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ORDINANCE NO. 14 3 <br />AN EMERGENCY ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF NEWPORT <br />BEACH ESTABLISHING A USE PERMIT REQUIREMENT <br />FOR CERTAIN USES WITHIN THE M -1 DISTRICT <br />WHEREAS, the LaFayette Square, or Cannery Village Area, <br />and Lido Peninsula contain many parcels of property zoned M -1; <br />and <br />WHEREAS, said areas are rapidly developing into complexes <br />of specialty shops which can generate a large amount of vehicular <br />traffic; and <br />WHEREAS, the M -1 District allows retail and wholesale <br />stores as well as the more conventional light industrial uses <br />without a use permit; and <br />WHEREAS, the development of retail and wholesale shops <br />in the M -1 District has caused and will continue to cause a serious <br />parking problem unless a practical solution for the control of <br />off - street parking for this area is devised; and <br />WHEREAS, the City Council will request the Planning <br />Commission to consider amending Section 20.30.040 of the Newport <br />Beach Municipal Code to require use permits for all uses in the <br />M -1 District, except building material yards; contractors' yards; <br />fuel yards; machine shops; lumber yards; building and repair of <br />boats; instrument manufacturing; manufacturing uses; and any other <br />uses which, in the opinion of the Planning Commission are of <br />similar nature, but under the same limitations and restrictions <br />specified in sections governing same; and <br />WHEREAS, Section 65858 of the California Government Code <br />specifically authorizes the adoption of interim zoning ordinances <br />as emergency measures prohibiting uses which may conflict with a <br />zoning proposal which the legislative body is considering; and <br />WHEREAS, Section 412 of the City Charter authorizes the <br />adoption of ordinances as emergency measures when declared by the <br />-1- <br />