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10 <br />ORDINANCE NO. 14 4 8 q <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH <br />AMENDING SECTION 3.16.030 OF THE NEWPORT <br />BEACH MUNICIPAL CODE TO PROVIDE FOR AN IN- <br />CREASE IN THE UNIFORM TRANSIENT OCCUPANCY <br />TAX <br />The City Council of the City of Newport Beach DOES ORDAIN <br />as follows: <br />SECTION 1. ,Section 3.16.030 of the Newport Beach Municipal <br />Code is amended to read: <br />"3.16.030 Tax Imposed. For the privilege of occupancy <br />in any hotel, each transient is subject to and shall pay a tax <br />in the amount of six percent (6 %) of the rent charged by the <br />operator. The tax constitutes a debt owed by the transient to <br />the City which is extinguished only by payment to the operator <br />or to the City. The transient shall pay the tax to the operator <br />of the hotel at the time the rent is paid. If the rent is paid <br />in installments, a proportionate share <br />with each installment. The unpaid tax <br />transient's ceasing to occupy space in <br />reason the tax due is not paid to the <br />Finance Director may require that such <br />to the Finance Director." <br />of the tax shall be paid <br />shall be due upon the <br />the hotel. If for any <br />operator of the hotel, the <br />tax shall be paid directly <br />SECTION 2. This ordinance shall be published once in the <br />official newspaper of the City, and the same shall be effective <br />October 1, 1972. <br />This ordinance was introduced at a regular meeting of the <br />City Council of the City of Newport Beach held on the 12th day of <br />June , 1972, and was adopted on the 26th day of June , <br />1972, by the following vote, to wit: <br />ATTEST; <br />a ty Clerk -�- U <br />n AS 7oT E �CITT%A� <br />.....I ............._._ <br />MY CLERK OF THE a L' OF N FORT B.ACH <br />DATE, ...... _ ........... <br />_. _ <br />AYES, COUNCILMEN: McInnis, Croul , Dostal <br />Kvmla, Rogers, Rvckoff, Store <br />NOES, COUNCILMEN: None <br />ABSENT COUNCILMEN: None <br />Mayor <br />DON:mh <br />6/14/72 <br />