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.1 <br />9. <br />AFFIDAVIT OF PUBLICATION <br />STATE OF CALIFORNIA, <br />County of Orange, <br />-------------------- BEN ----R EMICK--- ------- --- ----- ----- ---- - - -- - ----- ......- <br />of the said County, being duly sworn, deposes <br />and says: THAT ._............he is and at all times here <br />mentioned was a citizen of the United States, <br />over the age of eighteen years, and that ---------------- <br />he is not a party to, nor interested in the above <br />entitled matter, that ----------- - - - - -- he is the * <br />printer of the Newport- <br />Balboa Press, a newspaper of general circulation <br />printed and published in the City of Newport <br />Beach, County of Orange, and which newspaper <br />has been adjudged a newspaper of general cir- <br />culation by the Superior Court of the County <br />of .Orange, State of California, under date of <br />March 28, 1941, Case Number A 8693, that the <br />notice, of which the annexed is a printed copy, <br />has been published in each regular and entire <br />issue of said newspaper and not in any supple- <br />ment thereof on the following dates, to -wit: <br />it <br />all in the year 19 --- ,5}.. <br />....................... ............... <br />;;" ....-... ............. ------------------------------------ <br />*Printer, Foreman of the Printer or Principal <br />Clerk of the Printer. <br />Subscribed and Sworn to before me this .................. <br />19104__. <br />(SEAL) Notary Public in and for said County <br />and State. <br />My Commission Expires <br />..... .... -------------------------- November 16-- --- --- --- -- <br />This space is for the County Clerk's Filing Stamp <br />Affidavit of Publication of <br />ORDINANCE NO. 718 <br />Manager of the City of Nrwpm•t <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY <br />Beach on the basis of examination <br />OF NEWPORT BEACH RE- <br />to determine his qualifications and <br />PEALING SECTIONS 3105, <br />appointment shall continue during <br />3106, 8109, 3111, 3114, 3115, <br />good behavior and satisfactory <br />$116, 3117 and 8119 to $123 IN- <br />service; and he shall not be re- <br />CLUSIVE, OF THE MUNICI- <br />moved from office except for <br />PAL CODE, AND ADDING <br />cause after public trial. ' <br />NEW SECTIONS 3119 to 3129 <br />"The Chief of the Fire Depart - <br />1 N C I, U SJ V E, THERETO, <br />ment may detail such members of <br />ADOPTING THE 195$ EDI- <br />the Fire.Department as Inspectors <br />TION OF THE FIRE PREVEN- <br />as shall from time to time be ne- <br />TION CODE RECOMMENDED <br />cessary. <br />BY. THE NATIONAL BOARD <br />. "Section. 31$L: Definitions. Wher <br />OF FIRE UNDERWRITERS, <br />ever the word -"municipality' Is <br />PRESUIRING REGULATIONS <br />used in the Fine Prevention Code, <br />G O V Z R N I N G CONI11'1TONS <br />it shall 'be. held to mean the City <br />HA4ARDOUS TO LIFE AND <br />of Newport Beach. ": .'i'. <br />PROPERTY FROM FIRE AND <br />"Section $122. PrO,IhWos 01 <br />EXPLOSION, AND LSTAB- <br />Storage of Flammable' tilds to <br />LISHING A BUREAU OF FIRE <br />Outside Above - 8round Tanks' <br />PREVENTION, AND PftOVH)- <br />The limits referred to in Section <br />ING OFFICERS THEREFOR, <br />15.201 of the Fire Prevention Code <br />AND DEFINING THEIR POW- <br />in which storage of fla.mrpahle Li. <br />ERS AND DUTIES. <br />quids in outaids abova • grounc <br />TJIe City Council of the City of <br />Newport Beach does hereby or- <br />dain, as follows; <br />SECTION 1: Sections 3105, 3106; <br />3109, 3111, 3114,h;3�1y� 3116.-3117 <br />and 3119 to 3123,4sclusive,, of the <br />Municipal -Code a the,City;nf New- <br />port Beach are bereby. repealed. <br />SECTION 2: .Th4L.;there are <br />hereby added to the„, Municipal <br />Code of the City of N prt Beach <br />Sections 3119 to 31 4tiiiSlUaive, to <br />read as follows; :14 <br />Section 3119. A�uptlgn', -' , re <br />�Preventloa Code, 't'fiere Is -0 —reby <br />adopted by the City COtlri "1 of <br />the City of Newport Beach,, for the <br />.purpose of prescribing regulations <br />goverrnng conditlons- la.xardous to <br />life and property fror7 fire or ex- <br />plosion, that certain Code known <br />as the Fife Prevention Code rec- <br />ommended by the National Board <br />of Fire Underwriters, . being par- <br />ticularly the 1953 Edition thereof, <br />and the whole thereof, specifical- <br />ly including Appendices A, B, C <br />and D thereto, save and except <br />such portions as are herein de- <br />leted, modified or anfended by <br />Section 3124 of this COtiei 6f which <br />Fire Prevention Code' likiee copies <br />have been and now are oii file in <br />the office of the City Clerk of the <br />City of Newport Beach, and the <br />same are hereby adopted and In- <br />corporated as fully as if set out at <br />length herein, and from the date <br />on which this Ordinance shall take <br />effect, the provisions thereof shall <br />be controlling within the limits of <br />the City of Newport Beach. <br />"Section 3120. Establishment <br />and Duties of Fire Prevention. The <br />Fire Prevention Code shall' be en- <br />forced by the Bureau of Fire Pre- <br />vention in the Fire Department of <br />the City of Newport Beach, which <br />Bureau is, hereby established and <br />which shall be operated under the <br />supervision of the Chief of the <br />Fire Department. <br />"The Fire Marshal in charge of <br />the Bureau of Fire Prevention <br />tanks Is prohibited, are hereby es- <br />tablished as the City Boundaries <br />of the City of Newport Beach. it <br />being the intention of this section <br />to prohibit, without exception. the <br />storage of flammable liquids in <br />outside above - ground tanks. <br />"The limits referred to in Sec- <br />tion 15.401 of the Fire Prevention <br />Code in which new bulk plants <br />for flammable liquids are prohib- <br />ited, are hereby established as the <br />City Boundaries of the City of <br />Newport Beach, -except as such <br />new bulk plants for flammable <br />liquids are allowed and provided <br />for by the Provisions of Article <br />IX of the Municipal Code, being <br />the Planning and Zoning Law of <br />the City of Newport Beach. <br />"Section 3123. Establishment of <br />Limits in which Bulk Storage of <br />Liquefied Petrolemn Gases Is to <br />be Restricted. The limits referred <br />to in Section 20.06a of the Fire <br />Prevention Code, in wbLkh bulk <br />storage of liquefied Y .. 61eum <br />gases is restricted are by es- <br />tablished as the City Lof the <br />City of Newport Beaplt `.¢a being <br />the intention of thn1, coon to <br />prohibit, witbotit.-exdeption, the <br />bulk storage of liquefier} petroleum <br />gas within the Citg?tPf: Newport <br />Beach. :'' <br />Section 3124. Amendments <br />Made to the Fite Prevention Code. <br />The Fire Prevention Code,; is <br />amended and changed In the fol- <br />lowing respects: _ '-.- <br />"(a) Section 26.01; PiLragraph <br />b, is hereby amended to, faead-'as <br />follows: <br />"b. Location Restricted.,Nq`Per- <br />son shall kindle or mainth}D�.�}�y <br />bonfire or rubbish fire or:. Rwr- <br />ize any such fire.0 be k'4giled,er <br />maintained on= a",,priv land <br />unless (1) less <br />than 25 feet, in A�truc�7t�ure <br />and adequate yyypvj Irde to <br />prevent fire fpDm Sailing to <br />within 25 feet of any structure, or <br />(2) the fire is contained in = an- <br />