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ORDINANCE NO. 1127 <br />district, sublect to first searing a <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF <br />Use Permit in each case. <br />NEWPORT BEACH AMENDING SEC- <br />(h) The removal of earthen mate <br />TION 9105.1 OF, AND ADDING SEC- <br />rials may be Permitted In any dis- <br />TIONS 9107.281 AND 9107.282 TO, <br />trlct. sublect to first securing a Use <br />ARTICLE IX OF THE NEWPORT <br />Permit in each case. (No permit re- <br />BEACH MUNCIPAL CODE RELATING <br />quired for normal grading or land. <br />TO PLANNING AND ZONING, AND <br />scaping on lots of record.) <br />REPEALING ORDINANCE NO. 1118 <br />(1) No helicopter shall land or take <br />ESTABLISHING INTERIM ZONING <br />off and no heliport or hellstop shall <br />REGULATIONS. <br />be established in any 'R -1' or 'R -2' <br />The City Council Of the City of New <br />District. In any district other then <br />'114, <br />Port Beach does ordain as follows: <br />R•1' or no helicopter shall land <br />SECTION 1. Section 9105.1 Of the <br />or take off and no heliport or hell. <br />Newport Beach Municipal Code Is amentl- <br />stop shall be established unless a Use <br />e eaad <br />shall first have been secured <br />for maintenance, <br />for the <br />9105.1. Uses: <br />ion of sucht, <br />and operation of such use. <br />No C, <br />No circus, carnival, amusement <br />The Planning Director may ap <br />x, fun zone, Open air theatre, race <br />ov <br />prove temporary signs to ativertice a <br />ry si <br />track, private recreation center, or <br />subdivision and temporary tract or <br />other similar establishment, shall be <br />real estate offices for sales in new <br />established in any district unless and <br />subdivisions for a period rot to exceed <br />until a Use Permit is first secured for <br />are (1) Year following the date of <br />the establishment, maintenance and <br />approval of the final map. <br />operation of such use. <br />The Planning Director may approve <br />(b) No dance hall, road house. night <br />temporary structures for the housing <br />club, commercial club, or any estab- <br />of teals and equipment or supervisory <br />lishment where liquor is served, or <br />offices for a Period not to exceed one <br />commercial Place of amusement or <br />(1) Year in connection with motor <br />recreation or any such place or any <br />construction during the progress of <br />other Place where entertainers are <br />such construction. <br />Provided, whether as social cempan. <br />The Planning Director ay approve <br />Ions Or otherwise, shall be established <br />an extension of periods omf time speci. <br />In any district closer than fwd hun- <br />fled in this subsection." <br />dred (200) feet to the boundary of any <br />SECTION 2. Section 9107.281 is added <br />dwelling district, unless a Use Permit <br />to the Newport Beach Municipal Cede <br />shall first have been secured for the <br />to read: <br />establishment, maintenance and opera <br />SECTION 9107.281. 'HELICOPTER'. <br />flan of such use. <br />Any rotorcraH which depends princl- <br />(c) Accessory uses and buildings in <br />pally for its support and motion In the <br />any 'C' or 'M' District are Permitted <br />air upcn lift generated by one or more <br />where such uses Or buildings are in- <br />rotors that rotate On substantially ver. <br />ciderdal to and do not alter the char. <br />tical axes." <br />acter of the Premises In respect to <br />SECTION 3. Section 9107.282 is added <br />their use for purposes Permitted in the <br />to the Newport Beach Municipal Code <br />district. Such accessory buildings shall <br />to read: <br />be allowed only when constructed con- <br />SECTION 9707.282. 'HELIPORT OR <br />current with or subsequent to the main <br />HELISTOP'. Any area designed, used <br />building. <br />or intended to be used for the landing <br />(it) Accessory uses normally a part <br />or taking off of helicopters, including <br />of any use permitted In any 'R' Ols. <br />all appurtenant areas, buildings and <br />trict may be Permitted. This shall not <br />facilities." <br />be construed as Permitting any com- <br />SECTION 4. Ordinance No. 1118 estab- <br />mercial use In any 'R' District unless <br />lishing Interim zoning regulations for the <br />such Is specified in the regulations <br />control of helicopters and heliports, which <br />for the tlistrict, nor shall this be <br />was adopted on January 25, 1965, as an <br />deemed to alb" the manufacturing <br />emergency ordinance effective immedi. <br />Or Processing of any substance Or <br />ately, is repealed. <br />commodity for Profit or the storage <br />SECTION S. This ordinance shall be <br />of vehicles, equipment or materials <br />Published once in the official newspaper <br />used In the conduct of any retail or <br />of the City, and the same shall be ef. <br />wholesale business. <br />fective 30 days after the date of Its <br />(e) Parking of automobiles an the <br />addiction. <br />roof of a building may be Permitted <br />This Ordinance was Introduced at a <br />in any 'C' Or 'M' District, sublect to <br />regular meeting of the City Council Of <br />first securing a Use Permit. Parking <br />the City of Newport Beach held on the <br />of automobiles on the roof of a build- <br />26th day of April, 1965, and was adopted <br />Ing In any 'R' District Is not per. <br />an the 19th day of May. 1965, by the <br />following vote, to colt: <br />Public an M fee Private Parking <br />AYES. COUNCILMEN: Stoddard. <br />r automobiles may be Permitted <br />Forgit, Cook, Gruber, Elder, <br />ny R' District adlacent to any <br />Marshall, Parsons <br />'C' or 'M' District, sublect to first <br />NOES. COUNCILMEN: None <br />searing a Use Permit In each case. <br />ABSENT COUNCILMEN: None <br />(g) Churches, schools, hospitals, <br />PAUL J. GRUBER <br />Parks and Playgrounds. Yacht clubs, <br />Mayor <br />cemeteries (minimum area twenty (20) <br />ATTEST: <br />acres), mausoleums, crematories, pub. <br />MARGERY SCHROUDER <br />lic utility, public and quasi - public <br />City Clerk <br />buildings, and municipally Operated <br />Published Newport Harbor News - Press, <br />Parking lots may be Permitted in any <br />Newport Beach, Calif., May 14, 1965 661 -65 <br />STATE OF CALIFORNIA <br />COUNTY OF ORANGE <br />CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH <br />STATE OF CALIFORNIA ) <br />) SS. <br />COUNTY OF ORANGE ) <br />1. - JABeph_E. Davie........ being first <br />duly sworn and on oath, depose and say that I am <br />the Le gal.._ Afleert .l .einlg.._Man -alter------- - -. - -. of the <br />Newport Harbor News Press -DAILY PILOT, a news- <br />paper of general circulation in the City of Newport <br />Beach, County of Orange, State of California, and <br />f hat City orainnnee Number 112q <br />..................................................... ............................... <br />of which the copy printed hereon is a true and com- <br />plate copy, was printed and published in the regu- <br />lar issue (s) of said newspaper on <br />sworn to before me this <br />dayof -- ---- -- --- --- ----- - - - - -- .../\/.../..+��.s....}. ......./.. .............1 196............ <br />Notary Public in and for the County Vs .': -: •e?ea <br />of Orange, State of California,,,.,r. <br />GpY "L'.7- Sr"i1L <br />MyCommission expires _ :.1i --------------p.,,_C..:d.t.... -Ce I <br />crv,r:G, eouien <br />,,... <br />)SS. <br />) <br />I, MARGERY SCHROUDER, City Clerk of the City of Newport Beach, California do hereby certify that <br />the foregoing ... . , _ , .Ordinance <br />9 9 ............. ....... ... .......................... <br />No. ..1127..... was duly and regularly adopted, passed and approved by the City Council of the City <br />of Newport Beach, California, at a regular meeting of said City Council held at the regular meeting place <br />thereof, on the ..10th . .day, of .................. Mip�S.r............................ 19 65.... <br />by the following vote: <br />AYES: COUNCILMENStoddardy Forgit, Cook, GruberY Elders Marshall, Parsons <br />a~ J c <br />City Clark of the 'City of N wPOrt Beach, State of California <br />