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• <br />a <br />ORDINANCE NO. 819 <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY <br />OF NEWPORT BEACH, CALI- <br />FORNIA, ORDERING, CALLING, <br />PROVIDING FOR AND GIVING <br />NOTICE OF A SPECIAL MUNI. <br />CIPAL BOND ELECTION TO BE <br />HELD IN THE CITY OF NEW- <br />PORT BEACH ON THE 28TH <br />DAY OF MAY, 1957, FOR THE <br />PURPOSE OF SUBMITTING TO <br />THE QUALIFIED VOTERS OF <br />SAID CITY A PROPOSITION TO <br />INCUR BONDED INDEBTEDNESS <br />BY SAID CITY FOR A CERTAIN <br />MUNICIPAL IMPROVEMENT. <br />WHEREAS, the City Council of <br />the City of Newport Beach, Cali- <br />fornia, did on the 29th day of <br />March, 1957, by a vote of more <br />than two- thirds of the members <br />of the City Council, adopt Reso- <br />lution No. 4625, entitled "Resolu- <br />tion of the City Council of the <br />City of Newport Beach, Califor- <br />nia, determining that the public <br />interest and necessity demand <br />the acquisition and construction <br />of a certain municipal improve- <br />ment, and making findings re- <br />lating thereto ", which said reso- <br />lution was duly signed and ap- <br />proved by the Mayor of said city <br />and attested and certified by the <br />City Clerk of said city; <br />NOW, THEREFORE, the City <br />Council of the City of Newport <br />Beach, California, DOES OR- <br />DAIN as follows: <br />Section 1. That a special mu- <br />nicipal bond election be held and <br />the same is hereby called to be <br />held in the City of Newport <br />Beach, California, on the 28th <br />day of May, 1957, for the purpose <br />of submitting to the qualified <br />voters of said city a proposition <br />of incurring indebtedness and <br />issuing bonds of said city there- <br />for, in the amount hereinafter set <br />forth, and for the objects and <br />purposes set forth in said resolu- <br />tion and hereinafter stated. <br />Section 2. That the object and <br />purpose for which said indebted- <br />ness is to be incurred and bonds <br />issued therefor is as follows: <br />The acquisition andconstruc- <br />tion by the City of Newport <br />Beach of a certain municipal <br />improvement, to wit: a water <br />storage reservoir with water <br />transmission lines and appur- <br />tenances and appurtenant <br />works, water pipelines and <br />other works for the storage, <br />transmission and distribution <br />of water, including the acquisi- <br />tion of all lands, easements, <br />pipe, pumps, valves, fittings, <br />meters, machinery, apparatus <br />and other property necessary <br />therefor. <br />Section 3. That the estimated <br />cost of the municipal improve- <br />ment described In Section 2 here- <br />of is the sum of one million, <br />seven hundred eighty thousand <br />dollars ($1,780,000) and that the <br />amount of the principal of the <br />indebtedness to be incurred <br />therefor is the sum of one mil. <br />lion, seven hundred eighty thou- <br />sand dollars ($1,780,000). Section S. A cross ( +) placed <br />Section 4. That the maximum In the voting square after the <br />. rate of interest to be paid on the word "YES" in the manner here. <br />indebtedness incurred for the inbefore provided shall be count. <br />purpose stated in this ordinance ed in favor of the adoption of the <br />shall not exceed the maximum proposition. A cross (+) placed <br />rate -peSmitted by law, to wit, six in the voting square after the <br />per -cent (6 %) per annum, pay- word "NO" in the manner here- <br />able-annually for the first year inbefore provided shall be count - <br />and'_semi- annually thereafter, ed against the adoption of the <br />theme actual rate or rates of in- proposition. <br />'.terest on said bonds to be de- Section 9. That for the pur- <br />termined at or prior to the time- pose of holding said special <br />of the sale or sales thereof. I municipal bond election there <br />Section 5. That if the proposi <br />tion for the incurring of bonded <br />indebtedness so submitted re. <br />ceives the requisite number o f <br />votes, to wit, two- thirds of th e <br />votes of the qualified electors <br />voting on said proposition, bonds <br />of said city in not exceeding the <br />principal amount stated in said <br />proposition shall be issued and <br />sold for the object and purpose <br />set forth in said proposition. <br />Section 6. That the polls for <br />said election shall be opened at <br />seven o'clock A. M. on the day <br />of said election and shall remain <br />open continuously from said time <br />until seven o'clock P. M. of the <br />same day, when said polls shall <br />be closed, except as provided in <br />Section 5734 of the Elections Code <br />of the State of California. <br />Section 7. That on the ballots <br />to be used at said special elec- <br />tion, in addition to any other <br />matters required by law, there <br />shall be printed substantially the <br />following: <br />MARK CROSS ( +) ON BAL- <br />LOT ONLY WITH RUBBER <br />STAMP; NEVER WITH PEN OR <br />PENCIL. <br />(ABSENTEE BALLOTS MAY <br />BE MARKED WITH PEN AND <br />INK OR PENCIL.) <br />INSTRUCTIONS TO VOTERS <br />To vote on any measure, stamp <br />a cross ( +) in the voting square <br />after the word "YES" or after the <br />word "NO." All marks, except <br />the cross ( +) are forbidden. All <br />distinguishing marks or erasures <br />are forbidden and make the bal- <br />lot void. <br />If you wrongly stamp, tear or <br />deface this ballot, return it to <br />the inspector of election and ob- <br />tain another. <br />On absent voter ballots mark <br />a cross ( +) with Den or Dencil. <br />B ON D PROPOSI- <br />TION: Shall the <br />City of Newport <br />Beach incur a bond- <br />ed indebtedness in <br />the principal sum of <br />$1,780,000.00 for the <br />purpose of the ac- <br />quisition and con- YES <br />struction by said <br />city of a certain <br />municipal improve. <br />ment, to wit: a wa- <br />ter storage reservoir <br />with water trans- <br />mission lines and <br />appurtenances and <br />appurtenant works, -- <br />water pipelines and <br />other works for the <br />storage, transmis- <br />sion and distribu- <br />tion of water, in- NO <br />eluding the acquisi- <br />sition of all lands, <br />easements, p i p e, <br />pumps, valves, fit. <br />tings, meters, ma. <br />chinery, apparatus <br />and other property <br />necessary there. <br />for? <br />shall be and are hereby estab. <br />lished eighteen (18) voting pre. <br />cincts designated as hereinafter <br />stated. Each such voting pre. <br />cinct shall consist of a consoli- <br />dation of regular election pre. <br />cincts in the City of Newport <br />Reach (of the numbers herein. <br />after stated) established for the <br />holding of state and county <br />elections, as said regular elec. <br />tion precincts exist on the date <br />of adoption of this ordinance. <br />That the polling places for the <br />respective precincts shall be the <br />places hereinafter designated; <br />and that the persons herein- <br />after named, being competent <br />and qualified electors and res- <br />idents of said city and of their <br />respective voting precincts, are <br />hereby appointed officers of <br />election for their respective vot. <br />ing precincts and they shall <br />hold said election and make re- <br />turn thereof in the manner pro- <br />vided by law. <br />Voting precinct 1 shall con. <br />sist of regular election precincts <br />Newport Beach 1 and 24. Poll. <br />ing place: Lytle Residence, 207 <br />40th Street, Newport Beach. In. <br />spector: Blanche L. Lytle, 207 <br />40th Street, Newport Beach. <br />Judge: Florence M. Gifford, 122 <br />40th Street, Newport Beach. <br />Clerk: Phyllis L. Engelke, 6801 <br />Seashore Drive, Newport Beach. <br />Clerk: Josephine Cubbage, 415 <br />38th Street, Newport Beach. <br />Voting precinct 2 shall con- <br />sist of regular election pre- <br />cincts Newport Beach 2 and 3. <br />Polling Place: City Hall, 3300 <br />Newport Boulevard, Newport <br />Beach. Inspector: Julia Mae Eg- <br />gert, 1608 West Ocean Front, <br />Newport Beach. Judge: Aurelia <br />Niemiec, 1611 West Balboa <br />Boulevard, Newport Beach; <br />Clerk: Dorothy Robinson, 1504 <br />West Ocean Front, Newport <br />Beach. Clerk: Geraldine McNiel, <br />1501 West Balboa Boulevard, <br />Newport Beach. <br />Voting precinct 3 shall con- <br />sist of regular election precincts <br />Newport Beach 4 and 5. Polling <br />place: Fire Station, 703 East <br />Bay, Balboa. Inspector: J. M. M. <br />Leonard, 301 Alvarado Place, <br />Balboa. Judge: William L. Hum. <br />phreys, 307 East Edgewater, <br />Balboa, Clerk: Arthur J. Lowell, <br />106 F Street, Balboa. Clerk: <br />Madge M. Perduyn, 305 Alvara- <br />do Place, Balboa. <br />Voting precinct 4 shall con- <br />sist of regular election pre- <br />cincts Newport Beach 6 and 16. <br />Polling Place: Hyer Garage, 200 <br />Abalone, Balboa Island. Inspec. <br />tor: Elsie E. James, 333 Marine <br />Avenue, Balboa Island. Judge: <br />Irma R. Rutter, 325 Grand Ca- <br />nal, Balboa Island. Clerk: Lottie <br />Donker, 323 Grand Canal, Bal. <br />boa Island. Clerk: Marcia Lowe, <br />118 Marine Avenue, Balboa Is- <br />land. <br />Voting precinct 5 shall con. <br />sist of regular election Freeincts <br />Newport Beach 7 and 32. Poll. <br />ing Place: Corona del Mar Fire <br />Station, 410 Marigold Avenue, <br />Corona del Mar. Inspector: <br />Grace A. Mustard, 721 Helio- <br />trope Avenue, Corona del Mar. <br />Judge: Marion L. King, 611 Iris <br />Avenue, Corona del Mar. Clerk: <br />Lydia Jones, 618 Heliotrope, Co. <br />rona del Mar. Clerk: Mabel Mc- <br />Kay, 707 Jasmine, Corona del <br />Mar. <br />Voting precinct 6 shall con. <br />sist of regular election precincts <br />Newport Beach 8 and 17. Poll. <br />