written notice thereof <br />to the Water Department. Upon <br />the receipt of such notice, said de- <br />partment shall read the water <br />meter, shut off the water from said <br />premises and immediately present <br />to said consumer all unpaid bills <br />for water furnished by the city to <br />him up to that time. Thereupon <br />said consumer shall pay said bills <br />to the Water Department. In the <br />event that said consumer shall <br />have made a deposit with said de- <br />partment. as required in Section 12 <br />' of this Ordinance, the balance, if <br />any, of such deposit shall be re- <br />turned to the consumer, after de- <br />ducting therefrom the amount of <br />said bills. Until such notice and <br />payments shall have been made <br />said premises shall be deemed oc- <br />cupied by such consumer and his <br />liability continued. <br />Section 14. CHANGE OF <br />ADDRESS. <br />Failure to receive mail will not <br />be recognized as a val'd excuse <br />'or failure to pav water rates when <br />due. Change in occupancy of prop- <br />erty supplied with city water and <br />changes in mailing addresses of <br />consumers of city water must be <br />filed in writing at the office of <br />the Superintendent on forms pro- <br />vided for that purpose. <br />Section 15. RENEWING SERV- <br />ICE. <br />Whenever the owner or occupant <br />of any premises previously con- <br />nected with the city water system <br />desires to renew fire use 6f Wafer <br />he shall make application for re- <br />newal of water service and upon <br />payment of all unpaid charges, if <br />any, together with a turn -on <br />charge as specified in Section 10, <br />the water will be turned on. <br />Section 16. TTSF OF WATER <br />DURING A FIRE. <br />It shall be unlawful for anv per- <br />son to use any water for irrigation <br />or any steady flow during the <br />progress or any fire in the city, <br />unless for the protection of prop- <br />erty, and all irrigation and sprink- <br />ling shall be immediately stopped <br />when an alarm of fire is sounded` <br />in any part of the city, and shall <br />not be begun again until the fire. <br />is extinguished. <br />Section 17. WASTAGE OF <br />WATER. <br />It shall be unlawful for any per. <br />.son to waste water or allow it to <br />be wasted by imperfect or leaking <br />stops, valves, pipes, closets, faucets <br />or other fixtures, or to use water <br />closets without self - closing valves, <br />or to use the water for purposes <br />other than those named in the ap- <br />plication upon which rates for <br />water are based, or to use it in <br />violation of any provisions of this <br />Ordinance. <br />Section 18. METERS PROPERTY <br />OF CITY. <br />All meters, unless otherwise <br />authorized by the Superintendent, <br />shall be and remain the property <br />of the city and will not be removed <br />unless the use of water on the <br />premises is to be entirely stopped <br />or the service connection discon- <br />tinued or abandoned. In all cases <br />where meters or meter boxes are <br />lost, injured or broken by careless- <br />ness or negligence of owners or oc- <br />cupants of premises, they shall be <br />replaced or repaired by or under - <br />the direction of the Superintendent <br />and the cost charged against the <br />owner or occupant, and in the case <br />of non - payment the water shall be <br />shut off as provided in Section 11- <br />In the event of the meter getting <br />out of order or falling to register <br />properly the consumer shall be <br />charged on an estimate made by <br />the Superintendent on the average <br />monthly consumption during the <br />last. three months that the same <br />was in good order or from what <br />he may consider to be the most <br />reliable data at his command. <br />Section 19. METER TESTS. <br />Where the accuracy of record of <br />a water meter is questioned, it <br />shall be removed at the consumer's <br />request and shall in his presence <br />be tested in the shops of the Water <br />Department by means of the ap- <br />paratus there provided, and a re- <br />port thereon duly made. Both <br />parties to the test must accept the <br />findings so made. If the test dis- <br />closes an error against the con -. <br />Sumer of more than three per cent <br />of the meter's registry, the excess <br />of the consumption on the three <br />previous readings shall be credited <br />to the consumer's meter account, <br />and the Water Department will <br />bear the entire expense of the test, <br />and the deposit required as here- <br />inafter prescribed shall be return- <br />ed. On the other hand, where no <br />such error is found, the person <br />who has requested the test shall <br />pay the charge fixed for such test. <br />Before making a test of 'any <br />meter the person requesting. such <br />a test shall at the time of filing <br />his request with the Superintend- <br />ent, make a deposit with the City <br />Water Department of the amount <br />charged for such a test, subject <br />to the conditions herein stated, <br />which charges are fixed as follows: <br />For testing %' meters ..............$1.00 <br />For testing 1" meters ................ 1.50 <br />For testing Ii/,,, meters............ 1.50 <br />For testing 2" meters ................ 2.00 <br />For testing 3" meters ................ 3.00 <br />For testing 4" meters ---- :........... ¢;60 <br />• <br />