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.-ORDINANCE NO. 1032 <br />as shown on District Map No. <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE <br />36 referred to in Section 9102.2 <br />-, <br />said curve through an angie of <br />CITY OF NEWPQRT.9EACH <br />of the Newport Beach Munici <br />14° 48' 00 "; thence North 45° <br />ADOPTING DISTRLCT'MAPS <br />pal Code and on District Maps <br />35' 0" East 174.83 fee[ to <br />NOS, 99° 40, 41; 42, 43, <br />AND 44. REZONING PROPER- <br />Nos.. 39 and 41 referred to in <br />Section 1 of this ordinance, and <br />the beginning of a curve con - <br />TY, AND AMENDING DIST- <br />made a pa[[ of Article IX of <br />cave northwesterly having a <br />radius of 1200 fee[; [hence <br />RICT MAP NO. 36 <br />' The Council of the City <br />said Code; <br />Parcel 2 <br />—portion <br />northeasterly 378.74 fee[ a- <br />pot <br />of Newport Beach does ordain <br />That of Block 52 of <br />long said curve through an <br />as follows: <br />Irvine's Subdivision in the Ci- • <br />angle of 18° 05' 00'; thence <br />SECTION 1. The maps desig- <br />ty of Newport Beach, County <br />North 270 30' .00" East 150 <br />hated Districting Map, Newport <br />of Orange, State of Califo[- <br />fee[ to the true point of be <br />Beach -- California, consisting <br />nia, as shown on a map [e- <br />ginning; thence leaving said <br />.of Map No. 39, Map No. 40, <br />corded on Book 1, page 88 of <br />centerline North 580 Wes[ <br />Map No. 41, Map No. 42, Map <br />Miscellaneous Record Maps in <br />1200 fee[; thence North .26° <br />No. 43, and Map No. 44, three <br />the office of the County Re- <br />East 540 feet, [hence North. <br />`copies of each of which are on <br />corder of said county des- <br />680 Wes[ 1170 feet, [hence <br />.file in the office of the City <br />c[ibed as follows: <br />North 720 OS' 49" East 760 <br />iCle[k, are hereby adopted by <br />Beginning at Court Decree <br />fee[, mote or less, to an in- <br />.reference pursuant to Section <br />Station 52 in the adjudicated <br />tersection with the adjudica- <br />415 of the Charter and are <br />line of the tide and submerged <br />red line of the tide and sub- <br />,made a part of Article IX of <br />lands of Newport Bay as des- <br />merged lands of Newport Bay <br />the Newport Beach Municipal <br />c[ibed in the Final Decree, <br />between Court Decree Stations <br />Code in accordance with Sec- <br />superior Court Case No. <br />60 and 61 as described in the <br />[ion 9102.2 thereof. <br />20436, recorded May 6, 1926, <br />Final Decree, Superior Court <br />SECTION 2. The following <br />in Book 651, page 72 of Deeds <br />Case No. 20436, recorded <br />described teal property in the <br />in the office of the County <br />May 6, 1926, in Book 651, <br />City of Newport Beach, County <br />Recorder of said county; <br />page 72 of Deeds in the office <br />of Orange, State of California, <br />thence leaving said adjudica- <br />of the County Recorder of said <br />to wit: <br />red line North 78° 30' East <br />county; thence southeasterly <br />Parcel l <br />820 feet; thence North 420. East <br />400 fee[, mote at less, along <br />T t—i osf portions_ of Blocks 52 <br />325 fee[; thence North 24° East <br />said adjudicated line to said <br />and 56 of Irvine's Subdivision <br />365 feet, thence North 70 Wes[ <br />Station 61; thence southeast- <br />in the City of Newport Beach, <br />350 feet, thence North 280 30' <br />e[ly along said adjudicated <br />County of Orange, State of <br />Wes[ 370 fee[, mote at less, to <br />line to Station 62; [hence <br />California, as shown on map <br />an intersection with said adju- <br />northeasterly along said ad- <br />recorded in Book 1, page 88 <br />dicated line between Station <br />judicated line to Station 63; <br />' of Miscellaneous Record Maps <br />55 and 56; thence southeast- <br />thence northwesterly 875 fee[ <br />in the office of the County <br />erly 300 fee[, mote at less, <br />along said adjudicated line; <br />Recorder of said county des- <br />alongsaid adjudicated line to <br />thence leaving said adjudica- <br />c[ibed as follows: <br />said Station 55; thence south- <br />ted line North 720 08' 49" East <br />Beginning at the most north- <br />westerly along said adjudica- <br />2840 fee[, more at less, to <br />e[ly come[ of Lo[ "A" as <br />red line through Station 54 <br />the centerline of the realign - <br />shown on a map filed in Book <br />and 53 to the point of begin- <br />men[ of Jamboree Road, 132 <br />57, page 49 of Record of Sur- <br />ning; containing 12 acres, <br />fee[ wide, as described in the <br />veysin the office ofthe Coun- <br />as shown on District Map No, <br />deed to the City of Newport <br />ty Recorder of said county; <br />36 referred to in Section 9102.2 <br />Beach recorded June 6, 1962, <br />[hencewes[e[lyalong[he nor <br />of the Newport Beach Munici - <br />in Book 6135, page 155 of <br />therly line of the land shown <br />'pal Code and on District Map <br />OfficialReco[ds of said coup- <br />on said map to the most was- <br />No. 40 referred to in Section 1 <br />made a <br />[y; thence sou[he[lyalong said <br />[e[ly come[ of Lot "C" as <br />of this ordinance, and <br />.part of Article IX of said Code; <br />cen[edinerothe easterly pro - <br />longa[ionofsaid centerline of <br />shown on said map; [hence <br />North 870 Wes[ 520 fee[; <br />and <br />proposed Eas[bluff Drive; <br />thence No[[h 75° 30' Wes[ 320 <br />thence along said easterly <br />,-- <br />prolongation and said center- <br />feet; [hence South 52° Wes[ <br />Parcel 3 <br />line the following courses and <br />700 fee[, mote at less, to <br />Those portions of Blocks 51 <br />distances: South 88° 19' 30" <br />Court Decree Station 45 in <br />I and 57 of Irvine's Subdivision <br />Wes[ 66.78 fee[ to the begin - <br />the adjudicated line of the <br />in the City of Newport Beach, <br />ning of a curve concave south - <br />tide and submerged lands of <br />County of Orange, State of <br />easterly having a radius of <br />Newport Bay as described in <br />California, as shown on a map <br />800 feet, thence southwesterly <br />the Final Decree, Superior <br />recorded In Book 1, page 88 <br />482.76 fee[ along said curve <br />Court Case No. 20436, [ecot- <br />of Miscellaneous Record Maps <br />through an angle of 340 34' <br />ded May 6, 1926, in Book <br />in the office of the County <br />30 "; thence South 53° 45' 00" <br />651, page 72 of Deeds in the <br />Recorder of said county des- <br />Wes[ 837.78 fee[ to the be- <br />office of the County Recorder <br />c[ibed as follows: <br />ginning of a curve concave <br />of said county; thence leaving <br />Beginninga[ the most wester- <br />southeasterly having a radius <br />said adjudicated line South <br />ly comes of Lo[ "A" as shown <br />of 1800 feet, thence Saudi- <br />47 0 East 3520 fee[, mole o[ <br />on a map filed in Book 57, <br />westerly 824.67 fee[ along <br />less, to the centerline Jam- <br />l <br />page 49 of Record of Surveys <br />said curve through an angle <br />boree Road, 100 feet wide; <br />in the office of the County <br />of 26° 15' 00 "; [hence South <br />' [hence northeasterly along <br />Recorder of said county; <br />270 30' 00" Wes[ 428.72 fee[ <br />said centerline to the north- <br />thence North 82 09' 17" East <br />to the [rue point of beginning; <br />westerly prolongation of the <br />12.00fee[ along the northerly <br />containing 98 acres, <br />centerline of Ford Road; <br />line of said Iot to the center- <br />as shown on District Maps Nos. <br />thence northwesterly along <br />line of proposed Eas[bluff <br />40, 42, 43, and 44 referred to <br />said northwesterly prolonga_ <br />Drive; thence along said cen- <br />in Section 1 of this ordinance, <br />[ion to the southeas[e[lyjline <br />te[line the following courses <br />and made a par[ of Article IX <br />of Lo[ "D ", as shown on said <br />and distances: North 70 50' <br />of. the Newport Beach Munici - <br />Reco[d of Surveys Map; [hence <br />`3" Wes[ 149.07 fee[ ro the <br />pal Code, be, and the same is, <br />no[theas[e[ly along said South- <br />beginning of a curve concave <br />hereby rezoned from an Un- <br />easte[Iy line and the south- <br />southeasterly having a radius <br />classified District to an R -3 -B <br />easterly line of said Lo[ "A" <br />of 1415 feet, thence no[theas- <br />_ District, and said Map No. 36 <br />to the most easterly come[ of <br />[erly 953.99 fee[ along said <br />- is hereby amended to show this <br />said Lo[ "A "; thence South- <br />curve through an angle of 380 <br />"; <br />zoning change. <br />westerly, northwesterly and <br />37' 43 thence North 30° 47' <br />SECTION 3. The following <br />' not[he[ly along the easterly <br />00" East 519.23 fee[ ro the <br />described teal property in the <br />line of said lo[ to the point of <br />beginning of a curve concave <br />- City of Newport Beach, County <br />beginning; containing 130 ac- <br />southeasterly having a radius <br />of Orange, State of California, <br />[es, <br />of 1200 feet, thence north- <br />to wit: <br />easterly 309.97 fee[ along <br />• <br />