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AFFIDAVIT OF PUBLICATION <br />STATE OF CALIFORNIA, <br />• County of Orange, <br />Ben 0, Reddick <br />of the said County, being duly sworn, deposes <br />and says: THAT ...............lie is and at all times here <br />mentioned was a citizen of the United States, <br />over the age of eighteen years, and that ------------------ <br />he is not a party to, nor interested in the above <br />entitled matter, that ................. he is the * <br />printer of the Newport- <br />Balboa Press, a newspaper of general circulation <br />printed and published in the City of Newport <br />Beach, County of Orange, and which newspaper <br />has been adjudged a newspaper of general cir- <br />• cu!ation by the Superior Court of the County <br />of Orange, State of California, under date of <br />March 28, 1941, Case Number A 8693, that the <br />notice, of which the annexed is a printed copy, <br />has been published in each regular and entire <br />issue of said newspaper and not in any supple- <br />ment thereof on the following dates, to -wit: <br />February_._ 25th I. <br />all in the year 19...54 <br />.......................... ..._... ........... .------------ -------- ----------------------------------------- <br />.................. ------------------------------------- I --- <br />*Printer, Foreman f the Printer or Principal <br />Clerk of the Printer. <br />I .. <br />:Subscribed and S W -- n to before me this ----------------- <br />6.. _. day of ......,,fib <br />iA. - -= 19.54_... <br />(SEAL) Notary Public in and for said County <br />and State. <br />My Commission Expires <br />:..._....._November <br />- 16 19.55 <br />AN O <br />CHA <br />OF <br />OF <br />BE <br />THE <br />PER <br />CER <br />SHA <br />WIT <br />TOR <br />The <br />Newpo <br />dain a <br />SEC. <br />added <br />the Ci <br />ter 5 <br />Sectio <br />3410, <br />follows <br />„sec <br />Conic <br />who, <br />effects <br />has be <br />victed <br />tion f <br />the C <br />State <br />from <br />meano <br />notic <br />the St <br />State <br />the U <br />for an <br />penite <br />eral, <br />Newp <br />outsid <br />transit <br />othe <br />who <br />liecom <br />at pr <br />Newp <br />Chief <br />Newp <br />after <br />daries <br />nish t <br />written statement signed by such <br />person, the true name of such per- <br />son and each other name or alias <br />.by which such person is or has <br />been known, a full and complete <br />description of himself, the name <br />of each crime hereinabove in this <br />Section enumerated of which he <br />shall have been convicted, togeth- <br />er with the name of the place <br />where each such crime was corn <br />mitted, the name under which he . <br />was convicted, and the date of <br />the conviction thereof, the name, <br />if any, and location of each prison, <br />reformatory or other penal insti- <br />tution. in which he shall have been <br />confined as punishment therefor, <br />together with the, location or ad- <br />dress of his residence, stopping <br />place or living quarters in said <br />City, and each one thereof, if any, <br />or the address or location of his <br />intended residence, stopping place, <br />This space is for the County Clerk's Filing Stamp <br />_ or living quay era t erem, and <br />each one thereof with a d `.option <br />of the character of each such, <br />place, whether a hotel, apartment <br />house, dwelling house, or other- <br />wise, .giving the street number <br />thereof, if any, or such descrip- <br />tion of the address or location <br />thereof as will so identify the <br />same as to make it possible of <br />location, and the length of time <br />for which he expects or intends <br />to reside within the territorial <br />boundaries of said City. <br />"At the time of furnishing such <br />information, said person shall be <br />photographed and fingerprinted by <br />said Chief of Police, and said pho- <br />tograph and fingerprints, shall be <br />made a part of the permanent <br />record herein provided for. <br />Ordinance No 706 "Section 3407. Same. Every per - <br />R D I N A N O E ADDING son residing within the City of <br />PIER 5 TO ARTICLE IH NeWport Beach at the time this <br />THE MUNICIPAL CODE Ordinance becomes effective, who <br />THE CITY OF NEWPORT, has been convicted within such <br />ACH, PROVIDING FOR twenty year period, in any such <br />E REGISTRATION OF I Court, of, or is on parole or pro - <br />SONS CONVICTED OF i bation from any crime in Section <br />TAIN CRIMES . WHO 1 3406 hereof enumerated, shall <br />LL COME INTO OR BE within 48 hours from and after <br />HIN THE CITY OF NEW- the effective date hereof . furnish <br />T BEACH. to said Chief of Police, in a writ - <br />City Council of the City of ten statement signd by such per - <br />A Beach does hereby or- son, all of the information required <br />s follows: to be furnished under the provi-' <br />TION 1: There is hereby sions of said Section 3406 hereof, <br />to the Municipal Code of together with the photographs and <br />ty of Newport Beach Chap- finger -pr nts hereinbefore provid- <br />of Article ITI, consisting of ad for. <br />is 3406, 3407, 3408, 3409, "Section 3403. Saone. Residence <br />3411 and 3412, to read as! change. In the event that anyper- <br />son specified in Section 3406 or <br />tion 3406. Registration of Section 3407 hereof shall change <br />led Criminals. Every person any such place of residence, stop - <br />within 20 years prior to the ping place, or living quarters to <br />ve date of this Ordinance, any new or different place or <br />an or who is hereafter con- places within said City of Newport <br />in, or on parole or proba- Beach other than any place last <br />rom, any Federal Court' or shown in such report to said <br />Cc of this State, or any Chief of Police, he ,shall, within <br />of the United States, or of 24 hours after the making of such <br />any felpny, or any misde- change, notify the said Chief of <br />r involving narcotic or hyp- Police in a written and signed <br />drugs, under the Laws of statement, of such change of ad. <br />ate of California, or of any dress. and shall furnish in such <br />of the United States, of of written statement to said Chief <br />-tied States of America, and of Police, his new address and <br />ch violation. committed to a each one thereof. <br />miary either State or Fed. "It shall be unlawful for any <br />N comes into the City of person required by any provision <br />ort Beach from any points of this Chapter to furnish any <br />e of such City, whether ins such report, to furnish in such <br />through said City, or report any false or fictitious ad- <br />rwise, and every such person dress, or any address other than <br />at the time this Ordinance a true address or intended address, <br />as effective is residing or is or to furnish in making any such <br />esent within said City of report any false, untrue, or mis- <br />ort Beach, shall report to the leading information or statement <br />of Police of said City of relating to any information re- <br />ort Beadh within 48 hours Iquired by any provision of this <br />his arrival within the boun- Chapter to be made pr furnished. <br />of said City, and shall fur - '' Section 3409. Same. Records. <br />o such Chief of Police in a I Said Chief of Police shall cause to <br />be made a permenent record of a,,11 <br />information, photo ;raphs and fin -. <br />ger- prints required by Iltr nroFi - <br />sions of this Chapter to ba fur-1 <br />to or by him, and to forth- <br />with furnish a copy o: said rec -, <br />ords, photographs and finger' - I <br />prints to the District Attorney of <br />Orange County; said records, pho- 1 <br />tographs and fingerprints shall at', <br />all reasonable times be open to i <br />the inspection of any peace off i -' <br />car having jurisdiction within the <br />territorial boundaries of said <br />County, including the. municipal <br />corporations therein. <br />"SZCT;OY 3410. Same. Failure <br />to comply, U- lawful. It shall he <br />unlawful for any person required <br />by any provision of this Chapterl <br />to furnis;i any such report or in- <br />formation to Sail, nc;;lect or refuse <br />,to make such report or to furnish <br />