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ORDINANCE NO. 751 <br />specification of each class <br />employee shall make his request <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY <br />shall be considered in its en- <br />I initially to the head of his de- <br />OF NEWPORT BEACH RE- <br />tirety and in relation to the <br />partment who shall promptly <br />PEALING SECTIONS 2200, <br />specifications of other classes <br />seek to arrive at a solution which <br />22012 22022 22032 22042 22052 <br />in the classification plan. <br />is consistent with the classifica- <br />22062 22072 22082 22092 22102 <br />(3) Statements of Desirable <br />tion plan and acceptable to the <br />22112 22122 2213, 2214 and 2215 <br />Qualifications: The statement <br />employee. Where the department <br />of Chapter 2 entitled "CLASSI- <br />of desirable qualifications set <br />head is unable to resolve such a <br />FICATION AND SALARY <br />out in a class specification is <br />request in a manner that the em- <br />PLAN" and ADDING SECTION <br />intended to be used in deter- <br />ployee is willing to accept in writ - <br />2200, ENTITLED "ADOPTION <br />mining the eligibility of candi- <br />ing, the matter shall then be <br />AND ADMINISTRATION OF <br />dates for employment or for ad- <br />submitted to the City Manager <br />THE POSITION CLASSIFICA- <br />mission to competitive examin- <br />for such action as he may deem <br />T1ON AND COMPENSATION <br />ations and to aid in the pre- <br />appropriate, including referral to <br />PLANS FOR ALL POSITIONS <br />paration of such examinations, <br />the City Council or to the Civil <br />IN THE CITY SERVICE." <br />The people of the City of New- <br />and for use in determining the <br />Service Commission in cases in- <br />• port Beach do ordain follows: <br />relative value and the salary <br />: <br />volving .employees under civil <br />" <br />2 <br />Section 1: Sections 2200, 2201, <br />schedules for positions' in a <br />class with positions in other <br />service. <br />"Sub- section 4. Classification <br />22022 22032 22042 2205, 22062 2207, <br />22082 22092 22102 2211, 22122 . 22132 <br />classes. <br />Plan for All Positions in the City <br />2214 and 2215 of the Municipal <br />"Sub- section 3. Administration <br />Service. <br />(a) The service shall consist <br />Code, under the heading of Chap- <br />ter 2 entitled "Classification and <br />and Maintenance of the Classifi- <br />the classes positions essab <br />Salary Plan," be and each of <br />cation an. <br />on <br />lished by Resolution of the City <br />li l <br />said sections are hereby re- <br />(a) Responsibilities of the <br />Council, with such changes that <br />pealed. <br />City Manager. The City Manager <br />might be made from time to <br />Section 2: That a new Section <br />shall be responsible for, but may <br />time by Resolution. The class <br />2200 entitled "Adoption and Ad- <br />delegate to a qualified person or <br />grade is established for each <br />ministration of the Position Clas- <br />persons, the work of administer- <br />class of positions to indicate the <br />sification and C o in p e n s a tion <br />ing and maintaining the classifi- <br />level for compensation purposes. <br />Plans for all Positions in the City <br />cation plan. The City Manager <br />The hours of work in the normal <br />Service" as hereinafter set forth, <br />shall direct necessary reviews to <br />work week as indicated, shall ap- <br />be and the same is hereby <br />assure that the classification <br />ply to all classes of the group, <br />adopted. <br />plan is kept current and that <br />except those classes where the <br />"Section 2200 — Adoption and <br />any important changes in du- <br />normal work week upon which <br />Administration of the Position <br />ties and responsibilities in any <br />compensation is based is other - <br />Classification and Compensation <br />existing positions and of new po. <br />wise specifically indicated. <br />Plans for all Positions in the City <br />y <br />itions are reflected in the clas- <br />Sub - section 5. Definition and <br />Service. <br />sification plan.. ' - <br />Adoption of Compensation Plan. <br />"Subsection I. Definition and <br />Subject to Civil Service Com- <br />. (a) Salary Schedules. The <br />adoption of classification plan. <br />mission approval where required, <br />pay of city employees shall be <br />(a) Classification of Posi- <br />the City Manager shall provide <br />on the basis of appropriate <br />tions. All positions in the• city <br />for the reallocation of any posi- <br />monthly salary schedules pre. <br />service shall be grouped into <br />tion from one class to another <br />scribed'herein for the respective <br />classes and each class shall in. <br />class whenever a change in du- <br />grades of positions in the classi- <br />elude those positions sufficiently <br />-ties and responsibilities of such <br />fied service as established by the <br />similar in respect to their duties <br />posit16n� make the class to which <br />City Council. Each salary sched- <br />and responsibilities so that simi <br />the position was .previously allo- <br />ule..shall consist of an entrance <br />lar requirements as to, training, <br />experience, knowledge, skill, per- <br />cated no longer applicable. Any <br />rate, three intermediate rates, a <br />two longe- <br />sonal qualities, and the same <br />proposed,. reallocation shall be <br />maximum rate and <br />arty rates. The schedules <br />rates of compensation are appli- <br />made with the knowledge of the <br />o ow- <br />ary rates as shown in the follow <br />cable thereto. <br />employee concerned. , <br />ing section (b) shall comprise <br />(b) Preparation and Content <br />(ss Employee Requests for <br />the compensation plan. <br />of Class Specifications. Class spe- <br />Adjustments. Any <br />Adoption of Comsation <br />cifications shall be prepared and <br />employee shall <br />employee shall have the right <br />lion Plan. The compensation <br />n <br />maintained under the direction <br />consideration by the City Maria. <br />plan with monthly salaries for <br />of the City Manager for all posi.. <br />get. of any. have <br />ve <br />request hange <br />shall be adopted <br />tions and, when the positions of <br />i <br />with respect to a change in the <br />t to a <br />ac- <br />resolution of the City Council as <br />resolution o <br />any class are under civil service, <br />the specification shall be ap! <br />classification of his position. The <br />cording to the following and as <br />proved by the Civil Service Com- <br />— <br />amended from time to time: <br />mission. The specifications shall <br />Salary Schedules for Class Grades <br />define the duties of the positions <br />- MONTHY <br />in each class and the desirable <br />MONTHLY <br />LONGEVITY SAL• <br />qualifications for successful per- <br />RASE SALARY RATES ARY RATES <br />formance of such duties. In addi- <br />tion to the desirable qualifica. <br />Entrance Intermediate <br />Maximum After 8 After 15 <br />tions as set forth in the class <br />Rate Rates <br />Rate Years Years <br />specifications, it shall be under- <br />Service Service <br />stood that all positions require: <br />ability to read, write, speak and <br />First Next Next <br />Next After and 1 and 1 Yr. <br />Year at d Ist <br />t 1st <br />understand the English langu- <br />Class 6 12 .12 <br />12 42 CIS. <br />Max. L <br />age and to follow written and <br />Grade Months Months Months Months Months Gde. <br />Rate Rate <br />oral instructions; ability to get <br />1 $187 $196 $206 $216 $227 $238 $250 1 <br />along with others; thoroughness, <br />,. <br />accuracy, s o b r i e t y, integrity, <br />2 196 206 6 <br />21 <br />227 238 250 262 2 <br />loyalty, and a record of orderly <br />3 206 216 227 <br />238 250 262 275 3 <br />law- abiding citizenship: <br />4 216 227 238 <br />'250 " 262 275 288 4 <br />(c) Adoption of Classification <br />5 227 ..238 250 <br />262 275 288 302 5 <br />Plan. The classes of positions <br />-250 <br />covered by this Ordinance shall <br />6 238 262 <br />275 288 302 316 6 <br />be established and listed by <br />7 250 262 275 <br />288 302 316 331 7 <br />Resolution of the City Council. <br />8 262 275 288 <br />302 316 331 347 8 <br />"Sub • section 2. Application <br />9 275 :288 362 <br />316 331 347 364 9 <br />and Interpretation of Classifica- <br />,. <br />tion Plan. <br />10 288• 302. 316 <br />331 347 364 382 10 <br />(a) The positions in the City <br />11 302 316 331 <br />347 364 382 401 11 <br />Service shall be allocated by Res. <br />12 316 331 347 <br />364 382 401 421 12 <br />olution of the City Council to <br />13 331 347 364 <br />382 401 421 442 13 <br />the appropriate classes estab- <br />lished by this Ordinance as de- <br />14 347 364 382 <br />401 421 442 464 14 <br />signated by the City Manager. <br />15 364 382 401 <br />421 442 464 487 15 <br />(b) Interpretation of Class <br />16 382 401 421 <br />442 464 487 511- 16 ,. <br />Specifications. <br />17 401 421 442 <br />464 487 511 -536 17 <br />(1) Purpose and Effect of <br />Class Specifications: Each class <br />18 421 442 464 <br />487 511 536 •� 562 18 <br />specification outlines the main <br />19 442 464 487 <br />511 536 562 589 19 <br />characteristics and qualifiea- <br />20 464 487 511 <br />536 562 589 617 20 <br />tion requirements of positions <br />21 487 511 536 <br />562 589 617 — 647 21 <br />a amples of specific duties which the class and gives ch <br />22 511 536 562 <br />589 617 647- 679 22 <br />employees holding such posi- <br />23 536 562 589 <br />617 647 679 , 713 23 - <br />tions may properly be required <br />24 562 589 617 <br />647 679 713 749, 24 <br />to perform. The class specifica- <br />25 589 617 647 <br />679 713 749 787 '25 <br />tion is descriptive and explan <br />story but not restrictive. The <br />26 617 647 679 <br />713 749 787 827 26 <br />listing of particular typical <br />27 647 679 713 <br />749 787 827 869 27 <br />tasks does not preclude the as- <br />28 679 713 749 <br />787 827 869 913 28 <br />signment of other tasks of re- <br />29 713 749 787 <br />827 869 913 959 29 <br />lased kind or character or of <br />lesser skills. <br />30 749 787 827 <br />869 913 959 1007 30 <br />(2) Application of Specifi- <br />(NOTE: Column headings indicate salary progression of em- <br />cations to Positions: In deter- <br />mining the class which a <br />pl oyee who enters at the first step rate and meets manner of per - <br />position shall be allocated, cated, the <br />formance requirements for each step.) <br />