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AFFIDAVIT OF PUBLICATION <br />STATE OF CALIFORNIA, <br />aCounty of Orange, <br />BEN REDDICK <br />of the said County, being duly sworn, deposes <br />and says: THAT --- ----- he is and at all times here <br />mentioned was a citizen of the United States, <br />over the age of eighteen years, and that .... __ . <br />he is not a party to, nor interested in the above <br />entitled matter: that ------ - - - - -- he is the * ------------ - ---- <br />printer of the Newport Harbor <br />News Press, a newspaper of general circulation, <br />printed and published in the City of Newport <br />Beach, County of Orange, and which newspaper <br />has been adjudged a newspaper of general cir- <br />culation by the Superior Court of the County <br />of Orange, State of California, under date of <br />10-October 22, 1954, Case Number A 24831; <br />that the notice, of which the annexed is a printed <br />copy, has been published in each regular and <br />entire issue of said newspaper and not in any <br />supplement thereof on the following dates, <br />t0 -wit: <br />July 1, <br />all in the year 19 - - -60 <br />*Printer Foreman of the Printer or Principal <br />Clerk of the Printer — <br />Subscribed and Sworn to before me this <br />- -------- -ls_t day of .-- •-------- •--- J-Ill3r- a--- ---- ----- - -- - -- 19-- -60 - -- <br />• -' - --- - - - - -- <br />(SEAL) Notary Public in and for said County <br />and State- <br />My Commission Ex- <br />pires <br />896X -'9t U30W3A0Id S3VlM P101SSI100 AW <br />6.2m, ,, �-=.§ -- a.11.QD ------------ - - - - -' 19----------- - - - -'' <br />ROBIERT IF. WILL M1E9 <br />W 60 MIS.SIOM MIRM ZOVLUBER 1% aN3 <br />1019 <br />This space is for the County Clerk's Filing Stamp <br />oo So <br />01TY cocl�T <br />r, ,.j> <br />Affidavit of Pu6licafion of <br />ORDINANCE NO. 928 <br />AN ORDINANC:ir' OF THE <br />CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH <br />REPEALING SECTIONS 4232, <br />4233, AND 4238, ADDING -A <br />NEW SECTION 4238 AND <br />SECTION 4240, AND AMEND - <br />ING 'SECTIONS 4239 AND <br />.10158 TO THE NEWPORT <br />BEACH MUNICIPAL CODE <br />$ELATING TO SURFING <br />The City Council of the City <br />of Newport Beach does Ordain <br />as follows: <br />SECTION 1. Sections 4232, <br />4233, and 4238 of the Newport <br />;.Beach Municipal Code are re- <br />..pealed. .. '.. <br />. SECTIQNn 2. A new Section <br />4238 is added to the Newport <br />Beach Municipal Code to read: <br />"SECTION 4238. Use of <br />- Surfboards, .Paddleboards, <br />�r etc., Surfing Areas, Times <br />1 ' -and Dates Restricted. <br />(a) Surfing areas dealg- <br />1'' mated. Between June 1 and <br />September 30 of eacIr year <br />the following described <br />areas of the Pacific Ocean <br />are hereby designated as <br />surfing. sreas: <br />(1) Area No. L Tho.t <br />area lying between the <br />southwesterly extension of <br />the southeasterly line of <br />Olive Street and the west- <br />erly boundary of the City.. <br />j (2) Area No. 2.. That <br />area between the 'south- t <br />westerly extension of the. <br />southeasterly line 08 36th <br />Street and the southwest- <br />erly ,axtgnnsion 9f the north- _ <br />i' westerly line. of 42nd <br />Street. <br />(3) Arne No. 8. That <br />area between the souther- <br />• ly extension of the easier- <br />' ly oine of 19th Street and <br />a line parallel to and- <br />- twenty (20) feet south- <br />easterly of the Newport <br />Pier. ' <br />(4) Area No. 4 That <br />area between a line pared- <br />. let to ..and two- hundred <br />(200) feet easterly of the <br />East _ Tetty and a. line <br />1 parallel to and twenty.' - <br />r - (20) feet easterly of the <br />East Jetty. <br />(b) Routs snrding permit- <br />ted- Between June 1 and Sep- <br />', tember '3(f- of each year, <br />subject to all limitations on <br />use of ::he beaches, coifing <br />shall be permitted as fol- <br />-- Iowa_ <br />- -- Srr Surfing Alla No. 1 <br />and Surfing Area No. 3, <br />surfing shall be. permitted <br />at any time. <br />tE In Surfing Area No, 2, <br />f- surfing shall be permitted <br />between the hours of 7:30 <br />E( o'clock A. M and 12 o'clock <br />1. noon only within two - <br />block area marked'' with' <br />'signs designating ghat per, . <br />tion of Surfing A_ rea Nb: 2 <br />open to aurfinge: Said Sigas <br />shall be moved to designate <br />a different two -block area <br />of Surfing Area Na 2 as <br />surf conditions. conges- <br />tion and beach conditions <br />rruire, Lut not less often <br />than once each week. No <br />two -block area of Surfing <br />Area No. 2 shall be open to <br />surfing for a. continuous <br />period of more than one <br />week. <br />In Surfing Area No. 4.. <br />surfing shall be permitted - <br />between the honrs of 6 <br />o'clock A M. and 12 o clock ' <br />noon Monday throu;h Fri- <br />' day, except on holidays, and <br />between the hours of 6 <br />o'clock A. M. and 10 o'clock <br />A. M. on Saturday. Sunday <br />and holidays. I' <br />(c) Surfing prohibited- No <br />person .shall use or have in <br />his possession any surf- <br />board, oaddleboard, or simi- <br />lar device between June 1 <br />and September 30 of each <br />year, both dates inclusive, <br />at any place in the Pacific <br />Ocean within the City ex- <br />_eept within an area where <br />j surfing - is permitted and <br />i during hours surfing IS per- <br />mitted within such area as <br />provided in this section. <br />Subject to the provisions of <br />Section 4239, after Septem- <br />ber 30 2nd before June 1 of <br />each year surfing is per- <br />, mitted any place in the City. <br />, (d) Swimming prohibited. <br />No person shall wade, , <br />hatjre, or swim between <br />June 1 and September 30 of <br />each year, both dates in- <br />clusibe, in any surfing area <br />at any time surfing is per- <br />mitted in such area unless <br />such person has in his pos- <br />session and is actually using <br />a surfboard, paddlebgard, or, <br />similar device." <br />SECTION 3 <br />4,238 Of <br />the Newport Babolf I }gal <br />Code is amended to 'Tead <br />