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0 <br />W, <br />Surfboards. Paddleboards, <br />etc., Hazard. <br />(a) Hazard to others. No <br />person shall use any surf- <br />board, paddleboard, skid <br />board. .skimmer board, ski. <br />canoe or any similar object <br />made entirely or partially of <br />wood, metal, glass, hard <br />plastic or any rather hard <br />substance at any time in the <br />Pacific Ocean in a manner <br />that constitutes a hazard to <br />any other person. <br />(b) Hazard. Discontinue <br />surfing when ordered, Police <br />officers, the City Manager. <br />or other employees of the <br />City designated by the City <br />Manager to enforce surfing <br />regulations and control surf- <br />ing activities, may prohibit <br />surfing with a surfboard <br />paddleboard, or ,similar de- <br />vice' at any 'time surfing <br />conditions become hazardous <br />as a result of storm., con- <br />gestion of participants. or <br />other condition which caus- <br />es a present danger to per- <br />sons participating in surfing <br />or to others. <br />No person shall fail. re- <br />fuse, at neglect to stop <br />surfing activities or to leave <br />the water when, ordered to <br />do so by any such em -, <br />ployeas of the City." <br />SECTIONIV. Section 4240 Is <br />added to "the .Newport Reach <br />Munidpalpde to reap: <br />"SECTION 4240. Use of <br />Surfboards, Paddleboards, <br />etc., Distance from Jetty, Bile. <br />No person shall use or hive <br />in his paseeasion. in the hair <br />bar entrance or in the Pa <br />cific Ocean within twenty. <br />(20) feet of any public pie';;:, <br />wharf. :seawall, groin. "-or .� <br />jetty, oiwk gy natural rmV <br />formation. Wthin the 'City, <br />any surfboard, paddleboard, <br />or similar device." <br />SECTION. 5. Section ?0158 of <br />the Newport Beach Municipal <br />Code is amended to read: <br />"SECTION 10158. ar <br />tion on Use of Protected ' <br />Swimming Areas. When <br />lines and floats or buoys <br />are In place outlining pro- <br />tected imimming areas. no <br />person snail. operate. - drive; <br />navigate. use or possess <br />within, .r take, drive; pro -. <br />pel or permit to drift into <br />a 'protected . swimming area <br />any boat. vessel, surfboard. _ <br />skid board. skimmer board. <br />ski, paddleboard; canoe or <br />similar object made entirely <br />or partially of wood. metal. <br />glass, haYd plastic or any <br />other hard substance. <br />There is excepted from <br />the provisions of this see- <br />' tion the use of a surfboard, <br />paddleboard, or similar de- <br />vice, in that portion of any <br />protected swimming area <br />which is designated a surf - <br />ing area during the hours <br />surfing 'a permitted there.• . <br />In." <br />SECTION 6. Emergency Ordi- <br />nance Effective Immediately, <br />The summer `seasort has arrived <br />and there is a large increase in <br />the number of visitors in the <br />City.: There is also a large in- <br /> Ghe,number of bathers <br />and swimmers and a correspond- <br />ingly large increase in the num. <br />bet of persons engaging in the <br />sport of surfing with surfboards <br />and similar devices. The uncon- <br />trolled use of surfboards and <br />'similar devices in areas fre- <br />quented by swimmers consti- <br />tutes agave and present dan- <br />get to the safety of both swim- <br />mers and ''those using surf- <br />boards. It is urgent that the <br />.provisions hereof be immediate- <br />ly effective to afford protection <br />to both. <br />SECTION 7. Publication. This <br />ordinance shall he published <br />once in the official newspaper <br />of the City. <br />This ordinance was introduced <br />and adopted as an emergency <br />ordinance at an adjourned reg- <br />ular meeting of the City Council <br />of the City of Newport Beach <br />held on the 20th day of June, <br />1960, by the IollWaing_ vote, to <br />wit: <br />AYES, COTTNCILMEN: King- <br />sley, Atkinson, "Cook, Sfbd- <br />dard. Hart, Lorenz, ;Sriners. <br />NOES. COUNCILMEN: Stone. <br />A' B S E N T COUNCILMEN: <br />None. <br />ATTEST; <br />Margery Schrouder _ <br />City Clerk <br />JAMES B. STODDARD, <br />Mayor <br />No. 1019 News Press 7/1/60 <br />