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0 <br />• <br />0 <br />ORDINANCE NO. 946 <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY <br />OF NEWPORT BEACH RE- <br />PEALING CHAPTER 3 OF <br />ARTICLE III OF THE NEW- <br />PORT BEACH MUNICIPAL <br />CODE AND ADDING A NEW <br />CHAPTER 3 TO ARTICLE III <br />OF SAID MUNICIPAL CODE <br />RELATING TO THE REGIS- <br />TRATION OF BICYCLES <br />The City Council of the City of <br />Newport Beach does ordain as <br />follows: <br />SECTION 1. Chapter 3 of Ar- <br />ticle III of the Newport Beach <br />Municipal Code is repealed. <br />SECTION 2. A new Chapter 3 <br />Is added to Article III of the <br />Newport Beach Municipal Code <br />to read: <br />,,Chapter 3 <br />BICYCLES <br />SECTION 3300. Bicycle Regis- <br />tration and Exception. (a) Reg- <br />istration. Every owner or person <br />in charge or control of a bicycle <br />shall register the same with the <br />City. <br />(b) Exception. There are ex- <br />cepted from the registration pro. <br />visions of this chapter new bi- <br />cycles included within the stock <br />of a dealer in bicycles. <br />SECTION 3301. Application for <br />Registration. Application f or <br />registration shall be on a form <br />prepared by the City and shall <br />state the name and address of <br />the owner or person in charge or <br />control of such bicycle, the fac- <br />tory number thereof, the name <br />of the person from whom the <br />same was purchased, and such <br />other description and informa- <br />tion relative thereto as may be <br />deemed necessary for the identi- <br />fication thereof. <br />SECTION 3302. Identification <br />Tags. Upon the payment by said <br />applicant of a fee of Fifty Cents <br />(50c), there shall be issued to <br />such applicant an identification <br />tag having thereon letters or <br />words designating Newport <br />Beach, the year, and a serial <br />number, which tag shall im- <br />mediately be permanently af. <br />fixed by such owner or person <br />in charge or control of such <br />bicycle upon the front upright <br />bar of such bicycle at or just <br />below the handle bars thereof or <br />under the seat of such vehicle on <br />the frame thereof so that the <br />same may be plainly seen, and <br />which tag shall at all times <br />during the current year be per- <br />mitted to remain on said bicycle. <br />SECTION 3303. Registration <br />Date. The annual registration of <br />bicycles as herein provided shall <br />begin with the first day of Jan- <br />uary of each year and end with <br />the thirty -first day of December <br />of each year, and the registration <br />of each and every bicycle owned <br />and used within the corporate <br />limits of the City shall be <br />accomplished each year in the <br />manner provided in this chapter. <br />SECTION 3304. Records to be <br />Kept by City. The City Manager <br />or an officer of City designated <br />by him shall conduct the regis- <br />tration hereunder and shall file <br />and preserve said application <br />and keep a register of all bi <br />cycles for which said identifica- <br />tion tags are issued, which <br />register shall contain the name <br />of the owner or person in charge <br />or control of such bicycle, the <br />make and factory number of the <br />bicycle, and the number of the <br />identification tag, and such <br />other memoranda as may be <br />deemed necessary for the carry- <br />ing out of the purpose of this <br />chapter and the proper identifi- <br />cation of such bicycles. <br />SECTION 3305. Bicycle Sales. <br />Whenever any person sells, <br />trades or transfers any registered <br />bicycle, such transferee shall im• <br />mediately notify the City of such <br />transfer and of his name and <br />address. The transfer and the <br />name and address of the new <br />owner shall be entered upon the <br />register. No fee shall be charged <br />for such transfer. <br />SECTION 3306. Lost or Stolen <br />Identification Tags. In the event <br />the said identification tag shall <br />be lost or stolen from such bi- <br />cycle, the owner or person in <br />charge of such bicycle shall im• <br />ORDINANCE 946 - PAGE 1 <br />