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AFFIDAVIT OF PUBLICATION <br />STATE OF CALIFORNIA, <br />County of Orange, <br />BEN REDIDICK <br />of the said County, being duly sworn, deposes <br />and says: THAT ..... .......--- he is and at all times here <br />mentioned was a citizen of the United States, <br />over the age of eighteen years, and that - _.._._._....... <br />he is not a party to, nor interested in the above' <br />entitled matter, that .._ ....... he is the * <br />printer of the Newport- <br />Balboa Press, a newspaper of general circulation <br />printed and published in the City of Newport <br />Beach, County of Orange, and which newspaper <br />has been adjudged a newspaper of general cir- <br />culation by the Superior Court of the County <br />of Orange, State of California, under date of <br />March 28, 1941, Case Number A 8693, that the <br />notice, of which the annexed is a printed copy, <br />has been published in each regular and entire <br />issue of said newspaper and not in any supple- <br />ment thereof on the following dates, to -wit: <br />June <br />all in the year 19......54. <br />4;; ........................... ............... _...'.......................... <br />Printer, Foreman of the Printer or Principal <br />Clerk of the Printer. <br />Subscribed_ -and Sworn to before me this .................. <br />t .. 24th da of <br />June .. 19..1r..k.... <br />. <br />(SEAL) Notary- {,ublic in and for said County <br />and State. <br />My Commission Expires <br />November 16 55 <br />................... .. ............................ 19......... <br />e' <br />This space is for the County Clerk's Filing Stamp <br />Affidavi+ of Publica +ion of <br />ORDINANCE NO. 724 <br />in the city boundary of the i <br />AN ORDINANCE '.APPROVING <br />City of Newport. Beach; i <br />THE ANNEXATION OF CER- <br />thence North 71° 54' 00" West <br />TAIN UNINHABITED TERI <br />along` the City of Newport <br />TORY CONTIGUOUS TO TI <br />Beacke- bowdary to the North - <br />CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH <br />westerly corner. of Beaton Bay <br />AND KNOWN AS "COOPER <br />as shown on a .Record of Sur - <br />ANNEX." <br />vey as filed In Book 9, Page <br />The City of Newport Beach, by, <br />43 of Records. -�f,�f Survey of <br />and through its City Council does <br />said Orange Qty;' thence <br />ordain as follows: i <br />South 230 5113P <br />.34i" <br />SECTION 1. That the annexa- <br />along the City _of ort <br />tign to the City of Newport Beach, <br />Beach boundary ftndawg the <br />California, of that certain unin- <br />Northwesterly„ liw� `.Beacon <br />habited territory contiguous to <br />'Bay 317.57' m less to <br />said City, known as "Cooper An- <br />the Westerly cor.of Lot 62 <br />nex ', is hereby approved, and that <br />of said Heecor!'*ay; thence <br />the same is hereby ordained to be <br />North 39 ° -48' 00" West along <br />annexed to and made a part Of <br />the said City of Newport <br />the City of Newport Beach, Cali- <br />Beach boundary:;yo the point <br />fornia. That said terlritog is par- <br />of beginning. x b <br />ticularly described as iolloui's': <br />SECTION 2.F That> the bound - <br />Beginning at the intefsec- <br />aries of the City of Newport <br />tion of the City of Newport <br />Beach, California be, and the same <br />Beach bbundary with the <br />are hereby.,altgred to include the <br />Northwesterly line'of'Harbor <br />above described terrltol'y, the an. <br />Island Road, as deeded to the <br />nexation of which is approved and <br />County of Orange, June 11, <br />ordained herein, and incorporated <br />1936, and recorded in Book lin <br />the City of Newport Beach. <br />530, Page 217 of Official Re- <br />California <br />cords of said Orange County, <br />SECTION 3. That the proceed - <br />California;. thence Northeast- <br />ings and annexation herein ordain - <br />erly along the said Nlirthweaf- , .ed <br />are had and taken under and <br />. arly line of Harbor; Island <br />pursuant to, the provisions of au, <br />Road to a point 121.6'-,,North. <br />Act of Legigiature of the State of. <br />easterly of ordinary high Y1de • <br />Celifornia,.designated and referred <br />line of the Pacific Ocean in <br />to as the "Annexation of Unin- <br />Newport Bay, as.established <br />habited Territory Act of 1939 ". <br />by Decree in Court Casa <br />SECTION 4. The City Clerk <br />*20436 of the Superior court <br />shall cause this' ordinance to be <br />1 <br />in and for Orange County, <br />published within fifteen (15) days <br />California; thence Southeast, <br />after its passage at least once in <br />erly along a line measured at <br />the Newport- Balboa Press, a news- i <br />right angles to the 'said <br />paper of general circulation, print. <br />Northwesterly line of Harbor <br />ed, published and circulated in the <br />Island Road 89.00' to the be- <br />,City of Newport Beach. - <br />ginning of a curve concave <br />The above and foregoing ordln- <br />Southwesterly,'having wradius <br />•ance was introduced at a regular <br />of 29.00'; thence Southeaster- <br />meeting of the City Council of the <br />ly along said curve through an <br />City of Newport Beach held on <br />angle of 45° 21' 21", a dis- <br />the 14th day of June, 1954. and <br />tance of 22.98' to aniintersm. <br />was finally passed and adopted <br />tion with the Southwesterly <br />on the 21st day of June, 1954 by <br />line of Bayside Drive, said <br />the following roll cell vote, to wit: <br />Southwesterly line of Bayside <br />AYES, Councilmen: BROERING, <br />Dive, being. on a curve cop- <br />SMITH, MILLER, BENNETT, i <br />cave Northeasterly.and hav- <br />HILL• <br />Ing a radius of 380.00'' The <br />NOES. Councilmen: NONE. <br />radial line of said 380,00,' ra- <br />ABSENT, Councilmen: NONE. <br />dius curve being the sa.ine as <br />DORA O. HILL <br />the radial line of the herein- <br />Mayor <br />before mentioned 29,00' radius <br />ATTEST: <br />curve; thence Southeasterly <br />C. K. PRIEST <br />along the last mentioned <br />City Clerk <br />curve through an angle of <br />No. 1194 I <br />45° 21' 21", a distance of <br />Press 6 -24 <br />300.81' 'to the end of said <br />- curve,, said end of curve being <br />