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0 <br />ORDINANCE NO. 741 <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE <br />CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH <br />REQUIRING AN ADDITION. <br />AL SPECIAL LICENSE OF <br />ALL ESTABLISHMENTS <br />RENTING LIVING QUAR- <br />TERS FOR THE PERIOD <br />EACH YEAR COMMENCING <br />TEN (10) DAYS BEFORE <br />EASTER SUNDAY AND END. <br />ING TWENTY -ONE (21) <br />DAYS AFTER EASTER SUN. <br />DAYS <br />The City Council of the City of <br />Newport Beach does ordain as <br />follows: <br />SECTION 1: It is not intended <br />by this Ordinance to repeal, <br />abrogate, annul or in any way <br />impair or interfere with existing <br />provisions of other laws or ordi- <br />nances, except those specifically <br />repealed by this Ordinance. <br />Where this Ordinance im- <br />poses a greater restriction upon <br />persons, premises or personal <br />property than is imposed or re- <br />quired by such existing provi. <br />sions of law, ordinance, contract <br />or deed, the provisions of this <br />Ordinance shall control. <br />SECTION 2: A special license <br />is hereby required of all persons, <br />firms' or corporations, whether <br />owners, lessees, occupants or <br />agents acting on their own be. <br />half or on the behalf of others, <br />who rent, lease or sub -lease liv- <br />ing quarters during the period <br />of time commencing ten (10) <br />days before Easter Sunday and <br />ending (21) days <br />after Easter Sunday or during <br />any part of said period for fifteen <br />(15) days or less to any tenant <br />or occupant. <br />The applicant shall pay the <br />sum of Ten Dollars ($10.00) at <br />the time of making application, <br />said application fees to be used <br />to defray the cost of investiga. <br />tion and inspection of the pro. <br />posed rental premises and all <br />supplementary law enforcement <br />required during such period. The <br />form of application for such li. <br />cense shall be a written state. <br />ment upon forms provided by the <br />City License Officer and shall <br />disclose all information which <br />the City License Officer shall <br />find to be necessary in the deter. <br />mination of the number of per- <br />sons legally entitled • to occupy <br />such premises. <br />Such applicant and the per. <br />son or persons renting from said <br />applicant shall each agree in <br />writing that at all times during <br />the occupancy or term covered <br />hereby, such premises and living <br />quarters shall be subject to re. <br />sonable inspection by the mem- <br />bers of the Fire and Police De. <br />partments of the City of Newport <br />Beach and any State or County <br />law enforcement agency. <br />SECTION 3: The special It. <br />cense herein mentioned shall not <br />be required where there exists <br />multiple rental units consisting <br />of three or more living quarters. <br />SECTION 4: It shall be unlaw. <br />ful for any person to violate any <br />provision, or to fail to comply <br />with any of the requirements of <br />this Ordinance. Any person vio. <br />l lating any of the provisions or <br />failing to comply with any of the <br />mandatory requirements of this <br />Ordinance, shall be guilty of a <br />misdemeanor. Any person con. <br />victed of a misdemeanor under <br />the provisions of this ordinance, <br />shall be punishable by a fine of <br />not more than Five Hundred Dol. <br />lars ($500.00), or by imprison. <br />ment in the City or County Jail <br />for a period not exceeding six <br />months, or by both such fine and <br />imprisonment. Each such person <br />shall be guilty of a separate of- <br />fense for each and every day <br />during any portion of which any <br />violation of any provision of this <br />Ordinance is committed, con- <br />tinued, or permitted by such per. <br />son and shall be punishable ac- <br />cordingly. <br />In addition to the penalties <br />hereinabove provided, any con- <br />dition caused or permitted to <br />exist in violation of any of the <br />provisions of this Ordinance <br />shall be deemed a public nuis. <br />ance and may be, by this City, <br />summarily abated as such. <br />SECTION 5: This ordinance <br />shall be published once in the <br />Newport Harbor Ensign, a news. <br />paper of general circulation, <br />printed and published in the City <br />of Newport Beach, and the same <br />shall be in full force and effect <br />30 days after this passage. <br />The foregoing ordinance was <br />introduced at a regular meeting <br />of the City Council of the City <br />of Newport Beach, held on the <br />10th day of January,.1955, and <br />was finally passed and adopted <br />on the 17th day of January, 1955, <br />by the following vote, to wit: <br />AYES, COUNCILMEN: Smith, <br />Ridderhof, Bennett, Hill. <br />NOES, COUNCILMEN: None. <br />ABSENT COUNCILMEN': Broer. <br />ing. <br />DORA O. HILL <br />ATTEST: Mayor <br />C. K. PRIEST <br />City Clerk <br />Publish: January 20, 1955 <br />In The Newport Harbor Ensign. - <br />