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(Original Ordinance No. 742 missing) <br />Ordinance No. 742 <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH PROVIDING THAT THE AMOUNT OF <br />FUNDS WHICH THE CITY COUNCIL MAY APPROPRIATE FOR USE BY THE LOCAL <br />CHAMBER OF COMMERCE FOR THE PROMOTION, PUBLICITY, ADVERTISING AND <br />ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE CITY REMAIN IN THE <br />DISCRETION OF SAID CITY COUNCIL. <br />was read. On motion of Councilman Ridderhof, seconded by Councilman Bennett, Ordinance <br />No. 742 was passed and ordered put on the ballot by the following roll call vote to wit: <br />AYES: COUNCILMEN - Broering, Smith, Ridderhof, Bennett, Hillo <br />NOES: COUNCILMEN - None <br />ABSENT: COUNCILMEN - None <br />