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LEGAL NOTI('E <br />ORDINANCE NO. 1116 <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF <br />NEWPORT BEACH APPROVING THE <br />ANNEXATION TO THE CITY OF <br />NEWPORT BEACH Or CERT4IN UN- <br />INHABITED TERRITORY CONTIGU- <br />OUS TO THE CITY OF NEWpjl. 'r <br />BEACH AND KNOWN AS "ANNEEXA. <br />TION NO. 56" <br />WHEREAS, pul'scam to the provisions <br />of an act of the Legislature of the <br />State of California, known as the 'An- <br />nexation of Uninhabited Territory Act <br />Of 1939 ", file City of Newport Beach <br />instituted proceetlir,ds for the annexe. <br />tion of Certain uninhabited territory orn- <br />liguous to the City of Nevmort Beach <br />and designated as " Annexation No. If" <br />wdhich is hereinafter more parficu- <br />escribad; and <br />EREAS, the City Council of tit, <br />of Newport Beach has coormined <br />in accordance with the Mnexatien of <br />Uninhabited Territory Act of 1939 the <br />ownership of the Properly in the ahve- <br />saitl territory Proposed to be arnexad; <br />antl <br />WHEREAS, the owners of more than <br />twathirds of the value of the Property <br />In the saitl torridly have filed wri!fen <br />consent with the City Clerk of the City <br />of Newport Beach prior to the adoption <br />of this Ordinance, Whereby Consent was <br />given to the annexation of said F ..... cxa <br />tinn No. 56 to the City of Ne'w, all <br />Beach and that the properly in said <br />territory be subjecled to tasall P after <br />annexation equally with property in it,, <br />City of Newport Beach to pay any in• <br />debtedness antl liabilities of the City of <br />Newport Beach oul,tantline, Cnnfrart,d,i <br />authorized, or existing prior to or at <br />the time of annexation; and <br />WHEREAS, the City Council, by the <br />adoption of a resolution within thirty <br />days after file hearing on pr.;csi5 P, <br />the annexation was finally adiourred, <br />has found and declared that a majority <br />Protest to the annexation 'eas n_t n,aae} <br />and <br />WHEREAS, it appears Pout ;he nec- <br />essary proceedings relating ro annewT <br />find have been conducted strictly to ac- <br />cordance with the law; <br />NOW, THEREFORE. the City Council <br />of the City of Newport Beach does or- <br />dain as follows: <br />SECTION 1. The annexation to Ihr <br />City of Newport Beach, California, of <br />that certain uninhabited territory con, <br />titivous to said cry. known a4 "Anne Xa <br />tion Nor 56 ", is hereby approved, and <br />the same is hereby ordained to be am <br />nexed to and made a Part of the City <br />of Newport Beach, California. Said for <br />Hilary is portiCulary described as foil <br />fdws; <br />That portion of Lot 139 and Lot 144, <br />SIk. 50 of Irvine's Subdivision in the <br />County of Orange, Stale of California <br />as per map recorded in Book 1, Page <br />80 of Miscellaneous Record Maps in <br />office the Coanw Recorder of <br />`d county, univ, described follows: <br />inning at the most t westerly car. ld <br />or r Lat d Tract No. 5169 ve per <br />map recorded in Miscellaneous 190, Pages P <br />to 13 inclusive of Oran Pasts, <br />Official records ' Orange .78 f ; <br />thence N or 4e 15" E oiry line <br />alone the northwesterly boundary -line <br />LEGAL NOTICE <br />of said Tract No. 5169, said boondary <br />line also Paid., the northwestern' line <br />of the Acacia Street Annex to file <br />City of Newport Beach as tlescribetl <br />in Ordinance Np, with of said city. In <br />837 <br />an inl <br />STATE OF CALIFORNIA ) <br />concave lithe a nCn-fanyenf <br />M1aving a <br />curve concave sIt <br />caries - 1sferlY <br />12110 fl. a radial to said <br />) SS• <br />t <br />21' 3 of said 'd inteflle bears " 35' <br />38" V4, imerscome <br />COUNTY OF ORANGE <br />c23' said also that <br />file r pf }hat <br />Weted <br />) <br />er <br />Cerf Gilt "line <br />uninh territory" excslh <br />ed from the City <br />Ciiy wpor <br />Newport Eea36 <br />rd alled <br />s described he Ordinance No. 1036 <br />Of said CIP /1 id CP. 310: <br />71 ❑. along said rune through a <br />curve riplet <br />rao- <br />tr tan- <br />nine of lel 58' 07" to <br />sen <br />gent line parallel vrth and i <br />arty 40 R. from <br />W illism M <br />I tl8d M. SCl]Nir�t being first <br />northwesterly <br />the O o 22CI as <br />er <br />boundary Ico of Tract No. 3201 <br />. .............. ........... .... .... ....._._...._.._..... -._ -. _.- _........... .... ..y <br />es <br />Oar map recorded in Boo!•. 130 Pages <br />25 to 30 ,ncNilve at said Mi``ellan- <br />eons Mans; thence S 39° 48' 15" W <br />duly sworn and on oath, depose and say that I am <br />4031.55 ft. atone saitl parallel hue to <br />the Ileselliv by prolongation Of the <br />3 boundary line of said <br />°.oast N <br />Tract No. 3201; <br />the Advertising Ma rip p <br />er--------------------- +he <br />. thence S 50° lY 00^ <br />E 40 ft. along said crol;agatlon to <br />""--'"----------------- ------------------------- -- -tlTq ..- -... -- of <br />the most weslerlY corner of saitl Traci <br />A03 3201; ,hence N 39° 48' ael E <br />A030.02 1t. slop., the northwesterly <br />Newport Harbor News Press -DAILY PILOT , a news- <br />boundary line of said Tract No. 3201 <br />to the point of he90n <br />rope <br />resaid 2. The property in e ibe <br />aforesaid 'Annexation No. 56" shall be <br />paper of general circulation in +he City of Newport <br />sau,.Ir etl to taxation after an firm <br />of Y wtih property wifbtn thy <br />by <br />°f Newport Beach to pay any indented- <br />tad. <br />Beach County of Orange State California <br />s and <br />nest and liabilities of the New- <br />of and <br />t r <br />purl Beach ntr ie <br />existintling, in or the <br />illid zf nr existing prior lu or al the <br />tilSE of annexation. <br />that q!M Ordinance Number 1116 <br />SECTION3. The Mondaries of the <br />T <br />......-....._.......-.._ .........................._...._._....._....._...._-...- ....- ..-- ...- ...- ............. <br />City of Newport Beach, California, be, <br />antl the same arc hereby altered to in, <br />c!ude the territory described h3rein, the <br />annexation of which is approved and <br />----- .................... ..____._-_ ...................... _- ------ _.................................... _................ <br />ordained herein, and Incorporitad In the <br />City of Newport Beach, California. <br />SECTION 4. The proceedings add an- <br />of which +he CO hereon is true <br />nexafion heroin ordained are had and <br />printed a and com- <br />PY P <br />aYen under and pursuant fo the Provi. <br />sinus OF as act of the Legislature of <br />flee state of CarrPrnia, designated and <br />plate copy, was printed and published in the regu- <br />referred to as the "Annexation of Unin. <br />hahited Territory qct of 1939 ". <br />SECTION 5. This ordin ?ore shall be <br />published once In iha offi vial newtPaPer <br />lar Issue (s) of said newspaper on <br />of the City, and iha same shall be ef- <br />--....-__.----- ...... ......... .... .... ....... <br />factive 30 days after the date of its <br />adcrl ion. <br />This <br />February 196 <br />ordinance was Iniroducad at a <br />,_.._-._____..._ .. ......... ... ........ ..... ....._....... .__._ I %`Q <br />far meeting of the City Council <br />...3._. .. <br />the <br />the City of Newport Beach held on the <br />e <br />'Sip of January, 1965, and was <br />Y� <br />d <br />adnnled on the Bth tlaY of February, <br />............... -- _.....- ............-------- _........._..---.--.--....----..------------------..__-------- - <br />1961, by the fonowing vote, to wit <br />AYES, COUNCILMEN: Parsons, <br />Marshall, Either, Gruber, ` ° ° "' <br />F °rgit, Stoddard, <br />Subscribed and sworn to before me this _15th <br />NCEES, COUNCILMEN: None <br />- _- .--- . - - - -- <br />ABSENT, COUNCILMEN: None <br />PAUL J. <br />Feb^ <br />GRUBER <br />Maypr <br />day of -------- ua, r-------- ------------------- -- - - -- <br />ATTEST: <br />MARGERY SCHP•OUDER <br />City Clerk <br />'R ,C/� <br />(SEAL) <br />Published Newport Horbor Pews -Press, <br />HeIPOrt boards, Calif., February 15, <br />1965 185 -65 <br />.............. <br />OFFICIAL SEA:. <br />JOSEPH E. DAVIS <br />_ 'mot' NOTARY PUBLIC- CALIFORNIA <br />PRINCIPAL OFFICE IN <br />i ORANGE COUNTY <br />STATE OF,....,,.,,CALIFORNIA F • ��� ��� •� <br />COUNTY OF ORANGE <br />CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH <br />................_.._.. ..__- __---- - - - - -- ._......- ..-- ..- ... - - -- ------------------------------------- <br />Notary fulglill in and for the County <br />of Oran e, ate of California <br />JOSEPH E. DAVIS <br />My Commission expires My.Gommissisn..Ex�ires.i;;a <br />Iss. <br />I, MARGERY SCHROUDER, City Clerk of the City of Newport Beach, California do hereby certify that <br />the foregoing ............ Prdinance <br />No- .. - • - 1.1.16.. was duly and regularly adopted, passed and approved by the City Council of the City <br />of Newport Beach, California, at a regular meeting of said City Council held at the regular meeting place <br />thereof, on the ...... 8th ..... day, of ..... ......... F.ebxuaxy- ------- ------------• - -- 19 b5 - -- <br />by the following vote: <br />AYES: COUNCILMEN .Parsons, - Marshall,-- ldgr,,-- Ccxuhex G- ook >- For.git,.Skaddard <br />--- -•---- <br />NOES: COUNCILMEN ---- NOnP----------------------------------------------------------------- <br />ABSENT: COUNCILMEN -. -_None <br />Dated this - ..23r!3 day of ....... Febxuaxy.................................... <br />IS <br />Cny Clark .1 the Clif of Newport Beech, sia }e of California <br />