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0 <br />E <br />ORDINANCE NO. 592 <br />AN ORDINANCE REGULATING <br />THE OPERATION, MAINTE- <br />NANCE AND SANITA- <br />TION OF TRAILER. PARK <br />GROUNDS AND THE USE OF <br />TRAILER CARS, TRAILER <br />H O U S E S OR AUTOMOBILE <br />TRAILERS USED FOR LIV- <br />ING PURPOSES IN THE CITY <br />OF NEWPORT BEACH, PRO. <br />V I D I N G A PENALTY FOR <br />THE VIOLATION HEREOF <br />The City Council of the City of <br />Newport Beach, does ordain as <br />follows: <br />SECTION 1: Definitions. <br />Whenever used in this o r d i. <br />nance, unless a different meaning <br />appears from the context: <br />(A) AUTOMOBILE TRAILER, <br />An "Automobile Trailer," "Trailer <br />Coach," or "Trailer" means any <br />vehicle or structure so designed <br />and constructed in such manner <br />as will permit occupancy thereof <br />as living or sleeping quarters for <br />one or more persons, and so <br />designed that it is or may be <br />mounted on wheels and may be <br />used as a conveyance on highways <br />or city streets, propelled or drawn <br />by its own or other motive power, <br />excepting a device u s e d exclu- <br />sively u p o n stationary rails or <br />tracks under the jurisdiction and <br />control of the Railroad Commis- <br />sion of the State of California. <br />(B) TRAILER PARK, A <br />"Trailer Park" means any park, <br />trailer park, trailer court, court, <br />camp, site, lot, parcel, or tract <br />of land designed, maintained or <br />intended for the purpose of sup- <br />plying a location or accommoda- <br />tions for any automobile trailer <br />and upon which any automobile <br />trailer or automobile trailers are <br />parked and shall include all <br />buildings used or intended for use <br />as a part of the equipment <br />thereof, whether a charge is made <br />for the use of the trailer park and <br />its facilities or not. "Trailer Park" <br />shall n o t include automobile or <br />trailer sales lots on which unoc- <br />c u p i e d automobile trailers are <br />parked for the purpose of inspec- <br />tion and sale. <br />(C) UNIT. A unit means an <br />area of ground in a trailer park <br />of not less than eight hundred <br />seventy five (875) square feet of <br />unoccupied space in such trailer <br />park and designated as the loca- <br />tion for only one automobile and <br />one trailer. Each unit shall be <br />construed as housing three per- <br />sons, for the purpose of computing <br />the various facilities required in <br />this ordinance. <br />(D) PERSON. The word "per. <br />son" shall be construed to include <br />persons, partnership, firm, com- <br />pany, corporation, tenant, owner, <br />lessee or licensee, their agents, <br />heirs or assigns. <br />(E) DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC <br />HEALTH. For the purpose of this <br />ordinance, the term "Director of <br />Public Health" when applied is to <br />include the Director of P u b l i c <br />Health, Health Officer or Sanitary <br />Officer of the City of Newport <br />Beach, or any regularly appointed <br />inspector or employee of the De- <br />partment of Public Health, or <br />Public Health Commission of the <br />County of Orange, State of <br />California. <br />SECTION 2: Resolution of <br />Property Use and Permit. <br />It shall be unlawful for a n y <br />person, fir in or corporation to <br />establish, maintain, operate, own, <br />control, lease or conduct within <br />the limits of the City of Newport <br />Beach any trailer park on any <br />location or plot of ground for the <br />use of transients or guests by the <br />day, week, month, or season, <br />whether charge is or is not made. <br />without first applying for an d <br />receiving from the City Council <br />a resolution of property use io <br />use the premises for such purpose, <br />a certificate of approval from the <br />Building Department, and a b- <br />cense from the City Clerk to <br />operate such premises. <br />SECTION 3: Resolution of <br />Property use from Building De- <br />partment <br />In order to obtain a Resolution <br />of Property Use from the Building <br />Department the applicant shall <br />file a written petition with the <br />City Planning Commission, in <br />which he shall state the number <br />of automobile trailer spaces to be <br />provided for and such other facts <br />relied upon, including a plan of <br />proposed development. <br />The Planning Commission shall <br />report to the City Council accord- <br />ing to the procedure prescribed <br />in the Zoning Ordinance of said <br />city, relating to variances and <br />conditional permits. <br />A copy of the resolution of the <br />final action shall be forwarded to <br />the Building Department. <br />SECTION 4: Regulations <br />of Building Department <br />Every applicant for a license <br />to conduct a trailer park shall, <br />after having first obtained a <br />Resolution of Property Use as <br />provided in S e c t i o n 2 of this <br />ordinance, file with the Building <br />Department a written application, <br />in triplicate upon air official form <br />approved by the Building Depart. <br />m e n t. for a certificate of ap- <br />proval. Said application shall <br />include the name, address, des- <br />cription, of t h e property, t h e <br />character of the establishment <br />conducted or proposed to be con- <br />ducted, a plot plan and plans and <br />specifications for t h e buildings <br />t h e r e o n, or to be constricted <br />thereon, and any other informa- <br />tion that the Building Department <br />by regulation shall require. <br />Said plot plan must be an ac. <br />curately drawn map of the pro- <br />posed park, drawn to a set scale <br />and including a legal description <br />of the trailer park. <br />SECTION 5: Inspection and <br />Investigation <br />Upon receipt of the plot plan <br />and the plans and specifications <br />and information required under <br />Section 4 of this ordinance, it shall <br />be the duty of the Building De- <br />partment to examine such plot <br />plan and plans and specifications <br />and to inspect and investigate the <br />establishment or proposed estab- <br />lishment for which a certificate of <br />approval is applied for, and to <br />furnish copies of the same to the <br />Fire Department. <br />SECTION 6: Examination by <br />Fire Department <br />It shall be the duty of the Fire <br />Department to check the plans <br />and specifications a n d endorse <br />thereon their approval or disap- <br />proval. <br />S E C T 10 N 7: Certificate of <br />Approval <br />If it shall appear to the satis- <br />faction of the Building Depart- <br />ment that the facts as stated in <br />the application are true and <br />correct; that the plot plan and <br />plans and specifications for the <br />trailer park established or to be <br />established comply with the pro- <br />visions of this ordinance, with all <br />other applicable ordinances, rules <br />and regulations of the City of <br />Newport Beach, enforceable by <br />the Fire Department, the Building <br />Department, the Department of <br />Public Health and with the pro- <br />visions of the Health and Safety <br />Code of the State of California, <br />and that the same have received <br />the written approval of said Fire <br />Department, the Building Depart- <br />ment shall issue fo the applicant <br />a certificate of approval. <br />SECTION 8 <br />The applicant for a license to <br />operate a trailer park shall, after <br />receiving the certificate of ap- <br />proval required by Section 7 of <br />this ordinance, present the same <br />to the City Clerk, together witn <br />the prescribed license fee, there- <br />upon the City Clerk shall issut, <br />a license to operate such trailer <br />park. <br />SECTION 9: Unit Requirements <br />The minimum size of the unit <br />or site reserved for the accom- <br />modation of any automobile and <br />tra]er shall be as s e t forth in <br />Section 1, (C) hereof, and cacti <br />unit shall have a minimum front- <br />age of twenty -five (25) feet on <br />the roadway, and shall be clearly <br />defined by proper markers at cacti <br />corner. <br />The site shall be reasonably <br />level, free from rocks and weeds. <br />and well drained. Each unit shall <br />abut or face a driveway or clear <br />unoccupied space of not less than <br />twenty (20) feet in width. There <br />shall be space of at least six (13: <br />feet between automobile trailers <br />or between an automobile trailer <br />and any building or other strue- <br />ture, and they shall not be placed <br />less than ten (10) feet from the <br />property line of the adjoining <br />property. <br />SECTION 10: Caretaker and <br />Supervisor <br />All trailer parks shall be pro- <br />vided at all times with a resident <br />caretaker, whose duty shall be <br />to enforce all sanitary rules and <br />regulations and see that no part <br />of the ordinance is violated. The <br />management of every trailer park <br />shall assume responsibility for <br />maintaining- .in. -gi d._ {epEiir, and <br />operation: ail,.- anitary applor ces <br />on the premises. �. <br />Supervision and equipment.4suf- <br />ficient t0-prevent littering of_..Ihe <br />ground:Ziti rubbish, garbage,�.nd <br />