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SECTION 2. This ordinance shall be published once in <br />the official newspaper of the City, and the same shall be <br />effective 30 days after the date of its adoption. <br />i <br />� This ordinance was introduced at a regular meeting � <br />of the City Council of the City of Newport Beach held on the <br />8th day of May 1972 , and was adopted on the <br />22nd day of May 19 72 , by the following vote, <br />to wit: <br />6. <br />ATTEST: A s <br />City Clerk <br />CERTIFIED AS THE ORIGINAL AND <br />CERTIFIED AS TO PUBLICATION <br />DAT .......... <br />` <br />CITY CLERK OF TNf OF'NEWP T T BEA <br />AYES, COUNCILMEN: McInnis, Crou1, <br />Dostal, Rogers, Ryckoff, Kymla, Store <br />NOES, COUNCILMEN: None <br />ABSENT COUNCILMEN: None <br />Mayor <br />-2- DON:ep <br />5/2/72 <br />