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AFFIDAVIT OF PUBLICATION <br />10 <br />STATE <br />OF <br />CALIFORNIA, <br />County <br />of <br />Orange, <br />............. ... .................... BEN ... REDDI:C K........ _............................_. <br />of the said County, being duly sworn, deposes <br />and says: THAT ............he is and at all times here <br />mentioned was a citizen of the United States, <br />over the age of eighteen years, and that ......... <br />he is not a party to, nor interested in the above <br />entitled matter; that ------------------ he is the * .................. <br />.. printer of the Newport Harbor <br />News Press, a newspaper of general circulation, <br />printed and published in the City of Newport <br />Beach, County of Orange, and which newspaper <br />has been adjudged a newspaper of general cir- <br />culation by the Superior Court of the County <br />of Orange. State of California, under date of <br />October 22, 1954, Case Number A 24831;, <br />that the notice, of which the annexed is a printed <br />copy, has been published in each regular and <br />entire issue of said newspaper and not in any <br />supplement thereof on the following dates, <br />to -wit: <br />............................... $ eptember.._ 1. 4 ...................... .................... <br />*Printer Foreman of the Printer or Principal <br />Clerk of the Printer. <br />Subscribed and Sworn to before me this .................. <br />. . . . : 1 . 4 t h yep/ ./.J a y o . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 1 9 19... 5.. <br />c (SEAL) Notary Public in and for said County <br />i <br />and State. <br />My Commission Expires <br />................................ ...... KQ. ... .1.6................ 19.55........... <br />35 <br />_ This space is for the County Clerk's Filing Stamp <br />ORDINANCE NO. 755 <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY, <br />OF NEWPORT BEACH RE -I <br />sALIN • $10 C T I O N,S 6101 <br />;y 1�8, 8. �; 'HROUGH 6138E; <br />° H 6203G, AND <br />" T10NS 6147, <br />7d, ek�1RD 61476 PRO - <br />7lIIBITI[ft TIM POSS1M SION <br />'dR MAINTAINING (01'ANY . <br />PIN BALL MA OR <br />MARBLE MAICHINE �SIMI- <br />LA$ CONTRIVA,&CE,WITHIN <br />THE CITY OP NEWPORT <br />BEACH, STATtOF CALIFOR- <br />NIA.YRESC.RIBdNOTHE <br />PENALTY FO7[ ', VIOLATION <br />ctcil or criminal,-a9tio .yto be in <br />THE OF ApTiD_y.$ROVIAINO violation of *actio4-614 a same <br />SUOR C CONEx,NCE. N OF shall be sud�pl destroyed by <br />SUQ$ CONTRIVANCE. such officer'ffj�n ely after the - <br />The ty Course c;'6 the City of decision of the has become <br />Ne !§each abda'oidain as fol. __ -.,t <br />is n,.,, fin SEC'LYON I: Secti6rta 6101,. � Anytaild sll ` aeizQ, in or <br />6138,', a, 8138c, 6138d, in coon w[ such i8chine <br />6138e,U2U3c, 6203d,. or tlevic a ly aft such <br />D.ia,e machine -.'de hats- so" <br />6203a, 3f O'dg,�*re hereby destroyed ,�7e <br />repealed; .� t in. treaslAjF;l1e ' t <br />SEC1tION T it at new Sec- Beach to the <br />tion 6147, entti e[�, 'Possession of Fund." <br />Certain Games Prohibited" as � <br />SECT <br />hereinafter set forth, be and the 6147b 4Rti ;. <br />as same is hereby: adopted. <br />"Section 6147. Possession of the Sam.? is r y ad F <br />Certain Games !Prohibited. It shall "Secteb S atitfe. <br />be unlawful for any person, firm Any m am6 - ice as <br />or corporation to keep, maintain, described act! ;p. 7 and <br />possess or have,.under control in which is in , pos- <br />any place of business, or in any sensed or t rolled : 'olation <br />other place of p4WiS resort, either of Section 6 co 'a pub - <br />as owner, 7esseej�:8gent, employee, lit nuisance; and `- y At- <br />mortgagee, ov therwise, any torney of N may <br />table game . of device' commonly instttnta abate _flings <br />known as a game, 'pin ball against the own . f any <br />machines" his macbme', one building or pla i such <br />shot maibie r ' ep horse race machine is loca `drdin- <br />- machine, 4Fp °!$coop'; or 'grab <br />machine'. 'rapfa$fmiistic pay -off ance takes effect._ 1; _- <br />machia br SECTION 5: T''',,���� {(action <br />d. 4�gamq, .of chance 6147c entitled "Slywet. nas <br />- commaa)y k I .as .a 'slot -ma- to Penny Arcades �+s - after <br />chme'-,;OT,. s s slot - machine', j set forth, be and the here - <br />the rseglt q.;ppisration of by adopted. <br />which machir"bia det9rmined by "Section 8147c. $aei tion <br />the jurtaposi jon:'or, Alignment of , as to Penny Arcades. � 147 <br />pictures, sylvjj�A or..other em- of this code sli Vinot ' � the <br />. blems borne 9ftpeyoiving or turn- keeping, m tau ssion <br />in reels, wheels pr the �'� <br />g lay penny control ih any d � need <br />operation, use -or "play of which is penny arcade JTew- <br />Controlled by''V1aoh* therein any port Beach or _ Ines, <br />— coin, plate, dtO{, Ehig; key or other games or de h in <br />device, or by WNIPAyinent'of any. Section 6147: <br />devices plea and <br />fee. Any persMifiTilC'ei ' eorpora- ices in all' illy illy: licensed <br />tion convictedi'WeR 10%i9 Section places of amu9E, Rnt, ",and the <br />shall be guilW o[lu itnisdemeanor, owners, or -' <br />o erato <br />&na shall be punishable by's fine' 1? possessors' <br />thereof shall, 'ver, be subject. <br />of not more; Hundred to all other la and nances <br />liars, or b ent in the of the State of I)(IifornllS. d the <br />udty Jail beding sin City of Newport,$each pe Ingl <br />months, or bh fine and to gambhn�'.'�- 9'l <br />imprisonment. s SECTION „ 6:, This i°Qt.. cel <br />SECTION 3' That a new Set- shall be publiahed at 1 o m I <br />tion 610a, anti'tfeaI "Same -Con- the NewpoTw_l'IaTT,bgr ass <br />'iscation of Machines” as herein- a newspepeP 'O♦```.s ''Qiil]a -, <br />after set forth, be and the same tion prtAted p 'bir- <br />is hereby adopted. culated -In' 81e f rt l <br />"Section 614ja. Same- Confisca- <br />Beach, and egtne a In <br />tion of Macbies. In addition to this foorce a f.pffepf 30 d ' -Merl <br />any other remedy provided by p�$ " <br />Te akb4s.: odu`leY� <br />law, v such machine, game or <br />�' ance was, of thduoet <br />6147 was described by Section meeting of the City <br />8147 may be'selzed by an officer <br />of theri9gK& Osach Pbbcs De- the City of, <br />:Newport <br />pertinent' Acting . under the direc -. on the 22nJAay of A <br />Lion and was f6i6 y -p <br />laof Ne p6t of Police n the ed on the l2fltr¢a <br />City o[ Newpdrt Beach, and a'1 , t, <br />1955, by the fbllowi <br />noticfS „tpiBl� tom. Lyularily to 955, <br />destrvj' �]ERI �txN. a or device] AYES, COUNS,L <br />must the u - be posted in a*, WIC <br />conspic ce n the preen -1 D <br />ices, In g such ma- NOES,� <br />chine o w6( seized. Such <br />machine s .be held by ABSENT ILT <br />such offices rty .(30) days HIa D <br />ft d "f <br />tCAY . <br />., <br />a er ,an i no ac- <br />tin fo recover pos -` DORA O i:t,, .. <br />a ? for thine or device) Mayor „ <br />w;Rbin such time,'-,the eame'shal]I M GSRY''.SC <br />be summarily destroyed by sunk! City <br />Clerk <br />1 officer. or if such machine or ae Cit 33 News -Press 9/14/55 <br />vice is held by the Court, in any _ <br />of <br />to <br />