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0 <br />r J <br />ORDINANCE NO. 939 <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY <br />OF NEWPORT BEACH <br />AMENDING SECTIONS 3266 <br />AND 3281 OF THE NEWPORT <br />REACH MUNICIPAL CODE 'RE- <br />LATING TO PARKING. <br />The City Council of the City of <br />Newport Beach does ordain as <br />follows: <br />SECTION 1. Section 3266 of the <br />Newport Beach Municipal Code <br />is amended to read: <br />"SECTION 3266. PARKING <br />FOR CERTAIN PURPOSES <br />PROHIBITED. No p e r s o n <br />shall park a vehicle upon <br />any roadway for the princi- <br />pal purpose of: <br />1. Displaying such vehicle <br />or property thereon for sale, <br />hire or rental. <br />2. Painting, greasing or re- <br />pairing such vehicle or prop- <br />erty thereon except repairs <br />necessitated by an emergen- <br />cy. " <br />SECTION 2. Section 3281 of the <br />Newport Beach Municipal Code <br />is amended to read: <br />"SECTION 3281. PARKING <br />IN ALLEY PROHIBITED — <br />EXCEPTION. No person shall <br />stop, stand or park a vehicle <br />for any purpose other than <br />the loading or unloading of <br />persons- or materials in any <br />alley except in areas the City <br />Council has designated by <br />resolution for vehicle park- <br />ing and authorized signs are <br />in place giving notice there- <br />of." <br />SECTION 3. This ordinance <br />shall be published once in the <br />official newspaper of the City, <br />and the same shall be effective <br />30 days after the date of its <br />adoption. <br />This ordinance was introduced <br />at a regular meeting of the City <br />Council of the City of Newport <br />Beach held on the 26th day of <br />September, 1960, and was adopt- <br />ed on the 18th day of October, <br />1960, by the following vote, to <br />wit: <br />AYES COUNCILMEN: <br />Kingsley, Atkinson, Cook, <br />Stoddard, Hart, 'Lorenz, Som- <br />ers. <br />NOES, COUNCILMEN; None. <br />ABSENT COUNCILMEN: <br />None. <br />JAMES B. STODDARD <br />Mayor <br />ATTEST:• <br />MARGERY SCHROUDER <br />City Clerk <br />Publish: Oct. 27, 1960 in the New- <br />port Harbor Ensign. <br />