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AFFIDAVIT OF PUBLICATION <br />STATE OF CALIFORNIA, <br />County of Orange, <br />BEN REDDICK <br />of the said County, being duly sworn, deposes <br />and says: THAT -- he is and at all times here <br />mentioned was a citizen of the United States, <br />over the age of eighteen years, and that --- - - - - -- . <br />he is not a party to, nor interested in the above <br />entitled matter; that . -------- he is the * -- --------- - - - - -- <br />printer of the Newport Harbor <br />News Press, a newspaper of general circulation, <br />printed and published in the City of Newport <br />Beach, County of Orange, and which newspaper <br />has been adjudged a newspaper of general cir- <br />culation by the Superior Court of the County <br />of Orange, State of California, under date of <br />October 22, 1954, Case Number A 24831; <br />that the notice, of which the annexed is a printed <br />copy, has been published in each regular and <br />entire issue of said newspaper and not in any <br />supplement thereof on the following dates, <br />to-wit: <br />...- ..................sT.l?,ne ... 2.9.0 .. . ..... ......................... .................................. <br />all in the year 1960 . <br />*Printer Foreman of the Printer or Principal <br />-Clerk- of-the Printer — -- - -` <br />Subscribed and Sworn to before me this --------------- -- <br />29th day of Jl�ule� 19.60.... <br />(SEAL) Notary Public in and for said County <br />and State. <br />fvty Commission Expires <br />i/. -- - _ROBERT Y WMLMES <br />- - - -- - - - -- 9----------- - - - - -- <br />921 <br />This space is for the County Clerk's Filing Stamp <br />JUL `�'60 <br />OFiNY OyOK� BEACH <br />,'A ,:Ty <br />— -- ORDINANCE NO- 921 -_ — <br />ICatlon <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE r <br />Of <br />001T OF WE%%PORT' BEACH <br />R— FEALING CHAPTER 4 OF <br />ARTICLE V OF THE NEW- <br />PORT BEACH MUNICIPAL ------------------------------------------------------- <br />-- -------- - ------------ <br />CODE AND ALL SECTIONS <br />CONTAINED IN S A I D <br />()HAFTER 4 AND ENACT- <br />ING, SECTIONS 5201, 5203, <br />5203.1, 5204, 5206, 5207,- 5208 . ------------------------------------------- <br />- - <br />,5208.1, 5208 -2, 5210, 5211, AND <br />----------------------------- --- <br />5212 RELATING TO REFUSE <br />AND GARBAGE COLLECTION l <br />The City Council of the City <br />"SECTION .5201;. rr• ven- <br />of Newport Beach does ordain <br />Lion of Nuisance. It is the <br />as follows: <br />policy of the City to prevent <br />SECTION 1- Chapter 4 of <br />Article V of the Newport Beach . <br />the existence and accumula- <br />Municipal Code, and, Sections <br />tion of garbage, refuse or <br />5400, 5401, 6402, 5403, 5404, 5405, <br />cuttings upon any private <br />5406, 5407, -8408, 5409, 5410; <br />premises or in any public <br />5411, 5412, 5413, 5414, and 5415 <br />place. In order to promote <br />contained in said Chapter 4, are <br />sanitary conditions in the <br />repealed. <br />City, which is necessary for <br />SECTION 2. Section 5201 is <br />the health, safety and gen- <br />added to the Newport Beach <br />eral welfare of the residents, <br />Municipal Code to read-_ <br />the City will provide a serv- <br />"SECTION 5201- 'Gar- - <br />ice consisting of the collec- <br />bage' includes all animal <br />tion of garbage, refuse and <br />and vegetable refuse inci- <br />cuttings." <br />dent to preparation or <br />SECTION 7. Section 5207 is <br />handling of food." added to the Newport Beach <br />SECTION 3. Section 5203 is Municipal Code to read: <br />added to the Newport Beach <br />"SECTION 5207. Perrmons <br />Municipal Code to read: <br />to Haul Garbage, Refuse or i <br />"SECTION 5203. 'Refuse' <br />Cuttings., No person other <br />includes any discarded cloth <br />than contract agents or err- <br />or articles of clothing, pa- <br />ployees of the Citv or a san- <br />' <br />per, paper bag, cardboard, <br />itary district acting in the <br />fiber, metal, glass, carton, <br />scope of their agency or em- j <br />container, box, bottle, or <br />ployment and private collect- <br />jar, or any part of such <br />ore having a license to do i <br />carton, container, box, bot- <br />so from. the City Council <br />tle, or jar, ashes and fee- <br />shall remove from any place <br />thers." <br />or premises In the City or <br />SECTION 4. Section 5203.1 is <br />transport over the public <br />added to the Newport Beach <br />streets thereof any garbage, i <br />Municipal Code to read: <br />refuse or cuttings. This sec - <br />"SECTION 5203.1. 'Cut- <br />tion does not prevent (1) a <br />tings' include trimmings <br />person from gathering and <br />from trees or shrubs, plants, <br />removing refuse or cuttings <br />grass cuttings, er removed <br />from premises as a result <br />or discarded trees, branches, <br />of construction, landscaping <br />shrubs or plants." <br />or gardening services when <br />SECTION 5. Section 5204 is <br />the same has not been set <br />added to the Newport Beach <br />. out for collection by the <br />Municipal Code to read: <br />City, the district . or a pri- <br />"SECTION -WC Nuisance <br />vats collector, (2) a person <br />In his <br />Declared_ -:,'he ,accumulation <br />from removing own <br />vehicle garbage, refuse or <br />and existence of garbage, <br />cuttings which - has been <br />refuse or cuttings on any <br />generated on premises own - <br />private premises, on, . in, or <br />ed or controlled by him, or <br />upon any; Beach, street, al- <br />(8) the immediate removal <br />ley or . other public place <br />by any person of garbage, <br />within the City is hereby <br />refuse or cuttings which is <br />declared to be a nuisance. <br />found by the Health Officer, <br />No person who owns, con- <br />pyre Marshal or Buildingand. <br />trols or occupies any prem- <br />Safety Director to ednsti- <br />ises in the City shall cause, <br />. trite a danger to the pbblie <br />permit or allow any such <br />health, safety or general- <br />nuisance to exist thereon." <br />welfare.'- <br />i <br />SECTION 5. Section 5206 is <br />added to the Newport Beach <br />Municipal Code to read: <br />