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— -Co- the Newport Bay Invest - <br />V V <br />LEG A7 N1p,1rCE <br />meet Company. occupied by. <br />i <br />and only that area occupied <br />ORD6NANCl1: NO. 5RS <br />by. a building at the northerly <br />IAN <br />ORDINAN('N: OF TIIF. CITY <br />cud of Main Street in Balboa. <br />OI: N N: W P O R'1' R 1: A (' 11, <br />said building being commonly <br />3'P.4T1: OF ('A 1.11�'ORNIA, AI'_ <br />known as the PavillIon and <br />PLYING CERTAIN REGPLA_ <br />being immediately adjacent to <br />']']Oars TO '1'111: N:RF.(,rJON. <br />'It <br />and contiguous with the pre- <br />A NJ) AI. <br />vious area described herein. <br />J y � <br />TERATION O., CERTAIN <br />lying northeasterly of the <br />BUILDINGS, STRUCTURES <br />northeasterly corner of t h e <br />AND IMPROVEMENTS AND <br />previously d es c r i b e d area <br />TO CERTAIN USES OF LAND. <br />herein. <br />PENDING THE ADOPTION erect. construct or locate more <br />than one single le famll dwelling. <br />BY THE CITY COUNCIL OI' g Y g' <br />duplex or multiple and its acces- <br />SAID CITY OF NEW PRECD4, <br />'Z.ONING 1'LAN5 FOR SA CD sory buildings upon any one lot <br />C 1'1' Y, PRESCRIBING '1' I1 N: <br />or building site in the shovel <br />PENALTIES FOR TIIE VIO- <br />mcintioned a i r s until a permitl <br />LATION OF ANY AND ALI. <br />ih:,refnro :Shall first le3vc: been . <br />OP THE PROVISIONS III:R1:— <br />secured from the City (:oile of <br />OF, AND DECLARING THIS <br />said city. Said application shall <br />ORDINANCE TO RE AN <br />he referred to the City Planning. <br />URGENCY nE E A S V R E:, TO <br />Co'aliission had said City Plau- <br />TO 'FAKE: EFFECT MIMED -. <br />niug Commission shall oonsirler nn <br />IATELY, <br />detail any snob application :it its <br />The City Council Of the Cb3' <br />nest regular meeting, and shall <br />of Newport Beach. State of Cali- <br />thereupon repot its iecornmenda- <br />forms. do ordain as follows: <br />[ions with respect thereto to the <br />SECTION 1. <br />City Council. <br />The City Co roil of the Ctiy I <br />The City Council shall consider <br />of Newport Beach. State, of (.alt- <br />such application and report at its <br />forida, now preparing a new Laud .next <br />succeeding meeting. following <br />Use Plan and Zoning Ordinance 'receipt <br />of such report from the <br />under the provisions of i0delr, <br />Planning Commission. <br />Laud Use Plan and Zoning Ordbl- <br />Said City Council may issue <br />a n c e precise zoning regulations <br />si oh per11tit if it shall find that <br />may lie applied in the incorporated <br />thed;roposed building or structure. <br />area of said City. said City Council <br />or Ilse will not .be detrimental to <br />hereby declares it has instructed <br />the o• development of <br />the City Planning Commission to <br />the aforesaid territory and will <br />proceed to prepare zoning studies <br />not Otherwise adversely affect the <br />of the incorporated territory of <br />welfare of said territory and /or <br />isaid City. and to adopt zoning <br />of raid City. <br />plans of said incorporated area <br />SECTION :: <br />of said city in the manner pre - <br />It s h a I 1 lie the duty of tine <br />ascribed by law. Said City Council l� <br />Building "Inspector of the City Of <br />-hereby finds that. owing to the <br />Newport Ecach. State of Califor- <br />territorial extent of said mcorpor- <br />inio. and all officers of said City <br />ated territory of said City. and <br />I heron and /or otherwise charged <br />the diversity of interests therein <br />1by law with the enforcement of <br />and the necessity for the making <br />this ordinance to enforce this or- <br />of maps and of careful studies and <br />i diinance and nil' the provisions of <br />a thorough analysis of facts in <br />the same., <br />the preparation of the aforesaid <br />Any person. firm or corinnration, <br />zoning p 1 a n s considerable time <br />whether as principal. agent, em- <br />will necessarily elapse before the <br />ployee or otherwise, violating any <br />adoption of said plans. and that <br />Hof the provisions of this ordilianc( <br />certain regulations of an interim <br />shall he guilty of a misdemeanor. <br />or emergency nature are necessary <br />and upon conviction tfieieof shall <br />to Ire adopted at this time in order <br />be punishable by a fine of not <br />to protect the p u b 1 i c interest. <br />more than Three Hundred (300) <br />health., comfort and convenience <br />Dollars or by imprisonment for a <br />and to preserve the public pcaco. <br />•, term not exceeding three (3) <br />safety and welfare, pending the <br />months or by both such fine and <br />preparation and adoption of the <br />imprisonment. Such person. firm ' <br />aforesaid zoning plans. Said ieg- <br />o corporation shall be deemed <br />illations a i e hereafter in this <br />guilty of a separate offense for <br />ordinance set froth. and constitute <br />each and every day during any <br />Section 2 thereof. <br />portion of which any violation of <br />. SECTION 2. <br />this ordinance is committed. cob - <br />No person. firm or corporation <br />tinued-or permitted by such per- <br />- shall hereafter within the follow- <br />son, firm or corporation. and shall <br />ing described area: <br />he punishable as herein provided. <br />Beginning at the intersection <br />Any building. structure or thing <br />of Palm Avenue and Bay <br />set up. erected. constructed. cop - <br />Avenue in the Balboa area <br />verled. altered. added to, enlarged, <br />1 and at the corner of the build- <br />or caused to exist eontrary to the <br />ing line of the south of the <br />provisions of this ordinance shall <br />' northeast corner of said Oiler- <br />Ins and the same is hereby declared <br />section, thouce northerly along <br />to ire a publio uriisaovh and the <br />the westerly building line of <br />Building Inspector of said City <br />]'still Avenue on the cast Sidi:' <br />of Newport Beach, shall. it In O n <br />Ill' said Palm Avenue, to a. <br />Oider Of t h e City Council, im- <br />point wherein s a i d building <br />1 ntediately commence action Or <br />line intersects with the north- <br />proceedings for the alnatement and <br />city building line trontiug on <br />Ieuutvai of enjoinment thereof in <br />B a y W n I It or Edgewater. <br />tbeuce in all easterly direction <br />the manner provided by law and <br />Ishali take sueln other steps and <br />along the bnildhig line of said <br />Isliall apply to such eom'ts as may <br />Bay Walk or Edgewater to <br />havo jurisdiction to grant .411(.11 <br />Main Street, thence in n. <br />relief a:; will ahnte and remove <br />southerly direction along the <br />i such building' Or striwture a it d <br />building line of Main Street <br />I restrain nod enjoin - illy person, <br />on the westerly side of said <br />firni o' Corp- nation from erecting, <br />Main Street to the corner of <br />�rninii cacti❑ converting aiterhng, <br />the building line of said Main <br />adding In, en:larc,•iu;; or causing <br />S t r e e t and its interseotinn <br />to exi::i any buitdjll , Al lo-1.111.0. or <br />with the building line on the <br />thing contrary to the provisions <br />northern side of said Pay <br />of this ordinia11cr. <br />Avenue, and thence, westerly <br />The ronedies pl ovided for herein <br />along said liuddhig line oil the <br />Aiall he (Ionl lalit9' Ind not rx- <br />north side of Bay Avenue to <br />, liv:lve. <br />the point of beginning, and <br />Sl:(7ION 1. <br />that further area belonging <br />I <br />- : seMinnf uy s e r t n n, suh <br />e11tcove, ol:11nsc o issc of th <br />ordinance is for mny reason held <br />`0 a court of competent jurisdic- <br />tn to he invalid. such decision <br />shall acct affect. the Validity of the <br />remaining portion.S of this ord;- <br />l nco. The City Council hereby <br />declares that it would have passed <br />this ordinance and each sectiO:n. <br />soh- seeticcn, sentence. clause a!id <br />phi ase thereof. irrespective of lire <br />fact that any Otte Or more .Sections <br />nili- sections, sentences, clauses on <br />phrases lie held invalid. <br />SECTION :1. <br />This Ordinance is hereby de- <br />clared to be an urgency measure <br />'and ,hall be in full force and <br />offectimrncdiately upon its adop- <br />tion. The facts constituting such <br />urgency are as follows: The im- <br />;;ontiolled erection or construction <br />of commercial structures oil build- <br />ing sites within the aforesaid <br />territory within the City of New- <br />port Beach. would i n j u r e the <br />public health. safety. peace. com- <br />fort and general welfare of said <br />City. <br />The City Council of said City <br />believes that. various persons in- <br />tend to erect or construct com- <br />mercial structures in the aforesaid <br />territory within the City of <br />INewport Beach without securing <br />permits as provided in this Ordi- <br />nance, and that said persons will <br />do so unless prevented from doing <br />;o by the Immediate adoption (if <br />this Ordinance. <br />The foregoing Ordinanco W-1 s <br />'ntroduced at a regular meeting <br />of the City Council of the City <br />if Newport Beach held of the' <br />3gtll dsy of EV °bniary, 1940. and <br />,assed and adopted by the City <br />C011lu it of the City of Newport <br />Beach On the 14th day of March. <br />i919. by the following vote. to -wit: <br />AYES. COUNCILMEN: C:reeley, <br />Robertson, I:hle, fsbrll e o d <br />Dralm. <br />NOES. COUNCILMEN*: None <br />ABSENT C]OIJNCII.MEN: Now, <br />DICK DRAKE <br />Mayor of the City <br />of Newport Beach <br />ATTEST: <br />C. K. PRIEST <br />Cleric of the City <br />of Newport Beach <br />Newport- Balboa Press No. 179. <br />Publish 3- 17 -49. <br />44 -A <br />i <br />-c� <br />• �1• <br />J y � <br />