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0 <br />• <br />JJ <br />ORDINANCE NO. 931 <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY <br />OF NEWPORT BEACH <br />AMENDING SECTION 4238 OF <br />THE NEWPORT BEACH MU- <br />NICIPAL CODE RELATING TO <br />SURFING <br />The City Council of the City <br />of Newport Beach does ordain as <br />follows: <br />SECTION 1. Section 4238 of the <br />Newport Beach Municipal Code <br />is amended to read: <br />"SECTION 4238. USE OF <br />SURFBOARDS, P A D D L E- <br />B O A R D S, ETC., SURFING <br />AREAS, TIMES AND DATES <br />RESTRICTED. <br />(a) SURFING AREAS DES- <br />IGNATED. Between June 1 <br />and September 30 of each <br />year the following described <br />areas of the Pacific Ocean <br />are hereby designated as <br />surfing areas: <br />(1) AREA NO. 1. That <br />area lying between the <br />southwesterly extension of <br />the southeasterly line of <br />Olive Street and the west- <br />erly boundary of the City. <br />(2) AREA NO. 2. That <br />area between the south- <br />westerly extension of the <br />southeasterly line of 36th <br />Street and the southwest- <br />erly extension of the north- <br />westerly line of 42nd <br />Street. <br />(3) AREA NO. 3. That <br />area between a line paral. <br />lel to and twenty (20) feet <br />southeasterly of the New- <br />port Pier and a line paral- <br />lel to and three hundred <br />(300) feet southeasterly of <br />the Newport Pier. <br />(4) AREA NO. 4. That <br />area between a line paral- <br />lel to and two hundred <br />(200) feet easterly of the <br />East Jetty and a line par- <br />allel to and twenty (20) <br />feet easterly of the East <br />Jetty. <br />(b) HOURS SURFING PER- <br />MITTED. Between June 1 <br />and September 30 of each <br />}year, subject to all limita- <br />tions on use of the beaches, <br />surfing shall be permitted <br />-Is--follows: <br />In Surfing Area No. 1, surf- <br />ing shall be permitted at <br />any time. <br />In Surfing Area No. 2, surf- <br />ing shall be permitted be- <br />tween the h o u r s of 7:30 <br />o'clock A. M. and 12 o'clock <br />noon only within a two - <br />block area marked with <br />signs designating that por- <br />tion of Surfing Area No. 2 <br />open to surfing. Said signs <br />shall be moved to designate <br />a different two -block area <br />of Surfing Area No. 2 as surf <br />conditions, congestion and <br />beach conditions require, but <br />not less often than once each <br />week. No two -block area of <br />Surfing Area No. 2 shall be <br />open to surfing for a con- <br />tinuous period of more than <br />one week. <br />In Surfing Area No. 3 surf- <br />ing shall be permitted daily <br />between the hours of 6 <br />o'clock A. M. and 12 o'clock <br />noon and between 6 o'clock <br />T. M. and sunset. <br />In Surfing Area No. 4, surf- <br />ing shall be permitted be- <br />tween the hours of 6 o'clock <br />A. M. and 12 o'clock noon <br />Monday through Friday, ex- <br />cept on holidays, between <br />the hours of 6 o'clock A. M. <br />and 10 o'clock A. M. on Sat- <br />urday, Sunday and holidays, <br />and from 6 o'clock P. M. un- <br />til sunset daily. <br />(c) SURFING PROHIBITED. <br />No person shall use or have <br />in his possession any surf- <br />board, paddleboard, or simi- <br />lar device between June 1 <br />and September 30 of each <br />year, both dates inclusive, <br />at any place in the Pacific <br />Ocean within the City except <br />within an area where surf- <br />ing is permitted and during <br />hours surfing is permitted <br />within such area as provided <br />in this section. Subject to <br />the provisions of Section <br />4239, after September 30 and <br />before June 1 of each year <br />s u r f i n g is permitted any <br />place in the City. <br />(d) SWIMMING PROHIB- <br />,ITED_No person shall wade, <br />bathe, or swim between June <br />1 and September 30 of each <br />year, both dates inclusive, in <br />ORDINANCE NO. 931—PAGE 1 <br />