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s <br />• <br />NO. 1459 <br />AN EMERGENCY ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF NEWPORT <br />BEACH ESTABLISHING INTERIM DEVELOPMENT STANDARDS <br />FOR THE R -2 DISTRICT ON BALBOA ISLAND <br />WHEREAS, most of the properties on Balboa Island are <br />zoned in the R -2 District; and <br />WHEREAS, the construction of two detached single - family <br />dwellings, or one duplex, is a permitted use in the R -2 District; <br />and <br />WHEREAS, in many instances all stories of buildings on <br />R -2 lots have been constructed to the full buildable area of the <br />lot; and <br />WHEREAS, the rapid growth of the City of Newport Beach <br />has created increasing pressures for intensive development and re- <br />development of the R -2 properties on Balboa Island; and <br />WHEREAS, said intensive development and redevelopment <br />of said properties on Balboa Island have resulted in and will <br />continue to result in an overcrowding of buildings into the ex- <br />tremely limited area of the Island; and <br />WHEREAS, in order to preserve and enhance the physical, <br />social and economic enjoyment of Balboa Island, the City Council <br />and the Planning Commission have initiated planning studies to <br />develop adequate development standards for the multiple residen- <br />tial properties in the R -2 District on Balboa Island and elsewhere <br />in the City of Newport Beach; and <br />WHEREAS, Section 65858 of the California Government Code <br />specifically authorizes the adoption of interim zoning ordinances <br />as emergency measures prohibiting uses which may conflict with a <br />zoning proposal which the legislative body is considering; and <br />WHEREAS, Section 412 of the Newport Beach City Charter <br />authorizes the adoption of ordinances as emergency measures when <br />declared by the City Council to be necessary in preserving the <br />-1- <br />