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0 <br />• <br />CJ <br />ORDINANCE NO. 938 <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY <br />OF NEWPORT BEACH RE. <br />PEALING SECTIONS 3299.1 <br />AND 3299.2, ADDING SEC- <br />TIONS 3298, 3299, 3299.1 AND <br />3299.2, AND AMENDING SEC- <br />TION 3250.5 OF THE NEW- <br />PORT BEACH MUNICIPAL <br />CODE RELATING TO TRAFFIC <br />The City Council of the City of <br />Newport Beach does ordain as <br />follows: <br />SECTION 1. The column head- <br />ing "PENALTIES AND EFFECT <br />OF ORDINANCE" and Sections <br />3299.1 and 3299.2 of the Newport <br />Beach Municipal Code are re- <br />pealed. <br />SECTION 2. Section 3298 is <br />added to the Newport Beach Mu. <br />nicipal Code to read: <br />"SECTION 3298. INCREAS- <br />ING STATE 'SPEED LIMIT <br />ON CER'T'AIN STREETS. It is <br />hereby determined upon the <br />basis of engineering and <br />traffic surveys that the speed , <br />permitted by state law upon <br />the streets or parts thereof <br />described in the sections fol- <br />lowing this section and pre- <br />ceding Section 3299 is less <br />than is necessary for safe <br />operation of vehicles thereon <br />by reason of the nature of <br />the streets, the stop signs on <br />intersecting streets or the <br />wide spacing of intersections, <br />and it is hereby declared <br />that the prima facie speed <br />limit shall be as hereafter <br />designated on those streets <br />or parts thereof when signs <br />are erected giving notice <br />thereof." <br />SECTION 3. Section 3299 is <br />added to the Newport Beach Mu- <br />nicipal Code-to read: <br />"SECTION 3299. DECREAS- <br />ING STATE LAW MAXIMUM <br />SPEED: It is hereby deter- <br />miners upon the basis of en- <br />gineering and traffic surveys <br />that the speed permitted by <br />state law outside of business <br />and .residence districts as ap- <br />plicable upon the streets or <br />parts thereof described in <br />the sections following this <br />section and preceding Sec- <br />tion 3300 is greater than is <br />reasonable or safe under the <br />conditions f o u n d to exist <br />upon such streets, and it is <br />hereby declared that the <br />prima facie speed limit shall <br />be as hereafter designated <br />on those streets or parts <br />thereof when signs are erect- <br />ed giving notice thereof." <br />SECTION 4. Section 3299.1 is <br />added to the Newport Beach Mu- <br />nicipal Code to read: <br />"SECTION 3299.1. DE- <br />CREASED SPEED LIMIT — <br />PALISADES ROAD. The <br />prima facie speed limit on <br />Palisades Road between <br />Jamboree Road and MacAr- <br />thur Boulevard shall be forty <br />(40) miles per hour." <br />SECTION 5. Section 3299.2 is <br />added to the Newport Beach Mu- <br />nicipal Code to read: <br />"SECTION 3299.2. DE- <br />CREASED SPEED LIMIT — <br />SUPERIOR AVENUE. The <br />prima facie speed limit on <br />Superior Avenue shall be <br />thirty -five (35) miles per <br />hour." <br />SECTION 6. Section 3250.5 of <br />the Newport Beach . Municipal <br />Code is amended to read: <br />"SECTION 3250.5. NEW- <br />PORT BEACH ONE -WAY <br />STREETS AND ALLEYS. <br />South side of Balboa Blvd. <br />between McFadden Place <br />and Alvarado Street. East <br />bound traffic only. <br />North side of Balboa Blvd. <br />'between Alvarado Street and <br />McFadden Place. West bound <br />traffic only. <br />Thirty- second Street be- <br />tween Balboa Blvd. and Mar. <br />cus Ave. Northeast bound <br />traffic only. <br />Thirty -third Street between <br />Marcus Ave, and B a I b o a <br />Blvd. Southwest bound traf- <br />fic only. <br />Thirty - fourth Street be <br />tween Marcus Ave. and Bal. <br />ORDINANCE 938 — Page 1 <br />