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E. Privately owned land upon formal agreement for a <br />specific period of time between the owner(s) and the City: <br />1. Land which is in agricultural or <br />• horticultural use. <br />2. Land which is substantially in its <br />natural state. <br />3. Land which is of particular historic, <br />cultural, or scientific value. <br />20.33.040 Uses.Permitted. The following uses shall <br />be permitted in the OS Districts. <br />A. Privately owned or,public open recreation areas, <br />parks, schools, paseos, playgrounds, beaches, marine and <br />wildlife preserves, and such buildings and structures as <br />related thereto, but permitting no commercial recreational <br />uses where an admission fee is charged, except as permitted <br />under Section 20.33.050 of this Chapter. <br />B. Agricultural and horticultural uses and such <br />buildings and structures'as related thereto subject to <br />• the provisions of Section 20.33.050 of this Chapter. <br />C. Public bicycle, routes, hiking trails, and other <br />pedestrian ways. <br />D. .Public parking. <br />E. Drainage channels, water courses, spreading <br />grounds, settling basins. <br />20.33.050 Uses Requiring Use Permit. The following <br />uses shall be permitted subject to the securing of a Use <br />i <br />Permit in each case,: <br />A. Residential structures for a watchman or care- <br />taker,and his family. <br />B. Commercial recreational facilities and uses of an <br />open nature, such as golf courses or aquatic parks, where <br />• an admission or use fee or club membership fee is charged. <br />-3- <br />I <br />