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AFFIDAVIT OF PUBLICATION <br />STATE OF CALIFORNIA, <br />0 <br />County of Orange, <br />.............. -------- ...... BEN RE- ICK <br />of the said County, being duly sworn, deposes <br />and says: THAT ............he is and at all times here <br />mentioned was a citizen of the United States, <br />over the age of eighteen years, and that --------- - - - - -- <br />he is not a party to, nor interested in the above <br />entitled matter; that ------------ - - - - -- he is the * <br />.............................. printer of the Newport Harbor <br />News Press, a newspaper of general circulation, <br />printed and published in the City of Newport <br />Beach, County of Orange, and which newspaper <br />has been adjudged a newspaper of general cir- <br />culation by the Superior Court of the County <br />of Orange. State of California, under date of <br />October 22, 1954, Case Number A 24831;, <br />that the notice, of which the annexed is a printed <br />copy, has been published in each regular and <br />entire issue of said newspaper and not in any <br />supplement thereof on the following dates, <br />to -wit: <br />all in the year 19..56.... <br />....................... _.... _. ...... _............................. <br />*Printer Foreman of the Printer or Principal <br />Clerk of the Printer. <br />Subscribed and Sworn to before me this .................. <br />.:.------------ ..-- 4nr,i.l ............. 19 ..... 5.6. <br />[SEAL) Notary Public in and for said County <br />and State. <br />My Commission Expires <br />..... ....__...__._..........__...Nov emb e.r ._1.Z_......... 19..5 3......... <br />5A <br />This space is for the County Clerk's Filing Stamp <br />ORDINANCE NO. 777 <br />to a point from which a <br />AN ORDINANCE CHANGING <br />dial line of said 600.6,6,. et <br />• THE ZONING OF CERTAIN <br />curve bears North 24° <br />REAL PROPERTY IN VE <br />21" West; thenc.q. -*uth <br />CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH. <br />39' 96" East 211#Q,,*- feet ,;u'. <br />The C3.( 'Council of the City <br />a Point in a curve:. con <br />. <br />of Newport'Beach -does ordain <br />Northerly having a ra <br />of 400.00 feet, the radial line;- <br />as follows: <br />of said curve from said point:', <br />SECTION 1: That Section <br />West; <br />: beers North 9° lfi' ., <br />9102.2 of Article IX of the &funs- <br />thence Westerly and d North- <br />cipal Cade of the City of New- <br />. <br />along said 'gh <br />port Beach is hereby amended as <br />foot radius curve through art <br />foot ad <br />follows: <br />is- <br />angle of 43° O2 a di <br />That a portion of Lots 164 and <br />a <br />feet to a <br />fee <br />lance of Sine <br />165, Block 53. Irvine's Subdivi- <br />t <br />point in line tangent, said <br />sion, as shown on a map thereof <br />i <br />Point being 240.00 f e e t <br />recorddd In Book 1, page 88 of <br />Miscellaneous Maps, records of <br />Northeasterly of and mean <br />right angles to the <br />Orange County, California, more <br />Southsterly line of said <br />Southwesterly <br />!particularly described as follows: <br />Lot 165, Block 53 of, Irvine's <br />Beginning at a point in <br />- Subdivision, said'point being <br />the Southeasterly line of said <br />Lot 164, 235.00 fee[ North- <br />also in the Northeasterly line <br />easterly of thhe most South- <br />of the Orange County Flood .. <br />erly corner thereof, said <br />Control Channel 60,00 feet <br />point of beginning being <br />in width as recorded in Book <br />25.00 feet Northeasterly of <br />1131, page 10 of Official Re. <br />the center line and point of <br />- cords of said Orange Countx r, <br />beginning of Parcel No. 1 <br />.'°thence North, 50° 10' 3i;v ------ <br />of the Orange County Flood <br />WRst along $ litte parallel <br />Control Channel as convey- <br />> with the said Southwesterly <br />ed to the County of Orahge <br />.line of said Lot. 165, said <br />by deed recorded April 7, <br />' parallel line being said line <br />1954, in Book 2705, page <br />1 tangent; also said parallel <br />539 of Official Records of <br />line being the Northeasterly <br />said Orange County; thence <br />1 line of Bald 60.00 foot wide <br />north 50° 30' 30" west <br />channel, 594.62 feet to the <br />along the Northeasterly line <br />Southeasterly line of said <br />of the said Flood Control <br />Lot 164; thence South 39° <br />Channel,' 426.02 feet to the <br />49' 30" West along said <br />beginning of a curve con- <br />Southeasterly line of Lot <br />- cave Easterly having a ra- <br />164, 5.00 feet to the point of <br />dius of 325.00 feet; thence <br />, beginning, containing 58,9461 <br />Northwesterly and Norther- <br />acres, <br />District <br />ly along said curve and <br />and as shown on the <br />t along the Northeasterly line <br />Map attached to Ordinance No. <br />of said Flood Control Chan- <br />635 and referred to in Section <br />nel through an angle of 85° <br />:9102.2 of said Municipal Code, <br />53' 23" a distance of 487.19 <br />and made a part thereof be, and <br />feet to a point of reverse <br />they are hereby, re -zoned from <br />curvature, said point of re- <br />a U District to a R -1 -B District. <br />verse curvature being the <br />SECTION 2: That the City <br />beginning` of a curve con- <br />Engineer of -the City of Newport <br />cave Westerly and having a <br />Beach is hereby instructed and <br />radius -of 2828.00 feet; thence <br />directed to change the above <br />Northerly' along said curve <br />District Map so as to show the <br />and along the Easterly line <br />zoning changes described in Sec- <br />' of Maid county Flood Control <br />tion 1 hereof, and as said Dis- <br />Channel through an angle of <br />trict Map shall have been so <br />21° 43'. 38" a distance of <br />amended, the same shall remain <br />,feet' to a point, the <br />in full force and effect and be <br />i1072.41 <br />radial line of said 2828.00 <br />a part of Ordinance No. 635 of <br />foot radius curve from said <br />the City of Newport Beach and <br />point bears North 76° 00' <br />Section 93.02.2 of the Municipals <br />45" West; thence from said <br />Code of the City of Newport' <br />point South 73° 30' 30" East <br />Beach. <br />763!1T feet to the beginning <br />SECTION 3: This ordinance <br />of a curve- tangent concave <br />shall be published at least once <br />Southerly having a radius of <br />In the Newport Harbor News -' <br />2140.00 feet; thence Easter- <br />Press, a newspaper of general <br />circulation, printed and published <br />ly and Sbutheasterly along <br />and circulated in the City of <br />said curve through an angle <br />Newport Beach, and the same. <br />27° 42' 12" a distance of <br />shall be in full force and effect <br />1034.72 feet to a point from <br />1 30 days after this 'passage. <br />which a radial line of said <br />The above and foregoing or -' <br />2140.00 foot curve bears <br />_ <br />dinance was introduced at a <br />South 44° 31' 42" Wes[, said <br />regular meeting of the City <br />Point being an intersection <br />Council of the City of Newport <br />with a curve concave South- <br />Beach held on the 26th day.of <br />Bech <br />easterly and having a radius <br />March, 195fi, and was finally <br />of 3790.00 feet, a line- radial <br />passed and adopted on the 9th <br />from said point on said <br />day of April, 1956 by the follow - <br />3790.00 'foot radius curve <br />ing vote, <br />vo te, to wit: <br />bears South 49° 30' 44" <br />Y <br />AYES, COUNCILMEN: <br />A <br />East; thence Southwesterly <br />WILDER, <br />along Maid 3790.00 foot ra- <br />STODDAT, <br />I STODDARD, HALL <br />dius curve through an angle <br />RI- HILL <br />of 12° 09' 46" a distance of <br />NOES;- COUNCILMEN: <br />COUNCILMEN: <br />804.54 feet to a line tangent; <br />NO <br />NONE <br />thence South .28° 19+: 30" <br />ABSENT COUNCILMEN: <br />West slang said line tangent <br />MAC KAY <br />feet to the beginning <br />ATTEST, `A.u,. <br />curve Nrth, <br />of a concave North- <br />>) <br />Margery, Schr er - <br />w t h <br />westerly. haling - a radius of <br />City -Clerk - <br />600.00 feet thence South- <br />-DOR HIL'lL <br />- westerly along said curve <br />- Mayor <br />through an angle of 38° 47' <br />No. 1450 News•PC <br />09:'_a distance of 385.22 feet <br />4/13/'56 ...:..2?S�.a <br />J <br />