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• <br />AFFIDAVIT OF PUBLICATION <br />NEWPORT HARBOR ENSIGN <br />STATE OF CALIFORNIA t ss. <br />County of Orange f <br />I' ° - -ARy O °�' �1 Ei ��i ................. being first <br />duly sworn, and on oath depose and say that I am the <br />printer and publisher of the Newport Harbor Ensign, a <br />weekly newspaper printed and published in the City of <br />Newport Beach, County of Orange, State of California, <br />and that...... - Ordinance nio. 1132 <br />---- --- ------- --- --- ----...... °- ...... . -- ° ° ° °- -- ......- °-- --........ of which <br />copy attached hereto is a true and complete copy, was <br />printed and published in the regular issue(s) of said <br />newspaper, and not in a supplement, ..._..1.......... consecu- <br />tive times: to-wit the issue(s) of <br />Aug. _57__i965 <br />(Signed)- `.�.�'`^? .._:K- --- <br />Subscribed and sworn to before me this._l't <br />............._9ur u St--- --- ........ 19._6.x?.. <br />Notar}ublic in and for t FW <br />-. , %• %ir„ County of Orange, State. of California. <br />My COMMISSION EXPIRES NOV. 29, 1967 <br />•z A& f <br />ass% ALIFORNIA <br />F ORANGE <br />C�IEWPORT BEACH <br />1' Margery Schrouder <br />------------ ...... ...... . .•�.. �-- ...............- _........ <br />Beach, California, do hereby certify that the fc <br />ORDINANCE NO. 1132 <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY <br />OF NEWPORT BEACH <br />AMENDING SECTION 3290 <br />OF THE NEWPORT BEACH <br />MUNICIPAL CODE RELATING <br />TO PARKING METER ZONES <br />The City Council of the City <br />of Newport Beach does ordain <br />as follows: <br />SECTION 1. Section 3290 of <br />the Newport Beach Municipal <br />Code is amended to read: <br />"SECTION 3290. Parking <br />Meter Zones. , The following <br />parking meter zones arehereby <br />established: <br />Zone 1 <br />Northeasterly side of McFad- <br />den Place between Balboa <br />Boulevard and Court Street <br />Zone 2 <br />Main Street between Bay <br />Avenue and Balboa Boule- <br />vard <br />Balboa Boulevard between <br />'A' Street and Adams Street <br />Bay Avenue between Main <br />Street and Palm Street <br />Newport Boulevard between <br />26th Street and 30th Street <br />Northeasterly side of New - <br />port Boulevard between 21st <br />Street and 26th Street <br />Southwesterly side of Mc- <br />Fadden Place between 22nd <br />Street and Ocean Front <br />Easterly side of NicF'adden <br />Place between Ocean Fron <br />and Court Street <br />Southerly end of McFadden <br />Place at the approach to the <br />Newport Pier <br />Court Street between20th <br />Street and McFadden Place <br />Twenty -third Street between <br />Ocean Front and Balboa <br />Boulevard <br />Twenty - second Street be- <br />tween Ocean Front and Bal- <br />boa Boulevard <br />Twenty- second Street be- <br />tween Newport Boulevard <br />and The Arcade <br />Pacific Coast Highway be- <br />tween Newport Boulevard <br />and southerly extension of <br />Irvine Avenue <br />Tusti nAvenue between Paci- <br />fic Coast Highway and Avon <br />Street <br />The Arcade at the easterly <br />end of 22nd Street <br />Zone 3 <br />Central Avenue between Via <br />Onorto and Newport Bay <br />Zone 4 <br />Bay Avenuc between Adams <br />55. (See Page 2) <br />Street and Palm Street <br />Ocean Frontbetween McFad- <br />den Place and 24th Street <br />Palm Street between Bay <br />Avenue and the first alley <br />southerly of Balboa Boule- <br />vard <br />Lido Park (hive between <br />28th Street and Lafayette <br />Avenue <br />Washington Street northerly <br />of Bay Avenue <br />Zone 5 <br />Via Lido between New pport <br />Boulevard and Lido Isle <br />Bridge <br />Via Oporto between Central <br />Avenue and 32nd Street <br />Via Malaga between Via <br />Oporto and Via Lido <br />CentralAvenue between Via <br />Lido and Via Oporto <br />Newport Boulevard between <br />30th Street and Finley Ave- <br />nue, except on the westerly <br />side of Newport Boulevard <br />between the alley 250 feet <br />southerly of 32nd Street and <br />a point 150 feet northerly of <br />32nd Street, and except on <br />the easterly side of Newport <br />Boulevard between 32nd <br />Street and the extension of <br />die southerly property line of <br />Finley Avenue <br />Newport Boulevard between <br />Finley Avenue and Via Lido, <br />except on the easterly side <br />of Newport Boulevard be- <br />tween the extension of the <br />northerly property line of <br />Finley Avenue and a point <br />200 feet northerlyy, <br />Thirty - second Sireetbetween <br />Newport Boulevard and Villa <br />Way <br />Zone 6 <br />Fifteenth Street between <br />Ocean Front and Newport <br />Bay <br />Northeasterly side of Balboa <br />Boulevard between 23rd <br />Street and 26th Street <br />Southwesterly side of New- <br />port Boulevard between 23rd <br />Street and 26th Street <br />There are excepted from the <br />zones established hereby those <br />areas designated and marked as <br />loading zones and areas where <br />pursuant to other provisions of <br />this Article the time limit on <br />parking is 10 minutes or less." <br />SEHION 2. This ordinance <br />shall be published once in the <br />official newspaper of the City, <br />and the same shall be effective <br />30 days after the date of its <br />adoption. <br />City Clerk of the City of Newport <br />Ordinance <br />No ... .. .... 132________ ........... was duly and regularly adopted, passed, and approved by the City Council <br />of the City of Newport Beach, California, at a regular meeting O� said City Council held at the <br />26th <br />regular meeting place thereof, on the ..... ..........., of .... --- .JU1_V- ...................................... 1965 <br />by the following vote: <br />AYES: COUNCILMEN Parsons, Marshall, Gruber, Cook <br />----------------°--------------- ------ ---------- °- --- °- -- - - -- -- <br />NOES: COUNCILMEN ...... .................. ... .....None <br />ABSTAIN: COUNCILMEN Elder <br />ABSENT: COUNC <br />Dated this..... 22d.....-- .... day <br />6rrereP. -.i <br />t <br />November - --- - °- - -- ................. 1965 <br />_ '- <br />City Clerk of the Cify of . Alewport Beach _State -of California <br />