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The issuance or granting of a Permit or approval of plans shall not <br />Prevent the Administrative Authority from thereafter requiring the correction <br />Of errors in Said Plan and specifications or from preventing construction <br />operations being carried on thereunder when in violation of this code or <br />Of any other ordinance or from revoking any Certificate of Approval when <br />Issued In error. <br />Every Permit issued by the Administrati0n Authority under the provlsions <br />of this code shall expire by limitation and became null and void if the <br />work authorized by such Permit i3 not commenced within sixty (60) days <br />from the date of issuance Of such permit, Or if the Work authorized by such <br />Permit is suspended or abandoned at any time after the work is com- <br />menced for a Period of sixty (60) days. Before Such work may be mcom- <br />menced a new Permit Shall be first obtained to do so.' <br />SECTION 8206. Amendment t0 Section 1.10 of the Uniform Plumbing Code. <br />Section 1.10 of the Uniform Plumbing Code is amended ,to read: <br />'Sec. 1.10 —TO wham Permits May Be Issued <br />The following Persons only may obtain Permits to do any work regu- <br />lated by this code: <br />(1) Any person classified as a contractor in Part Two hereof, Provided <br />such Person is not acting in violation Of any contractor licensing law <br />currently in effect. <br />(2) Any Person regularly employing a "Maintenance Plumber ", as such is <br />defined in Part TWO of this code. <br />(3) The bona fide owner of any single family dwelling, to do such Work <br />in or upon Said single family dwelling or building accessory thereto, <br />Provided Such dwelling and accessory building are occupied or intended <br />for occupancy exclusively by said owner, and Provided that said owner <br />shall Personally purchase all material and Shall personally Perform <br />all labor in connection with such work.' <br />SECTION 8207. Addition of Section 7.15 10 the Uniform Plumbing Code. <br />htction 1.15 is added t0 the Uniform Plumbing Code to read: <br />'Sec. 1.15— Re1n3Pection Fee <br />Five Dollars ($5.00) Per inspection may be charged for additional <br />inspections necessary as a result of faulty workmanship or material or for <br />any inspection requested before the work t0 be inspected has been com- <br />pleted and made ready for inspection. Notice Of completion of }h¢ work <br />or of correcting faulty workmanship or materiel Shall pl given the Atl ork <br />IStratIve Authority and,reinspection requested.' <br />SECTION 8208. Repeal of Part'Two of the Uniform Plumbidg Cade and <br />\riding a New Part TWO Thereto. Part Two Of the Uniform Plumbing Code <br />s repealed and a new Part Two is added thereto t0 read: <br />PART TWO <br />CLASSIFICATION OF CONTRACTORS <br />AND PLUMBERS <br />Section 2.1— General Provisions <br />For the Purpose Of this code, all persons engaged in the business Of <br />Plumbing contractor or laboring at the trade of Plumbing within the City of <br />Newport Beach shall be classified as set forth in this part. <br />Sec. 2.2— Contractors <br />Contractors shall be those Persons holding a valid Contractor's License <br />issued by the State of California in One or MOM Of the following classes: <br />(a) Contractor, Plumbing; Class C -36. <br />(b) Contractor, Sewer or Sewage Disposal; Class C -62. <br />(c) Contractor, Lawn Sprinkler Installer; Classes C -27, C -36, or C -61. <br />Sec. 2.3— Plumbers <br />Plumbers shall be those Persons who labor at the trade of Plumbing <br />or <br />in return for wages or salary but Who d0 not furnish a0Y materials in the execution or performance of any plumbing work. Ail plumber s. <br />shall be classified in one Of the following categories: <br />(a) Plumber, Journeyman; A Person who labors at the trade Of <br />Plumbing as an employee of a plumbing contractor and under the <br />direction of said contractor or master Plumber. <br />(b) Plumber, Apprentice; A Person who labors at the trade of plumb- <br />ing as an employee under the direct supervision and In the imme- <br />diate Presence of a plumbing contractor or iourneyman plumber, <br />(C) Plumber,. Maintenance; A Person who is regularly employed to <br />install, alter, maintain or repair Plumbing, gas Piping or sewage <br />disposal systems In or on buildings or Premises Owned Or occupied <br />by his employer.' <br />J <br />SECTION 8209. Addition of Section 315.1 to the Uniform Plumbing Code. <br />Section 315.1 is added to the Uniform Plumbing Code to read: <br />'Sec. 315.1 — Identification Of Piping Systems. <br />Any System of piping that Conveys liquids Or gasses that may become <br />a danger to life or property if accidentally mixed with other liquids or <br />gasses, or With the Potable water supply, shall be identified by a system <br />of markings approved by the Administrative Authority.' <br />SECTION 8210. Amendment 10 Section 1008 of the Uniform Plumbing Code. <br />Section 1008 of the Uniform Plumbing Code is amended to read: <br />tai installation. All water Piping Shall be adequately supported 10 the <br />satisfaction of the Administrative Authority. Burred ends shall be reamed <br />t0 the full bore of the pipe. Changes in directi0n shall be made by the <br />appropriate use Of fittings, except that Changes in direction in Copper <br />tubing may be made with bends having a radius of not less than six (6) <br />diameters Of the tubing, providing that such bends are made by the use <br />Of forming equipment Which does net deform or create a 1033 in cross <br />sectional area of the tubing. Approved Provisions shall be made to <br />r• <br />expansion in hot water Piping. All Piping, equipment, appurtenances antl <br />devices shall be installed in a workmanlike manner in conformity with the <br />Provisions and intent of the code. <br />(b) Water service Pipes or any underground Water Pipes shall not <br />be run or laid in the same trench with non- metallic building sewer or <br />drainage Piping, except as Provided in this section. <br />The water service Pipe may be Placed in the same trench with such <br />building drain and building sewer provided both of the following conditions <br />are met: <br />(1) The bottom Of the water service Pipe, at all Points, Shall be at <br />least twelve (12) inches above the too Of the sewer line. <br />(2) The water service Pipe Shall be Placed On a solid shelf excavated <br />at one side of the common trench. <br />(c) Water Piping installed Within a building and in or under a concrete <br />floor slab reading on the ground shall be installed in accordance with <br />the following requirements: <br />(1) Ferrous Piping shall not be Permitted under any concrete slab. <br />(2) Cower tubing shall be installed without i0ints where Possible. <br />Where Wilts are Permitted, they shall be sliver brazed or equal and fittings <br />Shall be wrought copper. NO Type M copper tubing shall be installed <br />under any concrete slab. <br />(d) Inspection -NO water supply system or Portion thereof shall be <br />covered Or concealed until it first has been tested, inspected and approved. <br />(a) Testing. Before such approval, both hot and cold water piping <br />shall be subiected to a full working water Pressure test from the street <br />main Or other source of supply, or t0 an air Pressure of not less than <br />fifty (50) Pounds per square inch for not less than fifteen (15) minutes. <br />Piping must not leak when subiected to such test.' <br />SECTION 8277. Admendment to Section 7103 Of the Uniform Plumbing Code. <br />Section 1103 of the Uniform Plumbing Code i3 amended to read: <br />'Sec. 1103-13,Uilding Sewer Materials <br />(a) The building sewer, beginning two (2) feet from any building or <br />structure, shall be of such materials as may be approved by the Adminlstra- <br />hive Authority under the approval Procedures set forth in Chapter 2 Of this code. <br />(b) Joining methods and materials shall be as Prescribed in Chapter <br />8 Of this code. <br />(C) Asbestos cement sewer pipe and bituminized fiber sewer pipe and <br />fittings shall net be used in any building sewer.'" <br />SECTION 0. This ordinance shall be Published once in the official newspaper <br />of the City, and the same shall be ef:eciive 30 days after the date Of its adoption. <br />This ordinance was introduced at a regular meeting Of the City Council of <br />the City of Newport Beach held on the 8th day of February, 1965, and was <br />adopted on the 23rd day of February, 1965, by the following vote, to wit: <br />AYES, COUNCILMEN: Parsons, Marshall, Elder, Gruber, Cook, <br />Forgib Stoddard <br />NOES, COUNCILMEN: None <br />ABSENT COUNCILMEN: None <br />PAUL J. GRUBER <br />Mayor <br />ATTEST: <br />MARGERY SCHROUDER <br />City Clerk <br />Published Newport Harbor News -Press, Newport Beach, California, March 1, 1961ft <br />u <br />0 <br />