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AFFIDAVIT OF PUBLICATION <br />STATE OF CALIFORNIA, <br />• County of Orange, <br />BEAT REDDICK <br />of the said County, being duly sworn, deposes <br />and says: THAT ............he is and at all times here <br />mentioned was a citizen of the United States, <br />over the age of eighteen years, and that ............... <br />he is not a party to, nor interested in the above <br />entitled matter; that ................. he is the *.................. <br />..... ............................... printer of the Newport Harbor <br />News Press, a newspaper of general circulation, <br />printed and published in the City of Newport <br />Beach, County of Orange, and which newspaper <br />has been adjudged a newspaper of general cir- <br />culation by the Superior Court of the County <br />• of Orange, State of California, under date of <br />October 22, 1954, Case Number A 24831:, <br />that the notice, of which the annexed is a printed <br />copy, has been published in each regular and <br />entire issue of said newspaper and not in any <br />supplement thereof on the following dates, <br />to -wit: <br />October 2 <br />all in the year 19..17.. <br />*Printer Foreman of the Printer or Principal <br />Clerk of the Printer. <br />Subscribed and Sworn to before me this <br />23rd . day of ........... ......... .October........, 19.57..... <br />(SEAL) Notary Public in and for said County <br />G <br />i <br />and State. <br />My Commission Expires <br />Novembe.r....l1 ............... 1919 ......... <br />But <br />This space is for the County Clerk's Filing Stamp <br />Affidavit of Publication of <br />ORDINANCE NO. 832 <br />(b) Section 15.201 is hereby <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE <br />amended to read as fol!ova: <br />CITY OF NEWPORT <br />"Section ' 15.201. Restricted l <br />BEACH AMENDING SEC- <br />Locations. The story ,e of Class: <br />- TIONS 3122 AND 3124. OF <br />:1. 11 and III flammaole liquids <br />CHAPTER 1 OF ARTICLE ISi <br />in above -x, oond ta.Ns outside of <br />III OF THE Mti NICIPAL <br />ll buildings 's prohibited within the <br />CODE OF THE CITY OF <br />of limits e.3tla;.Shed by law as the <br />NEWPORT BEACH. <br />limits o: the district or districts <br />The City Council of the City <br />•n which such storage is to be: <br />of Newport Beach redoes ordain of <br />as follows: <br />SECTION 3: This ordinance) <br />SECTION* 1: That Section <br />'shall be ;published at least once' <br />3122, entitled. "Prohibition of <br />in the Ne-.:port Plarbor News - <br />e <br />Storage of Flammable s <br />Lii d s <br />qu <br />Press. a newspaper of . general <br />m Outside Above - Ground! <br />circulation, p r i n c e d, published <br />Tanks," of Chapter 1 of Article <br />and circutz_ed in tit ^_ City o ?i <br />III of the Municipal Code of <br />tiewpmt 'ice rn, and the same! <br />Ithe <br />shall be in full force and effect' <br />City of Newport Beach be <br />:amended to read as follows: <br />30 days s :,er this passase. j <br />"Section 3122. Prohibition of <br />i The above and fogeyring ordi -; <br />Storage of Flammable Liquids <br />'p nlince was introduced a[ a regu -% <br />:ill Outside Above - Ground Tanks. <br />.ar meeting of the City Council <br />The limits referred to in Section <br />.o. the City of Newport Beach) <br />15.201 of the Fire Prevention <br />J aid on the 10th day of Septem -, <br />bar, 1957, and was finally pissed; <br />;and <br />Code in wnich storage of flam- <br />adopted on the 14th day of <br />enable liquids in out <ide above- <br />'October, 1957, by the fO11owIP.g <br />ground tanks is prohibited, a, re <br />Tote, to wit: <br />it <br />hereby established as [he Ci[y <br />AYES, Councilmen: Hart, <br />New- <br />Boundaries of the C;ty New- <br />Wilder, \lacKay, Stoddard, <br />port Beach, i[ being the <br />tion bf this section to prohibit, <br />Hi <br />without axceptiyn, the storage <br />NOE5, Councilmen: Naze. <br />S, Councilmen: O'n <br />of flammable liquids in outside <br />ABSENT, Councilmen: None. <br />above - ground tanks <br />Attest: <br />"The limits referred to in Sec - <br />Margery Schrouder <br />tion 15.401 of the Fire Preven -! <br />City Clerk <br />tion Code in which new bulk) <br />DORA o. HILL. <br />plants for flammable liquids are <br />'Mayor <br />prohibited, are Hereby establish- <br />No. 300 <br />ed as the City Boundaries of <br />(News -Press 10,23 W <br />,the City of Newport Beach." <br />SECTION 2: That Section <br />3124, entitled, "Amendments <br />Made in the Fire Prevention <br />Code," of Chapter 1 of Article <br />.Ili of t:lc Municipal Code of <br />the Cit :,' of Newport Beach be <br />amended to read as follows: <br />"Section 3124. Amendments <br />Made in the Fire Prevention <br />Code. The Fire Prevention Code <br />is amended and changed in the, <br />following lespects; <br />"(a) Section 26,01, Paragraph <br />b, is hereby amended to read <br />as follow: c: <br />"b. 'Lora-ion Restricted. No <br />PC-son shall kindle or maintain <br />any bonfire or rubbish fire or <br />authorize any such fire to be <br />kindled or maintained on ally <br />private ]and unless (1) the loca- <br />tion is not lees than 25 feet <br />from any structure and adequate <br />i3 made to prevent fire <br />fom spre -ding to within 25 <br />,p,ovislon <br />feet of any structure, or (21 the <br />fire is co.0a.lned in an approved <br />vdata boner v :i,'•i rinsrd top, <br />j located s>ue^; not '•,�i [hnn five <br />feel fi'oia i,nv ,:r'u't{!. 0. <br />300 <br />