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L <br />ORDINANCE No. 587 <br />AN ORDINANCE REGULATING <br />THE USE OF PUBLIC <br />SEWERS AND DISPOSITION <br />OF INDUSTRIAL AND <br />OTHER WASTES, AND PRO- <br />VIDING FOR INDUSTRIAL <br />WASTE PERMITS. <br />The City Council of the City <br />of Newport Beach does ordain as <br />follows: <br />SECTION 1: DEFINITIONS. <br />"Domestic sewage" shall mean <br />the waste waters arising from the <br />flushing of toilets, from the use of <br />lavortories and baths and other <br />means of washing human persons, <br />from the washing of clothing, and <br />from the preparing and serving <br />of meals. No distinction is made <br />as to whether these waste waters <br />originate in residences, or in com- <br />mercial establishments which <br />produce only waste waters from <br />operations similar to those which <br />are commonly carried on in homes. <br />The wastes from hotels, restaur- <br />ants, laundries, public toilets, and <br />schools are included in the cate- <br />gory of "domestic sewage." <br />"Industrial sewage" shall mean <br />waste waters arising in manufac- <br />turing or processing operations <br />such as those carried on in re- <br />fineries, canneries, slaughter <br />houses, meat packing plants, fish <br />cleaning plants, rendering plants, <br />fruit by- product plants, vegetable <br />packing plants, vegetable bypro- <br />duct plants, fruit packing plants, <br />creameries, dairies, wineries, dis. <br />tilleries, breweries, chemical <br />plants, and all other similar and <br />dissimilar fluid wastes and sewage <br />of every kind other than domestic <br />sewage. <br />"Biochemical oxygen demand" <br />shall mean the 5 -day, 20° centi- <br />grade biochemical oxygen demand <br />as determined by the most recent <br />edition of "Standard Methods for <br />the Analysis of Water and Sew- <br />age" of the United States Public <br />Health Service. <br />"City" shall mean the City of <br />Newport Beach, a M u n i c i p a l <br />Corporation of t h e S t a t e of <br />California. <br />"Person" shall mean natural <br />person, corporation, partnership, <br />firm, business trust, association or <br />other legal entity. <br />SECTION 2: PROHIBITED <br />USES OF THE SEWERS. <br />It shall be unlawful for any <br />person to place or deposit in any <br />public sewer or manhole or pipe <br />line which discharges into a public <br />sewer, (a) any sand, dirt, mud, <br />rocks, concrete or bricks or other <br />earthy material or any solids <br />which will settle out in the sewer, <br />(b) any solids which will not pass <br />thru a screen with openings 1 inch <br />square, (c) any flammable liquid <br />or any liquid which is immiscible <br />with water, (d) any liquid con- <br />taining dissolved sulfides or com- <br />pounds of intense odor w h i c h <br />might cause odor nuisances from <br />manholes, sewage plant, or ocean <br />outfall, (e) any acids or liquids <br />having a pH value below 5, (f) <br />any other substances which will <br />damage the sewage w o r k s, or <br />interfere with operation of these <br />works, or cause nuisance condi- <br />tions, (g) any industrial sewage <br />except in accordance with t h e <br />terms of a permit issued as here- <br />inafter provided. <br />SECTION 3: INDUSTRIAL <br />WASTE PERMIT. <br />No person shall discharge in- <br />dustrial wastes into t h e: public <br />sewerage system or any municipal <br />industrial waste pipe line of the <br />City without first obtaining a <br />permit so to do from t h e City <br />Council of the City of Newport <br />Beach. Such permit shall be known <br />as an "Industrial Waste Permit." <br />Application for such permit shall <br />be made in writing to the City <br />Council through the Sewer Dept. <br />and shall contain the following <br />information: <br />(a) Name and address of <br />applicant. <br />(b) Location of connection or <br />proposed connection with public <br />sewerage system or municipal <br />industrial waste pipe line. <br />(c) Estimated g a 11 o n a g e of <br />wastes proposed to be discharged <br />and statement as to approximate <br />time of discharging same, together <br />with information as to peak loads, <br />and such other similar data as the <br />City Council may require. <br />(d) Statement of the character <br />of the waste proposed to be dis- <br />charged, including such detail in <br />connection therewith as the City <br />Council may require. <br />Upon receipt of application for <br />an Industrial Waste Permit, the <br />City Council shall refer the same <br />to the City Manager who shall <br />investigate the same and make <br />report thereof. The applicant shall <br />furnish such other information as <br />the City Manager may require in <br />order to make his investigation. <br />In addition to such report from <br />the City Manager, the City Coun- <br />cil may make such further invest- <br />igation as it shall deem necessary, <br />and may require the applicant or <br />his representative to appear per- <br />sonally before the Council with <br />respect to the application. <br />After the Council has received <br />its report from the City Manager <br />and has made such further invest- <br />igation as it deems necessary, the <br />applicant shall be granted an <br />Industrial Waste Permit in the <br />event said City Council finds: <br />(1) That there is in the sewer- <br />age system of the City unused <br />carrying and treatment capacity <br />not necessary for the disposition <br />of domestic sewage of the City. <br />(2) That the amount and char- <br />acter of the wastes proposed to be <br />discharged by applicant are such <br />that the same can be transported <br />and treated in such a manner that <br />an effluent will result which com- <br />plies with all applicable State laws <br />and regulations, and which, in the <br />opinion of the City Council will <br />not result in a nuisance nor any <br />objectionable or unpleasant odors <br />along the pipe l i n e s or in the <br />vicinity of treatment plants and, . <br />other facilities. <br />(3) That such waste will not' <br />i <br />:rte <br />i v <br />�� V <br />