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ORDINANCE NO. 1500 <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH <br />• ADDING CHAPTER 20.41 TO TITLE 20 OF THE <br />NEWPORT BEACH MUNICIPAL CODE, ENTITLED <br />"SPECIFIC PLAN DISTRICT" <br />The City Council of the City of Newport Beach does <br />ordain as follows: <br />SECTION 1. Chapter 20.41 is added to the Newport <br />Beach Municipal Code to read: <br />"CHAPTER 20.41 <br />SPECIFIC PLAN DISTRICT <br />Sections: <br />20.41.010 Authority and Scope. <br />20.41.020 Effect of Chapter. <br />20.41.030 "SP" Combining District - Uses <br />Permitted and Development Standards. <br />20.41.040 "SP" Individual District - Uses <br />Permitted and Development Standards. <br />20.41.050 Adoption or Amendment of Specific <br />Plans and Application of the "SP" <br />District. <br />• <br />20.41.010 Authority and Scope. <br />The <br />Planning Com- <br />mission may, or if so directed by the <br />City <br />Council shall, <br />prepare specific plans based on the general plan and drafts <br />of such regulations, programs, and legislation as may in its <br />judgment be required for the systematic execution of the <br />general plan and the Planning Commission may recommend <br />such plans and measures to the City Council for adoption <br />according to the provisions of California Government Code <br />Sections 65450 through 65550 which are incorporated herein <br />by this reference as if fully set forth. <br />Such specific plans may include: <br />(a) Regulations limiting the location of buildings <br />and other improvements with respect to existing or planned <br />rights -of -way. <br />(b) Regulations of the use and buildings, the <br />height and bulk of buildings, and the open spaces about <br />buildings. <br />(c) Street and highway naming and numbering plans in <br />order to establish the official names of streets and high- <br />ways, to remove conflicts, duplication and uncertainty among <br />