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M <br />ORDINANCE NO. 603 <br />ORDINANCE AMENDING SEC- <br />TIONS 8521 AND 8622 OF THE <br />MUNICIPAL CODE RELAT- <br />ING TO THE ISSUANCE OF <br />PERMITS FOR BILLBOARDS <br />S E C T 10 N 1: Section 8521 of <br />the Municipal Code of the City of <br />Newport Beach is hereby amend- <br />ed by elimination therefrom the <br />words, "from the Building Inspect- <br />or" and inserting in lieu thereof <br />the words "as in the succeeding <br />Section 8522 provided." <br />SECTION 2: Section 8522 of <br />the Municipal Code of the City <br />of Newport Beach is hereby <br />amended to read as follows, to- <br />wit: <br />"Section 8522: Approval of <br />Plans. Before anal building which <br />i8 designed or intended to be used <br />for commercial purposes is erect- <br />ed, constructed, altered or moved, <br />or any advertising structure is <br />erected, constructed structurally <br />altered or moved, within a C -1, <br />C -2 or M -1 district upon property <br />abutting any primary or secon- <br />dary State Highway, major traf- <br />fic thoroughfare, or Class "A" <br />county road as shown upon any <br />official highway plan of the city <br />or county, drawings or sketches <br />showing the exterior elevations, <br />the types of materials and colors <br />to be used, in the case of a pro- <br />posed building or structure, to- <br />gether with signs to be displayed <br />in connection therewith, and plans <br />showing the location and building <br />specifications in the case of a pro- <br />posed advertising structure, shall <br />be filed with the Planning Com- <br />mission and shall be approved by <br />said Planning Commission or its <br />designated agent before any per- <br />mit for the construction of said <br />building, structure, or advertising <br />structure shall be issued. <br />The Planning Commission may <br />designate the City Building In- <br />spector as its agent to receive, <br />and with the concurrence of the <br />architectural Advisory Committee, <br />approve said plans in behalf of <br />said Commission when the plans <br />for a proposed building or struc- <br />ture conform to the general arch- <br />itectural requirements established <br />for the district in which the build- <br />ing or structure is to be located, <br />and the plans and location of any <br />proposed advertising structure are <br />in compliance with the provisions <br />of this Code, licensing and regu- <br />lating the construction and maint- <br />enance of outdoor advertising <br />structures. <br />For the guidance of the Build- <br />ing Inspector in passing upon all <br />plans submitted in compliance <br />with this section the Planning <br />Commission shall by resolution <br />duly recorded in its minutes adopt <br />certain rules and specifications <br />and such illustrative architectural <br />drawings showing desirable stand- <br />ards and types of design, mater- <br />ials, colors and styles of signs and <br />lettering to be used in connection <br />with a proposed building or struc- <br />ture, as will provide a basis and <br />guide for the approval of plans <br />for said buildings or structures in <br />each C -1, C -2 and M -1 district. <br />The Planning Commission shall <br />appoint and designate one of its <br />members as chairman of an of- <br />ficial Architectural Advisory Com- <br />mittee of three (3), two of whom <br />shall be registered architects, to <br />cooperate with the Building In- <br />spector and to serve with him in <br />behalf of the Planning Commis- <br />sion in passing upon architectural <br />plans filed as required herein. <br />In reviewing and judging such <br />Plans, the Building Inspector shall <br />give primary consideration to the <br />general rules, specifications and <br />official illustrative material des- <br />ignated by the Planning Commis- <br />sion as controlling with respect <br />to the particular district in which <br />the proposed building or structure <br />is to be erected, constructed, alt- <br />ered or moved, or the proposed ad- <br />vertising structure is to be erect- <br />ed, constructed, structurally alt- <br />ered or moved. If the Building <br />Inspector acting as agent of the <br />Planning Commission and after <br />consultation with the Architecture <br />al Advisory Committee disap. <br />proves any plan, he shall immed- <br />iately file said plans and a state- <br />ment of his reasons for disap- <br />proval with the secretary of the <br />Planning Commission. The Plan- <br />ning Commission shall either ap- <br />prove said plans or any revision <br />thereof and direct the Building <br />Inspector to issue a permit for <br />the building, structure, or adver- <br />tising structure in question or dis- <br />approve the plans. <br />In case of final disapproval by <br />the Planning Commission of any <br />plans submitted in compliance <br />with this section, copies of the <br />plans with the findings of the <br />Planning Commission and reasons <br />for their disapproval attached <br />shall be filed immediately with <br />the Clerk of the City Council, and <br />said City Council shall either ap <br />prove said plans and order the <br />issuance of a permit for the build- <br />ing. structure or advertisingstruc- <br />ture in question or return the <br />plans to the applicant with a <br />statement indicating the reasons <br />for disapproval." <br />SECTION 3: This ordinance <br />shall be published at least once <br />in the Newport - Balboa, Press, a <br />newspaper of general circulation <br />printed and published in the City <br />of Newport Beach and shall be in <br />force and effect thirty days (30) <br />after the final passage thereof. <br />SECTION 4: The above and <br />foregoing ordinance was introduc- <br />ed at a regular meeting of the <br />City Council of the City of New- <br />port Beach held on the 27th day <br />of June, 1949 and was finally <br />passed and adopted on the 11th <br />day of July, 1949, by the following <br />vote, to wit: <br />AYES, COUNCILMEN Greeley. <br />Robertson, Isbell, Blue, Drake. <br />NOES, COUNCILMEN None. <br />ABSENT, COUNCILMEN None. <br />DICK DRAKE <br />Mayor <br />ATTEST: <br />C. K. Priest, City Clerk. <br />No. 261— Newport- Balboa Press. <br />Publish July 14, 1949. <br />IM- <br />is <br />