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0 <br />• <br />011151MAD C1: NO. 74C <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY <br />6F NEWPORT BEACH AMEND - <br />1NG SECTION 4110 OF THE MU- <br />NICIPAL CODE OF THE CITY OF <br />NEWPORT BEACH, CHANGING <br />tHE PERIOD FOR LICENSING <br />DOGS FROM A FISCAL YEf1R <br />fi0 A CALENDAR YEAR. <br />The people of the City of New- <br />port Beach do ordain as follows:. <br />SECTION }; Section 4.110 of the <br />Manlelpal Code ieRcrebyairierd- <br />ed to read as follows: <br />"Section} 4110. Dogs, Lii:6Ising. <br />Everyperson who harbors arnale <br />flog or spayed female dog over <br />The 'age of three months within <br />flid City, shall pay to the License <br />Callk or at his office in the City <br />Half; fir;. annual license tax of <br />Two , �ojlars, and every, person <br />who ) artiors ad Citt�paydd Ornate <br />dog over the age of three months <br />within the City, shall pay to said <br />Collector an annual license tax <br />of Three Dollars. The Collector <br />shall deliver to the person mak- <br />ing such payment a l i c On s e <br />whleh shat} describe the dog, to= <br />gether %iAfi1 a seal or metallic <br />plate having thereon the number <br />of such license and figure's indi. <br />cating the year for which the <br />license has been paid, and shall <br />enter into a book, to be kept in <br />his office for that purpose, the <br />name of the owner and a descrip. <br />tion of the dog registered under <br />the provisions of this Code. Dup- <br />lleates shall be issued for lost <br />tags for fifty cents upon the fil- <br />ing of proof of such loss. Such <br />metallic tags shall be attached <br />to a collar. or harness and such <br />"collar, or harness with the at- <br />tacYled tag shall be kept on such <br />,og at all times, excepting as in <br />this Code otherwise provided. <br />he license fee herein men. <br />on the first day of' January or <br />each year, and shall expire on! <br />the- thirty -first day of December <br />next ensuing. Where a dog is ac <br />quired after the first day of De- <br />cember, the license fee thereon <br />shall be due on the date of a8' <br />quisition of such dog for the en- <br />awing calendar year and there- <br />after on the first day of January <br />of each succeeding year. <br />In the event that any person <br />shall fail, neglect or refuse td <br />pay the required license tax be. <br />fore the first day of April of each <br />calendar year, a penalty will be <br />assessed through the increase of <br />the license tax as follows: For <br />every male or spayed female <br />clog,. Two Dollars and Fifty <br />Cents; and for every unspayA <br />female dog, Four Dollars." <br />All licenses heretofore issuecj <br />for the fiscal year 1954 -1955 shall <br />remain in force and effect until <br />December 31, 1955. <br />SECTION 2: The above and <br />foregoing ordinance shall be <br />published once in the Newport <br />Harbor Ensign, a newspaper of <br />general circulation, printed and <br />published and circulated in the <br />City of Newport Beach, and the <br />same shall be in full force and <br />effect 30 'days after this passage. <br />The foregoing ordinance was <br />introduced at a regular meeting <br />of the City Council of the City <br />of Newport Beach, held on the <br />11th day of April, 1955 and was <br />finally passed and adopted on <br />the 18th day of April, 1955, by <br />the following vote, to -wit: <br />AYES, COUNCILMEN: Bennett, <br />Wilder, MacKay, Stoddard, Hig• <br />ble, Ridderhof, Hill. <br />NOES, COUNCILMEN: None. <br />ABSENT, COUNCILMEN: None. <br />DORA O. HILL, <br />Mayor. <br />Attest: C. K. priest, City Clerk. <br />i <br />